Friday, January 6, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee, Karen, Ramona & Wendy Williams!

Karen, Renee, and Ramona looking fabulous at The Wendy Show!

Wendy Williams has been a huge fan of the Mob Wives from day one and she hosted their Reunion show last season.  It’s no surprise to us that she would be interviewing our mob wives right after the premiere episode of season two. On today’s show were Karen, Renee and Ramona and they had a lot to say about season two. Let’s get on with the recap!

How you doin’? Wendy announces the record rating of Mob Wives, 3.5 million viewers premiere night! But, for the show, she saves the BEST for last, just like Dr. Phil did yesterday. The stage crew fixes up the pillows on the big couch and out come our Mob Wives: Renee, Karen and Ramona! Wendy welcomes them all to the show, they take a seat. Wendy says season two is promising more fighting and drama than ever before…then we see a clip of the confrontation on the balcony.

OMG! Check out Renee’s boots! Okay, moving on, Wendy says, all she remembers about episode one is Drita “wrenching someone” and Renee’s surgery, she doesn’t remember Ramona. So Wendy asks how Ramona is related to the mob? Ramona says she is the granddaughter of “Lefty” Ruggiero, whose life was portrayed in the movie Donnie Brasco. She says Al Pacino played him in the movie. The audience is impressed. Ramona says she had confront Al Pacino. Wendy asks why, didn’t she like the portrayal? Ramona says, she had to “call him out on a few things.”

Karen is still fighting with Drita. Karen says it’s real for her. When she came back to New York, she intended to try to mend the friendship. Drita put her hands on her and, after all that went down in season one, Karen feels that their idea of what friendship is very different.

Wendy says Victoira Gotti doesn’t like the show. Renee says she is jealous. Ramona says, so what, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Ramona is a mother of four. Wendy asks all three women if they are concerned about being role models for young people and their children. They all agree they are concerned about that and Karen adds, what she hopes her daughter will take away from the show is not to be bullied and to stand up for yourself and what you believe. Renee adds that AJ, her son, is an amazing young man and a wonderful son.

After surgery Renee says she is now a size four. They discuss her surgery, infection and the whole nightmare briefly. Renee says she was resistant to the antibiotic that they were using to treat the infection, which made things worse. Her advice to people thinking of getting surgery is to check your doctor out very thoroughly and think it all through. Wendy asks if she is suing Dr. Klapper. Yes! A question that has been burning a hole in my mind! Renee answers, “I plead the fifth.” I am going to take from that, that there is a lawsuit in the works, and there ought to be! After the break, Wendy brings up Junior’s wearing a wire and being an informant. Renee replies that she will not discuss any of that out of respect for her son, AJ. That’s Renee, always a mother first!

The segment ends with the women forming teams and playing a little game of Mob Pictionary. Ramona and Karen on one team, with Ramona drawing and Karen guessing. Wendy and Renee on the other team with Wendy drawing and Renee guessing. Karen and Ramona’s words: cannoli, bootleg, and six feet under. They got two out of three. Wendy and Renee’s words: spaghetti and meatballs, the Godfather, sleeping with the fishes, and dirty rat. They scored three points (with a little cheating) and won the game.

That’s it!

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NEWS: Renee and Drita will be ringing NASDAQ’s closing bell today @ about 4 PM Eastern Time! I hope we can get a picture of that!


Picture Credit: Renee Graziano


MissCrop609 said...


Why was Drita missing from the show with the other Mob wives? Is her hatred of Karen and Ramona that intense? Honestly, I want to like Drita but she needs to work on her violent tendencies.

Chiara Soprano said...

MissCrop, according to Jennifer Graziano's tweets (because Drita was whining and tweeting about not being on the Wendy show) She replied that not all Mob Wives will be asked to appear at all things. The media or show asks for who they want.

Rosey said...

Hi Chiara, I think Wendy Williams is a fan of this show and she is reading this blog site! Wendy is probably reading that "word on the street" is that Drita and Carla don't really like being around black people.
Why would she let them promote themselves on her show?!

Chiara Soprano said...

Rosey, I would be thrilled and flattered if Wendy read our blog, but I doubt she has time for that. I think Drita and Carla were not asked to be on her show was more a matter of there not being enough time to get to everyone during that short segment.

lilkunta said...

@chiara dont sell yourself short. WENDY DOES read the blogs, as well as her staff!