Monday, January 30, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap Old Friends, New Archenemies Ep 205

Renee's first meeting is with Carla...

At Drita’s house, her friend Nicole visits. Drita needs the support of her friend because she is about to sign and mail the divorce papers to Lee. Drita is also upset because she has to tell Aleeya the truth about the divorce. Drita hasn’t talked to Lee since she confronted him on the phone about the cheating. She says he hurt everyone and never said he was sorry for what he did. Drita says the divorce papers are going to kill him. Nicole says she has to put herself first. Drita never wanted a divorce, it’s not how she was raised.

Karen goes to Ramona’s to talk about her meeting with Carla. She says Carla was defending Drita all summer long. Carla is still saying she heard Karen got beat up by Drita. Karen says she also had an issue with Carla talking about Ramona and calling her, her archenemy. Karen thinks that Drita is filling Carla’s head with her lies. Carla is Drita’s puppet. Archenemy? Ramona says she doesn’t need to think about Carla with all she has going on in her life. Karen says she made peace with Carla and wants Ramona to talk to her too. They feel Drita is behind their issues with Carla.

Carla and Drita meet. Carla wants to tell her about her meeting with Karen, but she seems very nervous and has trouble coming out with it. Finally she tells Drita about their conversation and that they ended up making up. Drita doesn’t look happy. She says she can never be friends with Karen. She said she tried to make up at Renee’s party and look where it got her. Drita is still upset that Karen told her she wanted to come to her house!

Karen and Karina go out to lunch before Karina has to go back to Arizona and school. Karen tells her she is staying in New York to pursue all the opportunities here, her book and the show. Karina wants to be with her mom. Karen thinks Karina is better off in Arizona right now and she would be safer there. Karina is upset she has to go back. Karen says it’s the hardest thing she has had to do to be away from her daughter and she becomes emotional.

Renee and Carla meet for lunch (picture above). Renee wants to know what is going on. Carla tells her she met Karen and Karen said she was mad that Carla was laughing on the rooftop during the rumble. Renee says we all know you laugh when you are nervous. Carla says Karen spent a lot of time talking about Drita and, the more she talked, the madder she got. Renee asks her what did Karen say about her party. Carla tells her that Ramona was bleeding all over the place. Renee says, everyone knows Drita threw the first punch. Ramona barely got hurt. Carla says Karen got in her face, but everything ended up good.  Carla told Renee that at one point Karen said “I hope Ramona gets the best of you.” Renee gets upset because it doesn’t sound like Karen’s intentions were to make up. Renee is disappointed in Karen and wants to talk to her.

Karen and Ramona meet Renee for dinner. Renee wants to talk about Karen’s meeting with Carla. Renee asks Karen about her  intentions. Karen explains all her issues with Carla and Drita again. She says she got fed up with Carla defending Drita. She got up in her face and would have put her foot in her neck. Renee starts defending Carla. Renee says everyone has so much to say about everyone else.. Ramona gets very heated and goes on a rant about Drita, saying Drita is the cancer of the group; she’s an outsider; a trouble maker. She’s a nobody; a crumb snatcher; a flip-floppin’ floozie! She took Karen’s name and wiped it all over Staten Island. Ramona will always defend Karen. Renee’s eyes open wide and she says they make her look like she isn’t the craziest one of the bunch now. Thank you.

Ramona has no shortage of words to describe Drita!

Karen tells Ramona she wants to have a spa party with wine, cheese, crackers, facials and massages. Girl time. Karen wants to use Renee’s house because there is more room and invite Carla. Ramona is ok with Karen starting over with a clean slate with Carla, she is good with it. She feels Drita is the one poisoning Carla against them. It’s all good.

At Drita’s house she is busy packing all of Lee’s things up. She is still very angry at Lee for betraying her. Carla stops by to visit. Carla understands what Drita is going through because Joe cheated on her and they were both good wives and mothers. While cleaning out Lee’s stuff Drita finds a letter in one of his pockets that he wrote from jail, telling her he loves her. Drita can’t breathe. All she ever wanted from Lee was an apology so she can at least build a friendship with him.

