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Mob Wives: Renee Graziano's Take on Episode 1

Hello to all The Mob Wives Blogspot readers.  Most of us had the opportunity to watch the premiere episode of Mob Wives season 2.  I can tell you it was my all-time favorite episode.  It jarred me to see Renee Graziano going under the knife.  It touched me to see her go through recovery after an allegedly botched surgery.  And of course I was on the edge of my couch when Karen & Ramona headed off to the balcony.
The interview begins.

Renee witnessing you pre-surgery, under the knife and post surgery was jarring to me as a Mob Wives' viewer.  What didn't we see during your ordeal?
The viewer didn't get to see that after I ripped my back, there was a second surgery.

Are you telling me Dr. Klapper operated on you again?
Yes, I am.  The next day the nurse knew something was wrong.  She attempted to call the doctor repeatedly.  Finally 9-1-1 was called.

Tell me you are done with all this plastic surgery business!
I wish I could.  There is an excessive amount of scar tissue.  I need corrective surgery.

When I watched a clip on VH1 during your ordeal, did I hear Dr. Klapper say, "I don't think she'll close."
I believe you did.

Why didn't they send you straight to the hospital then?
You'd have to ask the doctor and his staff.
I'm speechless.  What do you say to people considering elective surgery?
I can't stress enough to people to research and then research again & again.  Also it's extremely important to research the doctor's history with patients.  You need to learn all the appropriate protocol for receiving plastic surgery.  An examination with a mental health professional is extremely important, to ensure it's something your really want and that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Did you do it for the right reasons?
I don't believe I did.  It's apparent to me now that God doesn't want me to have an @ss.  Hence, it's flatter than it was before.

You are a mess! We both laugh out loud.
All jokes aside it's serious business.  I lost 3 pints of blood.  My life was on the line.  My message isn't that people shouldn't get plastic surgery.  My message is be extremely diligent in choosing your doctor and learn the proper protocols.  Do your very best to protect yourself and really think about, 'Is that tummy tuck or breast job worth losing your life.

How is your recovery going?
I'm in pain everyday.  My back on the left side is awful painful at night.  I know it isn't my mattress because  I paid a pretty penny for it.  We laugh again.

Come on stop deflecting with that wicked sense of humor.
It's painful physically and emotionally.  Emotionally I've been knocked down.  It's unexplainably hard.

You are going to get back up. 
I can't fold.  During my hospital stay I was on so much medication, I couldn't focus.  I was so confused.  Once the infection set in, it was a matter of life or death.  The will to live is stronger than the will to die.

Amen!  Do you wish you'd taken Carla's advice and hit the gym?
Of course, we don't agree on a lot.  She laughs.  The gym would've been the healthier decision.
What's the deal with Carla not contacting you during your health scare?  How did it make you feel?
Whatever our differences I was in the hospital.  Yes it was an elective surgery.  It went wrong and my life was in jeopardy.  I've known Carla for years.  A card would've been nice.  A phone call would've been nice.  I felt hurt and insulted.  I suspected she didn't respect me, I was right.

Well she did send you a text.
She did before I went into surgery.  Let me ask you something, if someone knows you are going into surgery...

Let me stop you, I'd call, visit or send flowers after the surgery to check in to see how the person is doing.  Whether you two were beefing or not, at the very least you are co-workers.  That's my take on it.
And mine too!  If it were Carla nothing would stop me from reaching out with a card, a call, flowers or a visit. By the way, thank you again for the beautiful flowers!  Even bloggers cared enough to reach out no offense.

I laugh.  No offense taken!  We were truly concerned about you.  Chiara was a little pissed @ you for going under the knife.  She was really worried about you.  In Carla's defense she stated in episode 1 (season 2) that she di-ent know?
My surgery was in June 2011.  We started taping in mid August. Drita told me that she had told Carla. I didn't hear a peep from her still.  All this crap about me talking about Carla during that time is garbage.  I was in the midst of fighting for my life.  Yes, it hurt me that she didn't contact me.  However, she wasn't my main concern.  My priority was my health and A.J.
A.J. , Justin and Marquise (50 Cent's son)
Okay, I have to touch on your birthday party.  I have one word: wow!
She laughs.  It was a memorable night.  But not for the reason you think.  I was so happy to see all the people who came out to celebrate my birthday.  My family, friends & Junior were all there to show me love.  When I was in the hospital Junior stayed by my bedside along with A.J. & Justin.  It was not just a birthday party.  It was a celebration of life. I danced, sung and just had a great time.  It was so much more than the fight.

