Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mob Wives: FBI Mob Bust 2012

Yesterday, it was reported on several websites, that there was a Federal mob bust which was made possible by DEA informant Hector “Junior” Pagan, who has been acting as a DEA informant as part of a deal he cut with law enforcement. While Junior was wearing a wire for authorities he recorded conversations with his ex-father in-law, Anthony “T.G.” Graziano, which led to his arrest. According to the New York Post, Mr. Graziano will be arraigned next week.

This story is hard for me to ignore after finding out how the news deeply affected his daughter, Renee Graziano, who suffered an emotional trauma and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Clips of a future episode of Mob Wives show Renee collapsing on her kitchen floor when she gets news about her father, but this scene was shot after her father’s return to prison at Thanksgiving 2011. Renee, and her son AJ, as well as the rest of the family, have been through some very difficult times the past few months, including her near death experience from her surgery, Junior’s betrayal and her father’s re-incarceration after having been out only a couple of short months. Even as Renee was trying to deal with this unexpected news of her father yesterday, she tweeted to fans to please support her son, AJ, who should not have to pay for the sins of others. 

Renee tweeted several messages yesterday, expressing her concern for her son and father and saying they have no contact with Junior. Renee and AJ would appreciate the prayers and support of their fans through this very difficult time. This is what she had to say:

Our prayers go out to Renee, AJ, Jennifer and their family members,through this difficult and emotional time.

Picture credit:  Renee's Twitter Account


Deana3452 said...

I can't believe how bad I feel for someone I don't even know. I hope Renee and her family are getting the support they need and get through this.

Rj said...

I know I feel the same way. When I saw that she was hospitalized on twitter I felt very concerned for her and her family. Just goes to show that type of lifestyle really gas it's downside.

Chiara Soprano said...

I wasn't going to blog this story, but because we "know" Renee and follow her and her family so closely, I felt a few words showing some compassion were in order. I read the news and other websites and they seem so callous and unfeeling. They don't take into account that there are other people involved and they don't have to. But here I can express our concern, show support and maybe in some small measure, by keeping them in my prayers, provide some comfort to Renee, AJ, Jenn and her family.

MiamiGirl said...

Deana, I feel the same way! I also feel terrible for her and her family. I read somewhere online that Renee is the most 'liked' of all the mobwives- I guess thats why- people genuinely like her.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the entire Graziano family and what irks me is that Junior used Renee to get close to her dad.

As for the illegal activities--I will refrain from judging because nobody is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for Renee and AJ and my prayers go out to them and their entire family. Didn't something happen just a few months ago where renee's dad just been released from prison and a few days later he was put back in. I thought i heard it had something to do with Jr and him wearing a wire? I didn't follow tue blogs then and didn't pay much attention to the story. But I thought renee's father was already back in prison.

Mob Mistress said...

At the end of the day it's a news story. How others choose to write or blog about it is THEIR BUSINESS. One could easily counter if certain individuals didn't choose a life of crime they wouldn't be in this situation. It amazes me that people expect strangers to take into the pain their words may cause. However, they don't hold those who loved ones become collateral damage in the lifestyle to the same standard.

I feel bad for Renee & A.J. However, I also can't honestly write with certainty that Junior used anyone.

A lot of individuals who are not a part of the lifestyle or have never come in contact with the lifestyle like to assume a lot.

I wonder if your back was pushed up against the wall what would you do. I can honestly type my life was on the line many years ago. I made a choice.

I wonder what some of you would do.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is for certain but I think Junior knew that Renee had a soft spot for him always and could easily have used that to his advantage.

I do agree with your line about how they chose the life of crime and people are accountable for their actions (but I try my best to not judge anyone because it's not my business to do so).

I just hope that Renee, AJ, Jenn, and the rest of the Graziano family find the strength to deal with this whole thing in the way that is best for each of them.

Rosey said...

This is hard mob mistress to say what you would do if your back is against the wall. I feel sorrow for Renee and AJ and a lot of other families who go thru this type of situation. I cannot imagine being the love one of someone in the mob life. My heart goes out to all involved.

Mob Mistress said...

I don't know Mr. Graziano. However, from all reports he doesn't seem to be an unintelligent or weak man. So again, I don't see how whatever business he did or didn't have with others has anything to do with his daughter & her ex.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mr. Graziano either but I do think that when it comes to being a father and a grandfather--he loves his family very much.

He was also gracious to Junior in the past when he asked for Renee's hand in marriage by offering him the engagement rings to choose from.

The only business he had with others that crossed paths with Junior's life most recently was whatever Junior got him saying on the wire.

There are other times that Junior and him had dealings but that is their business and now I guess the courts will be involved now as well.

There were other people close to Renee that got arrested yesterday which was literally too much for her heart to handle and helped contribute to the panic attack.

MissCrop609 said...

Nothing but prayers and positive energy for the Grazianos. It must be incredibly hard for AJ and Renee to deal with Junior betrayal and Papa Graziano's arrest.

Hopefully Renee sees the Junior for what he is and moves on from him so he can't cause her anymore heartache.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I am so confused, can someone explain to us?
I thought TG was in jail already from the first time JR became a RAT before Thanksgiving, when did he get out?


Mr. Graziano,(sp)
if you ever read this site, please understand that we love your daughters, with that said, we know that your life was "mob style" but times have changed, things aren't like they were even a5 years ago, the System has changed, you no longer can trust people, please for the sake of your kids and grand kids, leave that life style behind you. I know it's easier said than done, but so many people are hurting from you being in Jail. Poor Renee was in the hospital. You have so much support,and fans you don't even know.

Jennifer (that is my name)

Chiara Soprano said...

