Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mob Wives: For the Love of Bigg Ang

Bigg Ang poses with Renny @ the Drunken Monkey
A star has been born on Mob Wives.  Her name is Angela Raiola a.k.a. Bigg Ang.  The nickname Bigg Ang is appropriate for a reason or two.  One, she has a big personality.  She comes across warm, caring, wise & extremely funny. Two she has the biggest set of breasts I've seen in a long time.  I think she beats Dolly Parton in the boob department.  And that's typing a lot!  I know I wrote seconds ago there were two reasons the nickname fit.  However, there is a third reason and you all know what I am about to type: LIPS.  Bigg Ang's lips make Angelina Jolie's pucker look average.  And that's typing a lot too!  Jennifer Graziano truly upped her game for season two adding Bigg Ang & Ramona Rizzo.

Some of you have been dissing Bigg Ang's looks due to what seems to be excessive plastic surgery.  It would be easy for me to type, "If she loves it, I love it."  However, I'd be typing a lie.  I feel the same about Bigg Ang as I do Renee Graziano.  They were already beautiful women.  There was no need to go underneath the knife.  However, it's their bodies, their money & their choice.  So there I've type it.  I think Bigg Ang has creeped, crawled or ran into Joan Rivers territory, too much work done.
Karen Gravano with Bigg Ang

Now that I've given my honest opinion of Bigg Ang's appearance, I'd like to share what I love about Bigg Ang.  I love her voice and the way she talks.  I affectionately refer to her as The Mobmother.  She seems to be able to reason with the younger Mob Wives.  She wants the others to forgive & move on.  In her mind, there are good times to be had.  I think it's a noble idea.  However, frankly after all that has happened I'd call bullshit if Drita D'avanzo & Karen Gravano ever made up.  As a Mob Wives viewer, I want peaks & valleys.  Mob Wives making rainbow cookies isn't going to do it for me.  I do appreciate that Bigg Ang for the most part doesn't fuel the flames.  Another thing I love about Bigg Ang is her laugh.  I can be in the worst mood.  When Bigg Ang laughs, I laugh.  I can't help but to laugh.  It's as if her laugh is the most contagious disease in the world.  When I see her on the screen my mood immediately improves.  She the mob's own version of sugar & spice & everything nice.  I can see why the wiseguys flocked to Bigg Ang.  After a long hard workday of allegedly loansharking, drug dealing, murking and stealing who wouldn't want a woman that brightens your day?

Bigg Ang is a character inside & out.  She brings a lot to the sit down season 2 of Mob Wives.  What she brings most is just pure comic relief in between the he said, she said & I put people in hospitals moments.  And though Ms. Raiola isn't my favorite mob wife, I appreciate what she brings to Mob Wives. 

If you're in or near Staten Island, you should check out the Drunken Monkey.  You may luck out a get a deep voiced bartender with the sweetest personality & greatest laugh.  Some of the Mob Wives frequent the hot spot.  People have even claimed Carla Facciolo was there Thursday night with Handy Man.  Frankly, I couldn't tell you.  I wasn't there.

As always this is my opinion, you agree or disagree.  I won't lose any sleep.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say I seen the bullshit online about your site. All of you do a really great job. You have the best Mob Wives hands down. Ignore it, we are still reading. Your site is winning!

Anonymous said...

I think the thing about Big Ang is she doesn't try to "act tough" and has a cool head for someone whose in "the lifestyle". Too many times, the wives use their affiliation with the lifestyle to intimidate others. ("Have you seen my bloodline?? Do you know who I am??")Renee did that ALOT in the beginning of season 1 but over time, she doesn't do it anymore and seems to have really done some soul searching via therapy.

Big Ang is one of those few genuine gems out there and she makes the show! Hell, she should get her own show LOL

Kendra said...

OMG! I love Big Ang, for me it's the fact that she isn't two faced. I thought Karen was a nice person in the beginning, but halfway through she seems motivated for other reasons that, in my opinion, are selfish narcissistic. There's a flip flop with all the other mob wives as well (especially Carla). Yet with big ang, you could put her in a room filled with cameras and she's going to be herself, always! This basically means that she's filled with rainbows and doves. I hope they just make a show with big Ang or have her run for president. She already knows how to arrange sit downs. As a sidenote, I saw a clip of her and one of the YT commenters said that Big Ang doesn't stem from her name being Angela, but it's in fact Big Angus. which I thought was hilarious.

Chiara Soprano said...

Loved the Blog on Big Ang! I agree with everything and echo your sentiments that Jennifer Graziano's additions make a great show even greater!

PS Anonymous, regarding all the BS, thanks for your comments, we appreciate it!

Chiara Soprano said...

Oh! That's Renny from Twitter hanging out with Big Ang! He must know all the mob wives! We should give him a call!

Anonymous said...

big ang is the best on the show!!