Some viewers feel that you contradicted yourself during episode 2?

Well we hear you mention that you want Drita & Karen to stay in their separate corners because you didn't want any drama.  And then you try to bring them all up to the mic, I admit I didn't get that either.  What's the deal?
I did want them on opposite sides of the room.  I didn't want any drama @ my party.  I wanted all to have fun.  When I called the girls up to the mic it was as my sister Mob Wives.  Someone had requested a group shot with my girls.  So I called up Karen, Drita, Ramona and Big Ang to take a Mob Wives picture @ my party.  If I had known it would ignite a fight I would never have called them up.  I would've just taken pictures with them individually.

Some say you set Drita up.
I would NEVER put someone in the jackpot.  I know what that feels like.

Who started the fight in your opinion?
I was singing and having a good old time when the fight broke out.  I don't know!  I know what you all know.  I know Big Ang went to get Karen to talk to Drita.  I know Ramona went with Karen to the balcony.  I know Drita swung first.  It's not for me to say who did or didn't start it.  I haven't seen an unedited version of the events.

Fair enough, we see you trying to stop Junior from going after someone in a teaser for episode 2.  What is really going on?
Oh you are trying to get me into trouble.  I was trying to protect my family.  I was concerned for someone's personal well being. 

Huh, that's it?
Tune into VH1 @ 8PM on Sunday to see for yourself.
 Thanks Renee (sarcastically)!  Okay, we have to talk about your nephew Justin!  He is so adorable!  The clip of you two during your recovery is just too cute!  Tell me about Justin.

He's the boss' son (Jennifer Graziano).  He was so worried about his auntie.  Justin is the most loving little boy.  The family joke is that I had Jennifer's son & she had mine.  A.J. is more like Jennifer.  They're really intelligent and don't show their emotions a lot.  Justin is like his Titi Renee very loving and a cuddler.  He is gorgeous isn't he?
He is I just want to pinch his cheeks!
I know!

Well Renee that's all my questions.  Thank you so very much for talking to me.
You're welcome anytime.  I absolutely love your site.  I gotta sweep up after A.J. and his friends.  Bye Mistress!

Bye Renee!

The interview ends.

I enjoyed hearing Renee's take on episode 2!  I hope you've enjoyed reading it.  Don't forget to turn the channel to  VH1 tonight @ 8 PM to watch how the fight goes down pretend Karen, Ramona & Drita.  I don't know about you but I'm dying see what has Junior all riled up!

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Chiara Soprano said...

Oh how I wish Renee listened to her instincts and never had the surgery. I was very worried about Renee, I had a bad feeling about it. We were on the phone interviewing right before she arrived at the "doctor's" office.
Thank God she survived that ordeal and i am glad i didn't know the details until now. I still say I agree 100% that when someone goes under the knife it's up to people who care to call and check up on them. Carla was dead wrong.

PS I love the picture of Renee at the top, one of my favorites yet!

TheOtherRenee said...

Renee looks wicked sexy in the first pic.. and I adore the pic of the boys when they were younger. This was a fantastic interview!

Mob Mistress said...

Thank you!

Carla sucks said...

Carla has no class.She's pretty & an asshole who will stick up for a criminal exboyfriend who robbed someone he knew.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Carla is obsessed with her looks, which won't last forever. Meanwhile she brings a criminal boyfriend around her innocent children. Her priorities are all wrong, but hey she's got great hair.

Anonymous said...

Aww! Love the nephew! Nothing brings on a recovery better than a cuddle muffin!

Very cool to hear from Renee, cannot wait to watch the show tonight.

Anonymous said...

Great interview! It is good to get an actual MW's explaination and thoughts on the episode.

Anonymous said...

Love love love her!!!

Thank you for that wonderful interview!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that she took the time to talk to you! =D I honestly was surprised a bit when she took the bigger route at the party and just called it quits and told everyone to go home instead of getting more involved and stating more fights.

SweetNSassy said...

She's My Favorite!!! Wonderful interview!!!

Anonymous said...

This site is the BEST Mob Wives site! You guys deliver everyday, I visit. I take my hat off to the bloggers.