At Renee’s house, Karen visits to talk to Renee. Renee says she is mentally exhausted from all the girls fighting. Renee wants peace and for everyone to get along since her near death experience. She feels they are fighting over things that are not important. Then Karen gets emotional and tells Renee that the hardest thing she has ever had to do is be in Staten Island without her daughter. Renee says maybe if she said that to Drita, that they could repair their relationship. Karen says she doesn’t want to repair her relationship with Drita. Karen thinks the spa party will help everyone relax and tells Renee she is inviting Carla. She feels this party is a step in the right direction for everyone. Renee has some doubts and is worried they won’t all get along.

AJ walks into his home and goes over and gives Renee a big hug. Renee explains that her father Anthony “T.G.” Graziano was released from prison to a halfway house and spends time with AJ on the weekends. Mr. Graziano has been in jail for 11 years and hasn’t seen the new cell phones or seatbelts in cars. Renee and her father are still not on speaking terms. He is not happy with her. She won’t go see him unless he says it’s ok. AJ tells her to just show up at her parents home. AJ tells Renee that her father asked about her.

Back at Karen’s house, Karen calls Carla to invite her to the spa party at Renee’s. They talk about their last meeting being like the “Twilight Zone.” Karen says that they agreed to work on their friendship and this party is the first step to getting past all the drama. Carla agrees to go. Karen says that Renee needs them all to get along.

Drita and Carla meet for lunch. Carla tells Drita about Karen’s spa party. She knows Ramona will be there, she is Karen’s friend and that’s fine. Drita says Ramona is like a raccoon always in her f!ckin’ garbage. Drita’s advice to Carla, don’t try to argue one on one. Drita says she doesn’t trust them, Carla believes her and says Drita is not a liar. Then Drita tells Carla not to go to the party, she doesn’t need skin care. Now, Carla doesn’t know if she will go or not.

Renee sits down with Drita and Carla to make peace, but maybe 
starts war?

Renee, Carla and Drita meet for dinner. Renee doesn’t like being in the middle and wants to get her point across quietly. Renee tells them about her meeting with Karen and Ramona. They seem to have made up with Carla, but have nothing good to say about Drita. Ramona told Renee that Drita is not part of the lifestyle; she isn’t Italian, she married into it. Renee says she feels like she is betraying everyone and being disloyal by being in the middle. Drita says she can’t make up with Karen. Carla asks about the spa party. Renee tells Carla that Ramona thinks that she is being molded by Drita. Drita says that Ramona is Karen’s pet. Renee invites Drita to the spa party. Uh oh!

Then Renee has an important question to ask Drita. She wants to know if Drita told her sister in-law that Ramona said “Junior married her for her father and he is a loser without her.” Drita doesn’t answer right away, but then says one thousand percent. She says Ramona said worse than that too. Renee wants to know what else Ramona said because she is pissed that she would talk about her son’s father and call him a loser. She says Junior is not a loser without her. She wants to know how long ago Ramona said this and Drita says it was when she came back. Renee wants to know if she would say this to Ramona’s face, and Drita says yes.

My Two Cents: This was not the most exciting episode, but I still have to watch! I am happy that Drita is taking all the steps necessary to move on with her life. The divorce papers and packing Lee’s stuff are major steps. She needs to put herself and girls first and make the most of the opportunities before her now. And for crying out loud, please talk to Aleeya already. This news about Lee has been out since May and don’t you think Aleeya has heard something by now? It’s been all over the internet and even if Aleeya doesn’t go online, I’m sure her friends do.