Jennifer, Mr. Graziano was in jail for 11 years and was released early, Aug 2011 for good behavior I believe. However, he had to return to prison to finish serving his sentence around Thanksgiving, due to Junior wire taping a conversation with him. Yesterday, Mr. Graziano was brought up on new charges, along with others, and will be arraigned next week. That is the timeline as I understand it.

Mob Mistress said...

If you think under Mr. Grazianos circumstance he gives a damn about this site or has the inclination to read it?!

I am just shaking my head speechless.

Deana3452 said...

Miami-hello! I just feel bad for Renee because she has been through the wringer this year! I felt so bad for her when Jr. seemed like he wanted to work it out and all--now this.

Anonymous said...

I'm REALLY curious to see how things will turn for Renee and AJ. This whole thing is ten times more publicized because of the popularity of "Mob Wives".

I'm also curious as to what the federal agencies think of this show and how much publicity the "lifestyle" is getting.

I also don't understand why JR would want to be on TV after turning into a DEA informant? That's got me confused the most!

Chiara Soprano said...

Just a word to clarify my position MM, regarding it's "THEIR BUSINESS."

In my comments I said "they seem so callous and unfeeling. They don't take into account that there are other people involved AND they don't have to." Meaning I understand they can write what they want, how they want. However, so can I, because this is a blog and I have some compassion for the people involved. I chose to write about this situation with consideration for their feelings.

Mob Mistress said...

"I read the news and other websites and they seem so callous and unfeeling. They don't take into account that there are other people involved and they don't have to."

Did you want the news outlets to take into consideration of Jeffrey Dahmers's mother? Did you want the news outlets to take into consideration Bin Laden's family?

I stand by, "I don't understand others expecting strangers to take into consideration of what or how they write about criminals. Criminals & alleged criminals who chose a life."

Do I like the women of Mob Wives? Yes for the most part! Am I appreciative of the time the women grant us with interviews? Hell yes.

However, I never kid myself for a moment who some of their family member were and are; from loansharks to murderers and everything in between.

Noshiz80 said...

I was wondering what was up with Renee. I feel so bad for her and Aj!! Definately keeping them in my prayers. I hope they remember that whatever doesn't kill them only makes them stronger.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind whatsoever if the news outlets featured the families of criminals.

By the way, I do recall Bush saying that the Bin Laden family was wonderful and very friendly to the US so to please judge Osama independent of his family.

President Bush also did arrange the plane for the members of the Bin Laden family in the days after 9/11 when the grounding of all planes rule was still being enforced.

Mob Mistress said...

Key President Bush not most media outlets nor bloggers.

lilkunta said...

dear chiara, you want us to think of the graziano families' pain?

what about the pain of the families who were beat up, body parts cut off, businesses lost, money lost, family members killed BECAUSE OF GRAZIANO?

Are your thoughts & prayers with the victims ?
Chiara Soprano said...
Saturday, January 28, 2012
I wasn't going to blog this story, but because we "know" Renee and follow her and her family so closely, I felt a few words showing some compassion were in order. I read the news and other websites and they seem so callous and unfeeling. They don't take into account that there are other people involved and they don't have to. But here I can express our concern, show support and maybe in some small measure, by keeping them in my prayers, provide some comfort to Renee, AJ, Jenn and her family.

Monique said...

I am a little confused about something:

I thought Renee's dad stopped talking to her and her sister because they decided to move forward with the show. Therefore, I would think if he is not talking to his own daughters, he most certainly won't be talking to Junior.

I guess I am wrong on that one because according to the timeline (if I'm not mistaken), Junior was actually having conversations with his (ex) father in law enough to incriminate him while the show was already filming.

Something is a little off for me...

Did Graziano Sr. have communication with Junior and not his own daughters?

By the way, just to chime in at the topic at hand, Junior has to be a complete slimeball if he in fact got close to Renee just to use her for her dad. This had got to be the lowest of the low, especially to a woman that beared your child, shows nothing but loyalty to you and supports you even after you have done her dirt continously.

My prayers go out to Renee and her family during this difficult time!

Chiara Soprano said...

Of course I sympathize for the victims and their families, but as far as I have heard, Renee and AJ didn't commit any crimes, they were both born into this lifestyle and are paying a heavy price for it.

Mob Mistress said...

I think Mr. Graziano during he's release to a transitional home started speaking to his daughters. Junior and Renee have been divorced for sometime. Renee has mentioned that Junior visited her father during incarceration.

Anonymous said...

In one of the deleted scenes from Renee's bday party--Junior speaks of seeing his ex-father-in-law "the other day" when Big Ang asked how he was doing.

SweetNSassy said...

Not that I've been waiting for this, but I am very glad the show is showing this part of the life they live, the fact that it is not all glamorized and roses, no matter how much you smile. It's showing the chaos, destruction, and craziness it can all lead to. A past post mentioned what about the other familys when are people going to realize they were born into this it was chosen for them so to speak and you don't turn your back on your family! Yes, people will always say there are ways out, but loyalty is everything it is who you are a sence of your identity. Much love to Renee, she as well shouldn't be judged for the sins of her father...

MissHappenstance said...

This is an interesting turn of events with plenty of karma to go around.

I distinctively remember Renee having issue with Karen's father being a "rat" and holding it against Karen when she first came back to NY. Now, Renee's son is in a similar predicament. It is very sad to see Renee tweet for people not to hold Junior's actions against her son. I also hope Renee is doing well. She seems to be emotionally fragile at times. I am also concerned about her son. He seems to be the opposite of Renee and hold things inward.

I think I am learning more about the mob than I bargained for by watching this show. I truly don’t understand how these families cope with repercussions this lifestyle.