Monday, January 9, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap “Hell On Heels” Ep 202

Renee enjoys her party, before the fight breaks out!

At The Party! We begin back at Renee’s party with Big Ang trying to make peace between Drita and Karen.

Drita explains she wants to make up with Karen..Karen is tired of the lies.

A confrontation takes place on the balcony. Drita is trying to convince Karen she wants to make up, but immediately we see that Drita isn’t always honest. Drita’s lies are what upset Karen the most. For example, Drita tells Karen she never said they weren’t friends, but there is a clip from last season, where she clearly says that when she “got with Lee” she and Karen were not friends. Karen also has issues with Drita and Carla for telling all of Staten Island that Drita put Karen in the hospital after the rooftop rumble. Karen was never in the hospital, and didn’t appreciate them spreading lies. That’s lie number two. Karen’s last issue, in this conversation, is with Drita accusing Karen of sleeping with one of her ex-boyfriends. Karen insists that isn’t true and she has no reason to lie. Karen ends by saying that everything Drita says is a lie. For someone who doesn’t like liars and lies being spread them, Drita is a hypocrite. I can’t blame Karen for being angry; when someone spreads lies about you it’s very upsetting. But, unfortunately, Karen will never get any satisfaction from Drita about any of those issues.

"I think it's important to state that we weren't friends when I hooked up with Lee!"

Ramona is right on the money when she says, this is not the time or place to have this conversation. However, she won’t leave Karen alone with Drita, after what happened on the rooftop, because she doesn’t trust her. 

While Karen is expressing her feelings to Drita, Drita suddenly appears to feel threatened and looks scared. Ramona comes over and Drita says, “What’s going on?” Ramona tries to calm them both down. She keeps saying over and over, “keep it normal” it’s Renee’s party, we‘re not going to do this here. A split second later, Drita throws the first punch, and a fight breaks out between the three women. But, while the brawl is going on, we later learn that Derek Tobacco, Drita’s friend, is not only there, but in the middle of all the fighting. 

Ramona is pulling Drita’s hair to pull her back, but Drita won’t stop punching. Renee is upset that they are all disrespecting her and ruining her party. Drita is dragged off by Derek. But Ramona sees blood on her hand, and thinks Derek is the one who hit her. She wants to get him to “kill him.” 

 Derek Tobacco in the center, trying to help Drita.

Meanwhile, Renee is taking care of Drita, who is sobbing and her eye is very red and swollen. Drita’s crying and yelling, and accuses Renee of setting her up. Meanwhile Ramona and Karen are screaming for Derek. Ramona and Karen are going after Derek and Renee cannot believe he would hit a woman. Then Renee remarks that her party celebrating life turned into a “death at a funeral.” 

Drita doesn’t want to be with Renee. She really feels Renee set her up to get jumped by Ramona and Karen. Renee keeps yelling at her “what happened?” Renee is still trying to figure out what happened and take care of Drita. She wants to get her ice for her eye.  Junior tries to calm Karen down. Drita is still crying saying, “yous all set me up.” Renee swears she would never do such a thing and tells Drita to punch her in the face, if she really believes Renee could do such a thing to her.

Karen flings a plate like a professional discus thrower!

Karen and Ramona see Derek and go after him, but he says he never hit Ramona, he says he was helping her (by holding Drita back). Karen starts throwing plates like she is at a Greek wedding. Renee is upset about her party being ruined and even more concerned that Junior, who is out on bail, could get into trouble. She tells everyone to leave the party and go home. Ramona feels bad, but she sys she and Karen didn’t start it and it escalated into a war. Karen won’t leave as long as her cousin is there with blood on her face. Karen talks to Renee and tells her Drita hit her first. Renee, who is angry, answers she doesn’t care what happened, it shouldn’t have happened tonight! Suddenly, the men are getting involved and Derek needs to go home because they are looking for him. Renee keeps trying to create a distraction to give Derek time to get away before he gets a beating. By the time the men find Derek they are in the parking lot, and Derek is in his car taking off. Junior punches the window of his car.

At Carla’s house, she says she doesn’t care she missed Renee’s party after everything she heard that went down.  Carla calls Drita about “the crazy sh!t that went down at the party.” She leaves a message on Drita’s phone, she wants to know what went on so she could compare stories. Compare stories? Who made Carla the designated judge of what happened?

Big Ang tells her the story of what happened. She says she was trying to make peace between Drita and Karen and it backfired in her face. Big Ang tells her friend that Drita got a black eye in the fight, Ramona a bloody mouth and there was no singing Happy Birthday to Renee, the party was ruined.