The rehashing of Karen’s conversation with Carla took up quite a bit of the episode. It might have taken less time to just do a flash back. Apparently, Karen was very angry with Carla when they met up, but came to realize that Carla was being manipulated by Drita’s lies. Her issues are really with Drita. Even Ramona thinks that Drita has been turning Carla against her and Karen and she doesn’t even know Carla. Carla gets another free pass. It’s like no one watched season one where Carla took every opportunity to create friction between Drita and Karen? 

Renee doesn’t think Karen met Carla with good intentions, but now she has placed herself right in the middle of Team Karen and Team Drita. She spends the episode meeting with members of each side, trying to talk sense into them. Basically, Renee’s point is that whatever they are fighting over is insignificant in the big scheme of things. They all have so much more to worry about in their lives without these petty squabbles. Renee is not getting through to anyone. Drita will never be friends with Karen and Karen will never be friends with Drita. And Ramona has not use for Drita!  Drita hates Ramona. And Carla, being Carla, is a little wishy washy. Yes I will go to the spa party, maybe I’ll go, no I won’t go. Carla basically will be friends with Karen and tolerate her friend, Ramona. And because she doesn’t take a stand, Carla looks like she is being reasonable. I think Carla just doesn’t want to fight because it might mess her hair and dress and she might break a nail. 

The spa party sounded like a good idea UNTIL Renee invited Drita! What was she thinking? Renee says she wants peace, but she just opened the flood gates to war. No one is going to be happy if Drita goes to the spa party…maybe not even Carla, because if she has to have her back, she might get dirty. This was the worst idea ever! I’m not sure what Renee’s intentions were, but it’s possible she wants to get Karen and Drita in the same room so Big Ang could work her “magic” on them again. I just hope Renee’s furniture and valuables are insured, that’s all I’m saying.

I loved the scenes with AJ and Karina. I enjoy seeing the “mothering” side of all the mob wives. It softens them a little. You can see how Renee and Karen put their children first, above all else. I think Karen is doing the right thing for Karina, by sending her back to Arizona, where her life is safe and stable. It’s an unselfish act on her part to put her daughter’s well being above her own needs. Karen has a lot going on right now with her book and there is going to be a reaction to it once it is released on February 14th. The show itself is still controversial. I would do the same thing myself if I were in her shoes. In fact when my kids want to do something I don‘t agree with, I always tell them that even if the risk of harm is less than 1%, it’s still to big of a risk for me when it comes to their safety. As for Renee and AJ, she is trying so hard to protect him from the lifestyle and makes sure he goes to college. I do not think AJ will disappoint her. He is a smart, loving young man and has his head on straight. He will have many opportunities in life after he gets his degree and he knows it. I think he is going to make Renee even more proud than she already is, if that‘s possible.

The final scene is a prescription for MORE drama! Renee asks Drita if she told her sister in-law that Ramona said, “Junior married her for her father and he is a f!ckin’ loser without her!” and Drita says yes, and she said worse than that too. This is material for a finale showdown if I ever heard one. I have to wonder what else did Ramona say? But more important, where is Drita getting her information? According to Drita she never knew Ramona and Ramona just came back to be on the show. According to Ramona (interview and picture on blog) she and Drita knew each other and she came back over two years ago. Drita doesn’t always tell it like it ‘tis. So who knows? All I know is this new set up for drama is explosive. A Renee/Ramona sit down? Who will win that one? Everyone place your bets and comment below!


morena said...

Im sorry Chiara I know u love renee....But Karen and Drita both agree on something and that's DON'T WANT TO MAKE UP.....I think is clear..why in the world RENEE invite DRITA...the party is in Renees house but is KAREN'S. Idea...Renee know that there's no way this girls are going to make peace....Not everyone is fools like her..that knowing Carla doesn't give a Dame about their friendship she still forgive her...1....2. Guess what I won't be surprise if Renee decide to confront Ramona on the Spa party...yea...guess what..Is a set up.. cause Ramona and Renee are going to argu and Drita will be the one pretending to have Renee's 2 cent is this is all manipulate by Jennifer Graziano aka the producers and Renee is the puppet....Don't get me wrong love the drama like u said in Twitter if this was a bunch of girls needling no body will watch... But the production can't be that obvious and insult my intelligence LOLZ...why bother I will just read the best recap in the chiara....that ways i don't feel insulted.... Lmao

Chiara Soprano said...

