Monday, January 30, 2012

Mob Wives: Joshyy RockX Video Recap Episode 5

Our M.I.A. video blogger has returned.  I disagree with Joshyy X.  Carla Facciolo was the winner in episode 5 of Mob Wives.  She acted like a mature woman.  Carla was willing to work on her relationship with Karen.  And she asked others to stay out of it.  It's all good we aren't going to agree on everything.  Renee looked great on The Sitdown!  We can agree on that one.

Video Credit: Joshyy RockX


Chiara Soprano said...

Now that I watch this it seems joshy and I agree on so many things! He is more entertaining and my blog is longer LOL Great recap! LOVE the light bulb!!!

Mob Mistress said...

Joshyy tickles me!

...ate at 35 different restaurants, maybe 36

...miss me with the bullshit Drita.

...I hope Ramona puts hands on Carla.

The light bulb was funny. Thanks for the video Joshyy.

D. Rotta said...

Loved this!! What he said about Drita going into Lee's room was hilarious! Great review, thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your recaps!!! Please do keep them comin. Signed, Team Renee from Way Down South

@icanonlybeT said...

Kick ass review!! "miss me with the bullsh!t" He kept it all the way real....but I expect nothing less than that! I especially enjoyed the sound effects!! stupid hoe, u a stupid hoe. lmao. i literally laughed out loud! Chyeah!!

TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

Thankx everyone for the reviews & comments. iJust try to be myself and share my thoughts on the show! Love doing this, thankx @MM for the opportunity to do so! I will keep em coming yall! @Chiara, iDont think its better than yours! & for those who rated my video w/ boo's, bitches #FindASeat! LoL....and iCounted it was 43 restaurants! LoL~