Ang's Party Recap: "Drita's black eye, Ramona's bloody mouth, Karen throwing plates!

Renee tells Junior and AJ that she went over to the balcony and saw fighting, blood and hair. Drita’s eye was swollen shut. Ramona tells Karen the cake wasn’t even eaten and the presents were destroyed. She also said there were rumors going around that Ramona and Karen jumped Drita. Apparently, Karen was the one who clocked Drita and hit her in the eye. But, before Drita fans get upset, Drita clearly threw the first punch. And then we learn, at the end of the episode, that Derrick never hit Ramona at all, it was Drita’s ring that grazed Ramona’s face when she swung and missed. Karen says she is done with the Drita situation. And, Karen seems pleased when she says that Drita is always talking about putting people in the hospital, but this time the ambulance came for Drita. So Karen not only throws a mean plate, she throws a mean punch!

At Drita’s house, Carla comes to pay a visit and gets the scoop about the party. We get the first look at Drita’s eye and it’s still red and swollen! Ouch! Carla feels bad she wasn’t there for Drita. Drita starts to explain her version of the events. She refers to Karen and Ramona as “Fatal Attraction and Lucifer.” She says they walked in together and Drita was told Karen wanted to make up with her. WHAT?  Did I hear that right? I have been watching very closely and never, ever heard Karen say she wanted to make up with Drita. Then Drita adds that Karen was mad because she heard that Drita was telling everyone in Staten Island that she put Karen in the hospital. Drita claims she heard Karen was in the hospital, so what else was she to think? She says she always puts people in the hospital. So she concluded that she put Karen in the hospital too. However, Karen tweeted, while the show was on the air, and asked all reporters to check all the hospitals on S.I. for her medical records, she was never in any of them. Then Drita says that Ramona stepped in while she was talking with Karen, and that next time she (Drita) is going to carry a wrench with her. She felt set up. Drita says she will never try to make up with Karen ever again. 

I guess Karen would know if she was in the hospital!

Ramona and Karen are walking around Little Italy, in Manhattan, on Mulberry Street. They are reminiscing about the old days and Ramona says, “you can feel Italian here.” Karen says that Ramona never turned her back on her family when her father, Sammy, turned informant. They go to a mob museum to look at the exhibits. Ramona says that her grandfather, Lefty Ruggiero, was a member of the Bonanno crime family and is known for the movie Donnie Brasco, which was about his life. Al Pacino played her grandfather in the movie. Ramona says she told Al Pacino to “do it big.” Ramona’s eyes soften as she talks about her grandfather. Her grandfather had a reputation in the mob, but she knows him as a man who had a great love for his family. The legacy he leaves is nothing but love.

Junior calls Renee from court. He was arrested last January in the biggest Federal drug bust in history and is out on bail. He is going to court with his lawyer to work out a plea agreement. Renee wishes him good luck and tells him she loves him.

Later Junior and Rene talk. He tells her how nervous and scared he was after she went through her surgery and almost died. He thought he was going to lose her. She asks why was he scared, because he loves her or is in love with her? He says he is in love with her and Renee gets all emotional. They have been separated for 12 years and she has waited a very long time to hear him say those words. He wants to work on things and try to get back together. Renee is afraid of more cheating and getting her heart broken again. Junior thinks they have a chance. Renee says it’s all or nothing. She has to trust him with her heart. She has always loved him.

My two cents. As for the party, Ramona was 100% right from the beginning. She said that conversation should not be happening at Renee’s party. People refer to her as a trouble maker, but I do not see why. She remained nearby while Drita and Karen were talking because she knows about Drita’s propensity for violence and that Drita lashed out at Karen last season on the rooftop. When things were getting heated, Ramona was the one who stepped in, with a cool head, and tried to calm them both down. I heard her say several times that it’s Renee’s party, let’s “keep it normal” and we are leaving (meaning her and Karen). Then Drita’s fist flew through the air. That ended “normal.” If someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself, and that’s what Karen and Ramona did. Let’s not forget that Drita wanted to talk to Karen, not the other way around. Karen was even avoiding her text messages. And as Judge Judy says, if you start a fight and get the bad end of it, that’s your own fault. Who am I to question Judge Judy’s wisdom?  Anyway for a tough talking cookie, Drita sure does cry a lot.

I do feel bad that Renee’s party was ruined. It was an especially important party because she had survived a deadly, botched up surgery and she wanted to celebrate her life. If I was one of the mob wives I would never have a birthday party, all parties end in fights. It’s just too risky. Renee had to take care of Drita and look out for Junior because he could not afford to have his bail revoke over a fight. If Renee wanted drama she couldn’t have gotten more of it if she tried! I hope she had a do over party after this fiasco.