Morena, thanks for your comments. I don't know what Renee was thinking by inviting Drita to the spa party. No one is going to be happy about that! But I have heard that Drita and Karen not talking is making it hard to film episodes and they need to work together. So maybe they are trying every way to bring them together. I think this one is a bad idea. I guess we will see.

Deana3452 said...

I don't think Carla or Drita will go. I know I wouldn't. Why put yourself in that situation? Also, I think, but could be wrong, that Renee was just trying to make a point that Drita was welcome in her home...but she didn't have to actually invite her to that party. Gonna be interesting. Also, I was wondering last night how far can this show go? They can't have drama forever, right?

Noshiz80 said...

Most of this episode was watching ppl talk abt eachother and eat. Lol. But it was definatelt a good set up episode for next week. There is one thing that is starting to bug me abtthe whole Karen/Drita/Ramona fiasco... If Karen and Drita don't wantto be friends and they both claim, not in these exact words, to be over eachother, then why are they still talking abt it? I realize that alot of this stuff has to keep going on for entertainment value but the fight btwn them is getting old. No one knows who to believe and all involved are starting to say one thing and do another. I think Renee's intentions are good but maybe her judgement was off as far as inviting Drita. Hopefully she won't accept. I think if Carla doesn't go, then Karen might feel like its a slap in the face.
I love Renee but there was one thing she said that bothered me. At one point she said something to the effect of you don't get in someones face and then apologize and everything is cool. Didn't Drita get in her face at the bar last season when Karen came back? They made up, didn't they?
Not sure where the Carla/karen thing is gonna go. Its hard to be friends w/ppl when your friends are enemies. Ask Renee! Lol.
I can't wait to see how this new issue works out between Renee and Ramona. Should be interesting.
But on a happier note, I couldn't agree more with the "mothering" of Renee and Karen. Its nice to see a softer side of these ladies.

morena said...

Also.....if Ramoma indeed talk sh$*$$ aboit JR....I know Renee is going to try to strange her lol cause everyone know how loyal Renne is....But all this is before wires drama...I can imagine how bad Renee feels when she find out what JR had done...Also I bet that when that happened was Ramona and Karen ones of the ppl that give Renee the most support....and Drita she told her doughier that Lee was in jail cause of Rats..... Will she tell Renee that because ppl like JR is that her ex is on jail....lmao....Poor Renee most feel terrible of all the bad timgs she told Karen on S1 cause her dad was a Rat...and know the poor AJ is going tru the exact thing that Karen went tru.....karma....I hope that Karen advice AJ on how to handle the situation.....

D. Rotta said...

Carla was soooo nervous telling Drita about Karen and her making up. I had to laugh. I was impressed by Carla wanting everyone to stay out of her and Karen's issues. She had valid reasons, but of course Renee had to stick her nose where it didn't belong. smh...was disappointed in Renee for that. Doesn't she have enough on her plate?! Ramona was killing me last night with all her names for fav: "Flip Flopping Floozie"... lol Priceless. I loves me some Ramona! I felt so bad for Karen as I had to leave my child in California while I was in Arizona and it was one of the most difficult things I had to do. Went through some serious depression so I feel for Karen and Karina. My daughter was not happy either. :(

Next week looks like draaaama!! Did Ramona really say that?! Or was Drita doing her usual lying?...

Anonymous said...

Nice recap! I don't know what Renee is thinking, either. She didn't learn from the birthday party, asking them to all come up, front and center? Of course, if the spa party was all 'friendly', that wouldn't make for good tv. lol

D. Rotta said...

If Ramona DID say that about Junior...she was dead on CORRECT about him. Smh... it's almost embarrassing watching her go to bat for him when we all know he was ratting out her father.

