Monday, January 30, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap “The Sit Down” on Ep 205

Renee, Drita and Big Ang have lots to say!

I love the Mob Wives, on or off the show, they are very entertaining. Last night was the premiere episode of “The Sit Down.” I was already a bit overwhelmed trying to recap and hour’s worth of sit downs between all the ladies, except Big Ang, who was off tanning and gambling in Puerto Rico. My hand was cramped, but I didn’t want to let readers down, so I started taking notes. I had built up a lot of anticipation. Did the show live up to my expectations? No, sorry to say it did not. Maybe they should have taken more time to think it through. I was expecting a lot more commentary on the scenes than there actually was on the show. The clips were a nice touch, but we just saw what happened.

They started out on a good note, a little segment they call “WTF Moments?” and show a clip of Ramona talking about Drita. We heard Ramona just a few minutes earlier and there is no way we are going to forget that she called Drita a crumb snatching, flip-flopping floozie. But Drita responded to the clip by calling Ramona a “clown.” Drita says if marrying into the mob makes her a “nobody” then maybe Ramona’s mother is a nobody too? That comment made Renee nervous. Then Drita adds that Ramona married outside the lifestyle, so what does that make her? So we are off to a good start, but that is where the thrill ends for me. From here we go downhill all the way. I wanted more of WTF and instead got WTHC (Who The Hell Cares) Moments.

A question for a viewer asking if Drita and Karen might work things out if Ramona wasn’t in the picture. Drita responds that maybe things wouldn’t haven’t gotten out of hand if Ramona wasn’t there. To that I say, oh yeah? Because Ramona wasn’t on the rooftop and things got very out of hand there, right? The common denominator? Drita. Why Drita? Well I took a closer look at the rumble and from what I saw, Renee did hold Karen back and was actually on top of her when Drita jumped on top of the two of them to “beat up” Karen. Renee seemed to be the only one injured. She was bleeding and her leg was badly bruised. I hear Drita packs a mean “kick.” To answer this viewer I would say, if Drita and Karen appear to make up on the show, it won’t be real or for long.

Carrie, the host, brings up the “crumb” issue with Renee and we see the clip. I really didn’t mind watching this clip again, it made me relive some of my own PMS moments. However, I would have liked a more probing question here. Renee’s meltdown over crumbs wasn’t really over cake crumbs, was it? Maybe it was more about Junior texting with another woman? No one asked about the texting or if she confronted Junior about it.

Big Ang comes out on stage, even though she wasn’t in the episode. Everyone loves Big Ang. There is no disputing that point. Fans who missed her on the episode got a few laughs in The Sit Down. Big Ang was apparently on vacation in Puerto Rico, getting a tan and winning at gambling. But she makes an appearance and answers a couple of wise guy questions.

Then they play a ridiculous game where Renee and Drita have to answer 3 questions about Big Ang to see who knows her best. I think this was lame, and I wasn’t amused. Some of you may disagree with me, but I was looking for more in this show than I was getting.

They get into the topic of Renee being stuck in the middle of Team Karen and Team Drita, dodging bullets from both sides. They ask how she can be “loyal” if she is in the middle? Renee answers, “Because I am being loyal to myself and that makes me loyal to everyone.” You have to love the way Renee thinks on her feet! Brilliant!

Best question of the show: Will Renee confront Ramona over her comments regarding Junior? Renee says it’s possible, we will have to stay tuned in and watch. I say, no way they brought that issue up unless it’s to set up some more drama for season two. And if Renee confronts Ramona, I think it’s safe to say we are going to war.

The show ends with a swear word count. Who swore the most on the episode? Everyone thinks it’s Renee…but no, it’s not Renee, it’s Drita! She wins hands down in the battle of the swear words. And there “The Sit Down” ends.

I wish they had asked more probing questions about the episode like: What was Renee thinking inviting Drita to the spa party!?! Isn’t Renee going to get caught up in the drama by being in the middle? Will Drita ever tell Aleeya about the divorce? Did Renee confront Junior about the texting or the crumbs? Will Drita add a “mozzarella” to Lee’s packages? Is she throwing his stuff out or putting it all in storage? Inquiring minds “need to know.” 