Has anyone called Carla a trouble maker? She always seems to egg Drita on about everything. I remember last season when Karen gave Drita chapter one of her book as a peace offering, Carla told her not to read it. Had Drita read it she would have seen there was nothing about Lee in it. Karen did it to reassure her, but Drita jumped to her hotheaded conclusions and Carla just squirts gasoline on every fire. So now Carla wants to hear what happened at the party so she can compare stories? Like she is going to side with anyone, but Drita in this one. Please! It ain’t happening. 

Junior and Renee. They look good together. They have their tender moments. I could hear the quiver in Juniors voice when he said he was scared of losing Renee. But, at the same time, I am scared for Renee. I don’t want to see her hurt again, especially after all she has gone through. I think we already know the ending to this story. Junior, the wiretap, Renee’s father is back in prison…I’ll leave it at that out of respect for Renee and AJ. They are both strong people and I sincerely hope they will heal from this hurt and come out of it stronger at the end of the day.

I was too busy writing to catch the coming attractions last night, but I am sure the Mob Wives are going to deliver another great episode! They just seem to be getting better.

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morena said...

I LOVE. This episode!!! I think Drita really want to make peace with Karen cause in her crazy head she never did anything wrong and Karen was is the lier!!! I'm with Karen that if someone put theirs hand on you and spread lies is not like I will make peace so easy, is not going to happen. She's not Jesus to put tje other cheeks Wright? I feel so bad for Renee...Her love for JR come out of her pores.... After so many years cheating and lies with JR she still love him unconditionaly and respect him. I'm not looking forward to seen her hurt and betrayed so bad.... Im sure she would've prefer to fine JR in the bed with another woman and not know that he rat her own father the way he did....Feel so bad for her...BTW on this Drama #I'm team KAREN LOL

Deana3452 said...

I understand it was wrong for Drita to get violent, but Ramona wasn't just saying let's keep the peace....she eventually said, "I will give you carte blanche to grab the mike and say whatever it is you've been saying about me for the past two years." Come on, that wasn't I really think that Karen shouldn't have said that she has to stop herself from going over Drita's house...that was overboard, too. It wasn't relevant to what they were trying to talk about. AND, again Drita meant they weren't friends when she hooked up with Lee...I read in an article once that Karen was long gone to AZ, living with Dave and pregnant when Drita and Lee hooked up...the all point to this is there's TONS we don't know from behind the scenes and TONS we don't know about what goes on in their lives. We don't know these people...all we see is what's aired and what is EDITED for us to see.

Deana3452 said...

Oh and P.S. Renee was breaking my heart walking with Junior.

TheOtherRenee said...

Anyone who throws elbows with 2 friends together is a complete moron. You would think Drita was the bionic woman or something!

I'm watching the fight again, and there is no way Drita felt threatened as she claims.. Drita had tunnel vision set straight at Karen with a crazy look of "I'm gonna wring your neck" She wasn't even paying attention to Ramona. She was focused in on Karen.. didn't like something Karen said point blank and just started swinging. Just like on the rooftop, DRITA charges at Karen! *smh* Karen sure did come out of that fight looking unscathed, unlike the person who started it. For once, I wish Drita would accept responsibility for HER actions.

Renee loves so hard.. she oozes "Jooonyah" which is kind of unfortunate, because it will be hard to love someone else for her. I also felt so bad for AJ trying to stop his dad from fighting too.

Ok have to run to work will write more when I can. Good job on the recap Chiara!

Mob Mistress said...


I thought you didn't like our site and weren't reading us anymore. What happened?!

I still think you have a cool name.


Karen was telling Drita what she feels. She wasn't putting hands on her. And I find it odd that Drita didn't say to her face if you come to my house I got a wrench for you. But she says it in the Mobfessional. Again demonstration of yack, yack, yack when folks are NOT in her presence.

Bigg Ang & Ramona did the right thing with stepping back and giving the two women time to talk. Ramona did the right thing when she tried to get them to stop. And her saying basically you can say whatever you want about me is saying 'You and I have bad blood too. I con't care, this shit ain't cool at Renee's party and it ain't important.'

I do agree with you that Drita seemed to want to make peace. However, she wants it on her terms. She doesn't want to listen to the other individual. She wants to be able to say what she wants but is not willing to hear what the other person has to say, hence the panic punching.

The Other Renee,

I concur.