Anonymous said...

There were some gems coming out of Ramona. I especially loved "Run Forest run."

Single Gal said...

Great Blog. I am so glad I found you guys! I have been an avid watcher of Mob Wives since the day it started to air, last season.

So, the reason I wrote today? lol. THAT DRESS RAMONA IS WEARING at dinner with Karen and Renee. It is so beautiful; I had seen it before a couple of years ago on an actress in a sitcom with comedian Jay Mohr. And I wanted it so bad then too. Can Romana please tell us the designer so I can search for it at consignment shops. I MUST HAVE IT! please.

Great Show. Awesome blog!

Mob Mistress said...

Ramona is entertaining & funny. I enjoyed the recap Chiara. I hated to see Renee get caught up in the drama. I also think it looks like she was fueling it by going back and forth between the Mob Wives rehashing what was said. Renee inviting Drita after what happened at her party is crazy to me. I do appreciate her being honest with Carla & stating, "...her eye was shut..."

Nicole from MA said...

Maybe it is just me, but is anyone else growing tired of the non-stop verbal battles and bickering. It is becoming almost exhausting to watch the show and keep up with who said what behind who's back. Kwim?

Chiara Soprano said...

Single Gal see if you can ask Ramona on her twitter account @RamonaRizzoVh1 or go to her facebook page and post there. If you don't succeed the first time try again!

Chiara Soprano said...

Nicole I hear you about the exhaustion, imagine trying to write it all up! The recaps are murder!

Nicole from MA said...

Chiara.....*murder* - no pun intended LOL :)

@Perri6 said...

Great Recap chiara, this wasn't an easy one with all the cursing Drita does! In my opinion, all Drita does every episode is try to prove its Karens Fault, she rehashes it over + over, she doesn't shut up for a second! SHe seems obsessed with Karen! Carla is so afraid of Drita its so obvious! Carla said to Karen at end of episode 4 when Carla got up I don't behave like this, I don't do this in public I have standards, Well Carla how the heck are you friends with that animal Drita? I don't think Renee should have got in the middle, she has enough to deal with then this, I do not believe Ramona said that about Renee or JR! I think Renee knows this is a lie so she asked Drita would you say it to her face? This is going to finally Prove Drita's the liar,THUG, I think that's what Renee has up her sleeve! I loved Ramona's flip floppin floozy, Ramona is great I look forward to seeing more of her!

Anonymous said...

I'm personal not "team" anyone but I'm especially not "Team Drita". I liked her a lot in the first season but Im over that "I put people in the hospital" shtick. To me its obvious that Drita has some serious things to work on. She says she always fought and often at that. So, why isn't it obvious to everyone that this chick is an instigator? Anyone whose always in fights usually bring those problems to them selves by either looking for them and not knowing when to stand down. I saw her true personality in these last couple episodes. She is manipulating Carla. Carla was even scared of her. Im not scared to tell any of my friends shit! You can see her and renee and friends as she felt comfortable to tell her everything on her mind. She believes every word she says like shes preaching the Gospel.. its unreal!

MiamiGirl said...

Im not sure why Renee would be upset if Ramona actually did say Jr used her and was a loser..etc. At the time of filming we know Jr and Renee were doing good, but considering all the crap the ladies talk about each other- those comments about Jr were not that bad. Im curious to see if she is really upset about them and if she actually confronts her.

Chiara Soprano said...

MiamiGirl, I think Renee was upset because she called Junior, the father of her son, a loser. At the time of this conversation, Renee and Junior were "engaged" besides. You know how loyal Renee is to her family and she found that remark disrespectful to her, Junior and AJ.

Hey you said...

Im so wanting to fast forward to Sunday! SPA PARTY and Im thinking...its going to be a break THEN Reneee invites Drita, haha! MOBWIVES!! Love it

Anonymous said...

