Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mob Wives: Ramona & Karen @ Power 105

The "cousins," Ramona and Karen, paid a visit to Power 105's Breakfast Club for a little interview today!  

They start out by explaining why they call each other “cousin.” The women grew up together and their mother’s were pregnant at the same time. They are friends, but feel as close as family, in fact sisters. Now Ramona is a little firecracker, so this is very interesting to watch!

Ramona says she was asked to be in the first season of Mob Wives, but at the time she had a lot of personal and legal issues, and had to decline. She decided to do season two because the opportunity came up again, and all her personal problems were settled, so she decided why not. 

They get right into Drita! They are asked about how they feel about her, they don’t like her, hate her? Karen says Drita was going around telling people she put her in the hospital. The reason why she knows it was Drita is kind of petty, but on the rooftop when they had the fight, and she was pulling Karen’s hair, Drita was trying to hurt Karen’s ribs by stepping on them. Later people came to Karen saying that Drita told them she put her in the hospital because she broke her ribs.

Envy wants to know where Ramona is from and he calls her a mini Tyson! Ramona says no matter how Drita wants to spin it, there is a history there that started well before the cameras started rolling last year. Ramona knows Drita and they used to hang out, she knows her sister and her “people.” So when Drita says she is a gangster and acts tough “it ain’t flying with our crew.” And for her to say that she and Karen jumped her, that’s a lie. If they had jumped her, Drita would have been jumping over the ledge. Ramona says she was just trying to pull Drita off of Karen.  Drita threw the first punch “at my friend, Renee’s party…Why does it always gotta be about fights?” She thinks Drita should have shown some respect. Ramona said she had to set Drita straight and now she is being called a troublemaker. Ramona said if they paid attention to that episode they would hear her say to Drita, come on this is not the place for this conversation. She told Drita to go inside and she could talk about her (Ramona) all she wants and she would give her a free pass. Ramona was trying to calm things down for the sake of Renee and her party. 

On to Ramona’s wardrobe malfunction! Someone came up and took care of it while the fight was going on. Ramona says she is proud of her figure after having four kids.

Envy says there was a fight and you got punched in the lip. Ramona says she got cut. It’s not clear how she got the cut because people were wearing bracelets and rings. It could have been Drita’s ring or someone else’s, she doesn’t know. All she knows is that she definitely did not get hit. Ramona clears up Derek’s involvement saying that someone who saw the fight yelled out “he hit her,” and things took off from there. Ramona says she would never blame anything on an innocent person, they go for the one who did it.

Drita’s eye? They say we really didn’t see it, what we saw was five days later. Angela wants to know, after this episode, how are they supposed to keep filming together? Karen laughs and says we are still working that out. 

Oy, again Angela asks them if this all really is about Lee. Ramona and Karen are both quick to answer no. Karen says, for the thousandth time, it stems from loyalty and friendship. Karen says when she came back she wanted to tell Drita how she felt about the situation so they could put it behind them and move on. She thinks friends should be able to do that even if they never agree on that issue. She says you don’t walk away from that discussion and start talking behind someone’s back. And Karen mentions the scene where she give Drita chapter one of her book as a way of extending an olive branch to her. But Drita, didn’t express her concerns to Karen, instead she went off to talk to Carla about how she is going to crack Karen’s head open. 

On to Carla, who Envy said has never dated a black person. One of the women says, “that’s unfortunate on her part.“ Envy says they know Renee and Karen like black men and they ask Ramona if she does. Ramona answers, “I don’t not discriminate.” Ramona says she is Italian and Spanish. And she says she married someone of Arab decent which didn’t go over too well with her family, but we do what we want to do because we are we.

Angela asks them about Drita possibly divorcing Lee because she found out he cheated on her. She asks Karen if she could have predicted it? Karen says Drita could have predicted it if she knew him well enough. That’s her situation and she really won’t speak about it. Karen says she was friends with Drita at the time she was having problems with Lee and confided in Drita about what was going on, so Drita knew Lee’s character and what he was capable of. Karen says she really doesn’t have anything left to say to Drita. Ramona says she is disappointed in Lee for talking the way he did about Karen on the show last season. He is 40 years old and a father, he needs to grow up. And Drita putting her hands on Karen, after she was her friend and broke bread with her, is unacceptable, walk away. 

Envy asks Karen if she has spoken to her father Sammy recently, because he is wondering why Drita would take on Karen knowing her father may still have connections out there. Karen says her father doesn’t like the show but he isn’t going to do anything to a girl; but he definitely did not like Lee talking crazy on the show. 

On to Big Ang! She has known all of the Mob Wives for years, even though she is older than they are. Ramona says she is a very good hearted person. Angela asks them about Renee, who found out Junior snitched on her Dad. They want to know what they think about Junior. Karen says she doesn’t speak about people’s situations, she has feelings but will keep them to herself.  Envy asks Karen how much weight she has lost. They bring up her mug shot, which is awful. She says she did weigh a lot in that mug shot because she had just given birth. She says she does struggle with weight and it fluctuates. 

They are still filming season two. They aren’t even sure what episode they are up to, but they are working a lot. Angela asks if they are trying to get Karen and Drita to make up. Karen says “make-up” is a complicated word. They have to work together, they are on the same show. Ramona says they have to be professional. They ask how they feel about Carla. Karen says, “Carla is Carla.” She adds, she may not agree with what Carla says, but Carla is loyal to Drita and she respects her for that. And the interview is a wrap! 

Picture and Video Credit: Power 105 The Breakfast Club

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Anonymous said...

what are they a two-for-one special? do they ever appear separate? funny, where are ramona's kids? maybe someone's "sources" should check on that one!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ramona is such liar! she says she was pulling dritas hair to get her off karen, but u can clearly see in the episode that someone already has karen held back and ramona is still grabbing dritas hair!!!!