I love, love, love this recap.

Chiara Soprano said...

I hope they just have tea and crumpets next week, cause this episode was murder.

The Other Renee, I am 100% in agreement with you and Drita will never accept responsibility for her actions, she only knows one way to communicate, with her fists.

TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

yes this recap says it all!

Deana3452 said...

lol!Thank you about the name! MM- why did you think that? Because I hadn't posted in a few days? I had to drag myself away from the computer. I was getting blurry eyed..LOL!

Mob Mistress said...

You're welcome. Your tweets to Drita and another blogger. You tweeted that Chiara called Carla a racist for saying "... you people..." in a radio interview. And then you went on to tweet you are done with us.

By the way, Chiara gave a breakdown of the interview. She never called Carla a racist. Her post which remains unedited speaks for itself.

I am not friends with Karen and Ramona. Though I have interviewed Jennifer Graziano, Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo, Karen Gravano. Chiara interviewed Drita D'avanzo.

My sources aren't the cast members. They are individuals who run in their circles and want the truth out in the open. So the Mob Wives viewers have an opportunity to know the truth.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Deana3452 said...

Uh, oh--well, I never would be done here because I read it every day. And I didn't get the part about the racist comment from here...there was a thing that said that from a tweet I saw. I, myself, hadn't read the actual article at that point. I know from what I read here that no one flat out call someone that. I try to not have an opinion straight down the line because it is OBVIOUS someone is lying either Karen or Drita. It's sad that we will probably never really KNOW who. It's also sad that we all only hear a lot of things said that people on the show "hear" with no evidence. Like, Drita saying "I heard Karen was in the hospital" and Karen saying, "No, I wasn't" and then Drita coming back and saying somoene "told" her they saw her there. I don't think you know anyone personally because this all came up so suddenly. BUT, I will say that in the last week or so all the articles were unbiased, but now it does seem more favorable towards Karen and Ramona. But again, how do I know what you know. I thought the Real Housewives blog would be good, but they now seem partial to the other side. Sigh! I do believe however, if anything else was to come to light, you would let us know and set the record straight.

Somaya said...

I personally believe that Drita would have thrown the first punch irregardless of Ramona’s interference. Just before she did, we saw Drita’s classic ‘The Hulk’ face, when she had no other comebacks in response to Karen’s accusations/showing her up. The trick knew she was going to clock Karen once she had heard enough of things she didn’t want to hear.

I think Karen needs to let it go. She is fighting about this situation to the point where it really makes me second guess whether or not its really about Lee. There is too much focus on the situation, despite the fact that it makes for great television. It happened ages ago, and, at this point she has laid everything out on the table, and “exposed” Drita and her ways – move on. Karen needs to understand that she isn’t going to get the satisfaction from Drita she’s looking for. Also, Karen’s classic bloodline comment – further solidifies the fact that she personally enjoys reaping what she would consider a benefit to being tied to her father, and his past – the ability it gives her to look “bad”. Its either you love or hate your gangster/mob ties. If I see her crying one more time – throwing a ‘woe is me’ pity party for herself about her father being a gangster – I’m going to ram my television into the wall. Massively annoying.

I wish there was less hair pulling and more punches.

Carla Non-chalant Facciolo is a trouble maker. For someone who consistently and seemingly has no interest, take, or point of view on most situations that take place on the show – I find it very suspect that she’s so eager to “compare” stories on who won the fight. Although the show needs someone like her to mellow out the other hot headed cast members, I’m finding her less and less relevant to anything that’s going on. If she left the show or was removed – it’d do no harm.

morena said...

Mob mistress I completely agree with everything u said.... English is my second language and i try to simplify my writhing cause i can't express my self the way I would love to... Lol....I wish I could said that DRITA una hipócrita pendeja., but you would've to Google all my comments lol....overall great blog,great show with great cast..beside carla,she is to boring!!! Lol...

SS said...

Ok. I think that Drita did sincerely want to make up, however like Mob Mistress said, she wants it on her own terms. Karen was still pissed off about the roof top, and all the things she's been hearing from ppl, that Drita supposedly said. Karen being Karen, she's going to say how she feels. I think Ramona fanned the flames somewhat, if she really wanted to be a peacemaker, she should have grabbed Karen and walked away. I feel so bad for Renee both for the party and what we all know is going to come with Junior. Love the blog ladies!

SweetNSassy said...