As much as Drita appears o be obsessed with Karen--Karen and now Ramona seem just as obsessed if not even more obsessed with her.

But, I know how these reality shows work and everyone is given a loose script so these people are also being instructed to keep going back to these issues in the interest of making entertaining television that people will talk about (and it's working).

I think in the previews it showed that carla came to the spa party but I could be mistaken. Also, Drita was invited but I believe she may have not shown up because I think both Karen and Drita have mentioned that they have not been filmed together since the last fight (even the New Year's Eve preview for the show this year did not have them actually in the same room together despite how it looks).

Anonymous said...

I've grown to like Renee more and more throughout the first season and I like her even more this season.

But, like most people, she can contradict herself at times and it doesn't mean that she is a bad person but simply someone who changes her mind and opinions.

I remember in the famous "you want to play mafia wars with me?" speech she was knocking the fact that Lee had been a bank burglar. Hoever, in the same episode last week where she complained about crumbs she was commenting that if AJ became a burglar he should be a bank burglar at least.

There have been times that Renee has spoken about her dream of AJ working in the "lifestyle" but there are other times that she mentions that she has different dreams for him.

But, one thing I did notice on this blog was all the posts and commentary about Drita's ring but I don't think that there was one mention of the possible origins of all the engagement rings that Mr. Graziano dumped out of the bag when Junior asked for his permission to marry Renee.

SweetNSassy said...

So I think it's just Renees peronality to get in between and like she's said she's friends with all the girls except Carla in various interviews. So it's inevitable for her not to say anything she's in the middle what's she supposed to do, say nothing like a sitting duck! The Karen & Drita BS is old they need to keep it moving & get a new story line. Ramona needs some of her own content besides just hating Drita. And Carla just following Drita...

Camet said...

I love Renee, but I think her behavior this ep was a little bit shady. Karen is loyal to Renee, if Renee has a beef with Carla, she has a beef with Carla. Karen's not going to judge Renee for that. A few days ago, Renee and Carla were bitter enemies, now Renee is getting upset with Karen's intentions with Carla? It makes no sense. And having a sit-down with the bros over hos crew and reporting to them on Karen seemed pretty disloyal.

As for Ramona, she was proved right. After all the crap Junior pulled on Renee, anyone who actually cared about her would probably have a problem with him. I can see how Renee would get annoyed if Ramona was constantly running him down in front of her or being rude to him when they were trying again, but just not liking him really didn't justify her morphing into Drita for this bros over hos stuff. Ramona's got reasons and she's entitled to not be okay with Junior, just like someone who's got 7 years of history with someone is entitled to have a problem with him.

D. Rotta said...

Nice! I was thinking about that as well, Camet. I have always loved Renee, but after that episode my views have changed a little. The way Renee greeted Karen when her and Ramona came to the restaurant was so fake. It was disappointing.

Camet said...

I love Renee, but I think her behavior this ep was a little bit shady. Karen is loyal to Renee, if Renee has a beef with Carla, she has a beef with Carla. Karen's not going to judge Renee for that. A few days ago, Renee and Carla were bitter enemies, now Renee is getting upset with Karen's intentions with Carla? It makes no sense. And having a sit-down with the bros over hos crew and reporting to them on Karen seemed pretty disloyal.

Monique said...

This recap was great!

Carla- It should be of no surprise to anyone that Carla gets "blinded" by people. She was completely blinded in Season 1 by her scumbag boyfriend when Renee confronted her about him touching her. So the fact that she is completed "blinded" by Drita doesn't shock me at all. She has this really weird loyalty thing about her. She will be loyal to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. She has a lot of growing up to do for a woman her age.

