Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Talks With Anderson Cooper!

Renee was on Anderson Cooper talking about her plastic surgery, and more importantly, she was giving advice based on her own experience. Renee has a new doctor now, Dr. Fiorello. Her summer surgery, which she often calls a nightmare, was performed by Dr. Klapper. Renee says she in in litigation now over what occurred and will be having more surgery to correct the scar tissue left behind. Her advice to anyone considering plastic surgery is, "Don't waste your money, go to the gym." 

Renee's advice can be summed up as, “Go to the gym, exercise, eat right, and just know what — Just really consciously and mentally know what you’re doing.”  Basically, Renee advises to do it the right way and have patience and take your time. She was looking for instant gratification and it almost cost her her life.

Check out the short video below. Renee does look terrific, but the pictures and video don't show the physical, emotional and mental scars she has post surgery.

Picture and Video Credit: Anderson Cooper


D. Rotta said...

It sucks Renee had to learn this way, but through her struggle, hopefully she helps people think about it and not go through with surgeries like these. I wish Big Ang would do away with the lips. The picture that was posted of her back in the day, she's gorgeous! She didn't need any work done! WHY, BIG ANG...WHYYY? lol ; )

MiamiGirl said...

I wonder if Big Ang's lips are permanent- or just from filler. Hopefully just filler, cause then it will eventually wear-off. Ang is beautiful, I hope she stops with the cosmetic enhancements.