That’s my impression of the first show, maybe future shows will have more “meat” and less “filler”?  We’ll see. Let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

It was ok. They should've made it an hour long, because really what can you do in 30min. Between the clips and commercials that leaves what about 20min. There are still alot of unanswered question, i guess we have to wait on the reunion show.

Hey you said...

The Sit Down...gave the Mobwives more time to answer questions whch we dont get from twitter/ facebook. Its alway great to see the MOBWIVES. There was something i didnt like...Drita and her dukes. So tired of her disliking Karen and Ramona.

D. Rotta said...

I was under the impression we would be seeing unseen clips. I'm pretty much feeling the same as you are, Chiara. It's the 1st episode, perhaps they will change (or two) can only hope. ; )

Anonymous said...

I personally think that Ramona needs to shut her mouth about the other wives' marriage because well, hers didn't exactly work out either, did it? I personally think she tries way to hard to be "out there".

Karen and Drita just need to move forward!! This fight is bringing their really nasty side out...what are their kids going to think when they see this in the future?

Carla? *yawn*

It's Renee and Big Ang that make the show, IMO! I liked Drita in the beginning but this whole Karen v Drita thing is getting really old.

My two cents. :P

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the network is presented any questions about Junior texting the other woman to Renee at the present time because she was still in a fragile emotional state following her hospital visit.

@perri6 said...

I didn't like it at all! I thought it would be questions from viewers at least, the game that they played was Pathetic about Bigang! WTF? I didn't need to Play a game who cursed the most, I already tweeted during the show that it must be easy for Drita to remember her lines, its all CURSING! I agree, very dissapointing! Drita is to busy acting for the Camera, I don't understand how she can have any fans at all, she makes it clear IMO, she just wants to beat everyone up and curse her brains out, SHE has a FOULMOUTH all around! SHE does not show any compashion, its all about Cursing and beating up or who she beat up! Karen,Renee and Ramona have normal conversations, as we see in the episodes, they get emotional, sad, etc, these Mobwives are Real, Drita is NOT! I have nothing to say about Carla, BLAH!

Anonymous said...

I must say I love this blog...and I love Mob Wives. I'm disappointed in Renee though :( On another note I have a question. Can you find out if Drita's brother was involved in killing a black man a few years back. My apologies if you've already posted on this.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, regarding Drita's brother I can tell you this: there has been nothing negative that we have come across since starting this blog. There was another young man, same last name, who got in trouble for killing someone in a car accident a few years back. Drita and her brother are best friends and he is a soccer pro like his father. There is a video of him online.

Single Gal said...

i saw the aftershow as well. it wasnt that good but it was their first. trust mtv/vh1 to fix the kinks and end up with a seamless show soon.

about drita? gimme a break! she got caught when she was saying how she wouldnt get involved with another mobster (even though was just a thief/bank-robber and not in the mob) and quickly backtracked because. . . if you wont marry a mobster then why are you in a show called MOBWIVES?! lol. she saw the dollars disappearing and quickly did a 180. lol. i dont hate the chick but yeah, i am beginning to see her fakeness.

she also twisted around ramona's comment about her marrying into an italian family by comparing herself to renee's mom and other wives. renee was squirming hte whole time. lol

keep up the info. love ur site.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this was filmed previously because it looks like Renee was still in the hospital when it was aired according to her tweets?

Chiara Soprano said...

Yes it was taped ahead of time. She was home from the hospital watching it that night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ciara for answering my question about when the show was taped!

Gucci Muse said...

They need to improve the Sit Down-the hostess is terrible!!!!!!!

I agree, that game was LAME.

The Karen thing is boring and stupid-and her mouth is getting worse than the sewer-no need to talk like that to get air time--

Mob Mistress said...

It's ironic that people want to criticize Karen on language. Yet, they do not address Drita's use of language.

I stand by what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Moving along, there is no need to watch the show if one is so bored.

Xenia Suaiden said...

The "LANGUAGE"? Really? What was one of them speaking freakin' Latin and the other French?

NO. It's a god damned accent. A New York accent to be precise.

The host was or is a CNN hopeful,that's the facts jack, ya' don't have to like 'em but they are in your face. Further more if ya wanna try and have some cohones, get a poll up and see JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE thought she was out of PLACE.

But that won't happen, because every good host should be a nice CNN Broadcaster, no?

After all, Big Money flip the bill and the little people only get to flip the finger.