Drita- WTF is up with Drita? Seriously! I am convinced she is delusional. Karen didn't even want to talk to her at Renee's party- it was HER that told big Ang to tell her to come outside, yet it was a set up? Yeah, ok bitch then you set yourself up! She truly makes no sense and has a lot of hate in her heart. She also takes things very personal and continues to talk about the incident with her own distorted perceptions of it. Meanwhile Carla claims that she makes up her own mind, she sure as hell was quick to doubt herself about going to the spa party when Drita said "you don't need skin care, you don't need to go". Drita is a master manipulator and she knows to do it very subtle with Carla because Carla's loyalty already rests with her so it doesn't take much to persuade Carla in her direction.

Renee- I love Renee, always will. However, she is treading in dangerous waters. I know she mentioned wanting to be the peacemaker and not wanting to worry about petty stuff, but then she is the one having all these sit downs with these women and taking info back and forth. This inevitably will start some shit. Another thing, Renee should have never asked Drita if she heard from who-knows-who if Ramona said something about JR. Renee should know Ramona by now and she is a straight shooter. If the life changing experience in the hospital taught her anything, then she should have gone to Ramona directly and hashed it with her...but now, she has involved Drita and Carla and blown this situation up to bigger than it has to be, not a good idea at all!

Karen- Karen realizes her mistakes. I like that. She knows when she crosses the line and she knows when to reach out and apologize, but she will never really have peace in her life as long as she has this war with Drita. Never. Karen as well as Drita simply need to leave each others names out of their mouths, oh wait, but then what will we watch? LOL! Keep it coming for us, but behind the cameras for your own sanity's sake at least be cordial!

Ramona- WHAT A FIRECRACKER! I like Ramona.
"...and that bitch can get hot!"
-Renee Graziano
I like that Drita actually met her match. I think a Ramona-Drita throwdown is actually a fair match. I like that Ramona doesn't hold back and speaks from the heart. Now the thing with Ramona is that she is coming across a bit threatning and no one has actually done anything too specific to her (except talk shit, just like everybody else) for her to have this complete hatred towards Carla and Drita. Yes, I know she hates Drita cause of her loyalty to her girl Karen, but at the end of the day it's Karen's fight and she is a big girl that can fight her own battles. If it crosses to her I understand, but for now I would suggest she take a little breather until the war is brought to her homefront.

Side note: Big Ang should come out at least 2-3 times per episode, no matter what she is doing!

Mob Mistress said...

"But, one thing I did notice on this blog was all the posts and commentary about Drita's ring but I don't think that there was one mention of the possible origins of all the engagement rings that Mr. Graziano dumped out of the bag when Junior asked for his permission to marry Renee."

Where are all these posts and commentary about Drita's ring?

Anonymous said...

The posts and commentaries where when the episode aired on that blog and the comments associated with that blog.

I know my first thought in the preview for that episode, which I also happened to have first seen on this site was, "Where did Mr. Graziano get all those engagement rings from?"

IN personal conversations with people they also bring up Drita's ring and I bring up the bag of engagement rings and the response is usually "I completely forgot about that bag of rings and you're absolutely right!"

I remember after the episode aired that I was just wondering if anyone would make a comment on this website about the "bag of rings" but I think that there was little to no commentary about it (but a good amount of comments about Drita's ring and receipts and things of that nature).

Again, I'm a Renee fan and I do wish her the very best at this rough time in both her personal and professional life.

Anonymous said...

I too like Renee, but there's no way Renee doesn't know what will happen if that lunatic Drita ends up in the same room with Ramona and Karen.
Sure she realizes that she might be doing the same thing Big Ange did at her b-day party?

Drita lies all the time, so it wouldn't surprise me if she made the whole thing up about Ramona's comment regarding Junior.
Even if it was true, nothing Ramona supposedly said about Jr wasn't a lie anyway lol.
When is Drita going to admit that she's the one who causes all the fights? She always throws the first punch and last time she got what she deserved.

I'm definitely on team Karen, but I like Ramona the most; she really does speaks from her heart.
Really looking forward to Sunday's episode
Great blog btw

Chiara Soprano said...

To those referring to the "bag of rings" that Mr. Graziano handed to Junior, I did take note of that, but with all I had to write it neglected to make a comment about it. I think the same thing went through everyone's mind...where did he get the the same time we kind of know where. Maybe some paid off their debts with the rings? Maybe from safe deposit boxes that were gotten by bank BURGLARS? I don't know, but it was an interesting comment on Junior's part.

Mob Mistress said...

"But, one thing I did notice on this blog was all the posts and commentary about Drita's ring but I don't think that there was one mention of the possible origins of all the engagement rings that Mr. Graziano dumped out of the bag when Junior asked for his permission to marry Renee."

Your statement was incorrect. It insinuated that we posted a lot about Drita's ring. And that we never mentioned the bag of rings. It is why I asked you where "all the posts were?"

Anonymous said...

What gets me is Renee KNOWS Drita's a liar. Karen recruited Ramona for the show, Ramona and Karen aren't really friends, her story changes all the time. She's crying over her eye and whining about getting set up, then she's back to fronting how she beat everybody up and sent them to the hospital. You want the truth, who do you go to, the one who will tell you straight if she said it or the manipulating liar who wants to bust up your friendship.

Anonymous said...

I apologize if there was any miscommunication or misuderstanding about the "bag of rings" reference.

Chiara--I agree with your analysis also regarding the rings and thought the very same things!

Chiara Soprano said...

No apology necessary. I just recall that I mentioned Drita had her ring appraised and Junior said Renee's father brought out a bag of rings in my recap. If anything I did a blog on Drita's wrench, no rings LOL. My recaps are quite long and I don't always remember evrrything and appreciate reading the comments and perspectives other than my own!

Anonymous said...

I think Ramona is quite pretty! I love how she brings more drama into the mix. I really don’t have a favorite, I like all the ladies. One thing is for sure, I am addicted to this show. I love watching all the cat fights. Luckily I can still stay on top of all their crazy antics using DISH’s TV Everywhere™ technology. Even though I have school and I work at DISH, I can still stream any TV shows or movies to my iPhone. It’s great for an active lifestyle. I can wait for the spa party.

Kathy said...

I like your write-up and am glad I found this site. I agree that AJ is a fine young man, especially considering the lifestyle he could have gotten into. I think that Renee, while overly dramatic, does try to be a good mother and has invested alot of time and energy in her son.

However, I do not feel that Karen is a good mother. She was convicted in her father's Ecstasy selling ring. A good mother does not sell drugs out of their child's house. A good mother puts her child first and does not leave her for "15 minutes of fame". A book can be written anywhere. She did not have to leave her daughter. Also, the child's father was convicted in the Ecstasy selling ring too. When I hear of people selling drugs, I assume that they take drugs also. I remember something in the papers years ago about the girl almost drowning in Sammy the Bull's pool in Phoenix. I feel that Karen's daughter deserves better and think Karen's comments were just for the show. In my opinion she should put her duaghter above all else.

Chiara Soprano said...

Kathy, I am glad you enjoy the site and hope you keep reading. I'm sure that Karen regrets any participation she had in the ectasy ring and maybe we will learn more about what happened, and how and why it happened in her new book Mob Daughter, coming out February 14th. I have no doubt that Karen desperately misses Karina and sees her as often as she is able. You have to understand that when Karen came back to do the show and work on her book, she did not know how people were going to react to her because of what her father did. Under the circumstances, she felt her daughter would be safer and in a more stable environment where she was in Az, with her family. Now that the book is completed, Karen has a book signing tour which will keep her busy. I'm sure she left her daughter in Az because she feels that is what is best at this point in time. So in my opinion, Karen is putting her daughter first. As far as the drowning incident you mention, that was not Karina, it was Gerard's son, Karen's nephew, who almost drowned in the pool. Thankfully he was rescued in time and is now a healthy, athletic young man.