Great Reacap been following since last season... Now to my thoughts I really don't thing Drita wanted to make up with Karen if she did she wouldn't have been so quick to throw blows. Now as for Karen and Drita they need to keep it moving already they can not and will not ever be friends because they were obviously never really friends because if they were no matter how long Karen was in AZ or they didn't talk she would still be her girl irregardless especially in that life, cause at the end of the day all they have is true friends & family. As for Ramona how can you fault her or be mad at her she didn't leave her "cousin" why because I'm sure that's not how she was raised it's all about loyalty. And from what I saw she used words and did continue to say it was Renees Party. As for Renne she's been my favorite since last season she loves hard and I respect the fact that she keeps it real.

TheOtherRenee said...

I completely agree with Somaya especially about Drita throwing punches whether Ramona was there or not, and not getting the validation from Drita. Drita would have attacked REGARDLESS. Also, the problem with Karen is: that it will be impossible to let this go. Twice now, Drita has physically attacked her, and that is something that is unforgivable to her. That is something most would find hard to let go. The next time they come in contact, I think Karen will just start throwing bows this time, no words, no talking it out..

Karen you will not get validation from Drita, especially at this point. Not gonna happen. I wish you inner peace and healing with that, because otherwise it will eat you up inside. And it's not worth it.

I was confused by something Big Ang said. She told Karen that "drita wanted to say Karen was right about Lee" Did Drita ever say that?? I found that tidbit VERY interesting.

Mob Mistress said...

The reason why we thought you weren't reading our site anymore.

Deana3452 Deana Ackiss
@DritaDavanzo I saw mobwivesblog tweet 2jenn graziano that shes not K's friend. Y does she feel the need 2 tell her that, like shes worried.

I wasn't worried Deana. I tweeted w/o mentioning anyone. Jennifer Graziano tweeted me in response, "Huh?"

I tweeted something close to:

"Your girl keep telling people I am BFF with @KarenGravano. What is she on?"

For individuals claiming they don't like liars. They sure love to lie on Chiara,this site and I for revealing the truth & sharing our opinions. I may add truth that they'd never want the Mob Wives viewer to know. There is a lot more we could reveal.

Deana3452 Deana Ackiss
@DritaDavanzo stupid blog now bashing @Carlafacciolo

Deana3452 Deana Ackiss
@Carlafacciolo for using "you people." Come on, they are grasping at straws now.

How exactly were we grasping @ straws giving a breakdown of her interview?

Deana3452 Deana Ackiss
@DritaDavanzo unfollowed Chiara, mobwives_blogspot and others today. not worth it!

Deana3452 Deana Ackiss
@Carlafacciolo sorry I was believing things on the mob wives blog. I will read the TRH blog now.

As far as I'm concerned EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. And I find it ironic & hyprocritical that I'm suppose to be unbiased & neutral when other blogs have their opinions. A blog is a site in which a writer or group of writers share their experience, observations and/or opinions. As an independant thinker I personally would question why certain cast members would all of a sudden start telling their Twitter followers not to read a blog. Why a site that has interviewed all of the Mob Wives with the exception of Bigg Ang is all of a sudden "not a real blog"?

At the end of each day I am proud that a hobby has generated just under 700,000 pageviews in only 8 months.

No amount of slandering our site, our blogging or certain individuals flip flopping is going to change my pride in our site. As always I'm golden with my actions. And I hope others are too.

Chiara Soprano said...

Mob Mistress that comment was totally on point!

morena said...

Dame mob mistress. You are the real deal...we should a reality call REAL BLOG tell them mama, you guys are doing great job and we tje people that visit this site appreciate ur efforts and is so great to have a place were we can share our opinion.... THANK YOU SO MUCH! E DICHO "CASO CERRADO" case close! Lol. :-)

TheOtherRenee said...

Amen Mob Mistress! *clapping*

Also let me tell Deanna, being african american, anyone saying "you people" in referencing blacks, I guarantee you has an issue with black people period point blank. That comment is not grasping at straws. Don't believe me, start a conversation & include the phrase "you people" to the next black person you see.. and tell me what kind of reaction you get.

Thankfully, Carla is doing an upstanding job of releasing her inner "david duke" for the world to see.. and the more people see it, the faster she will sink into obscurity.

Why is this blog not allowed to have their opinions, but others are most certainly allowed.. isn't that the point of blogs?

Deana3452 said...

I am going to apologize because I didn't read the whole thing myself and went off of a few things that I had emailed to me(by my own friends)--just opinions that I took for fact that I shouldn't have. I should have been clearer in the fact that NOW I am convinced that no one knows anyone...went off of opinion and the fact that a few blogs seemed skewed.There was one thing that I thought was very skewed and that's what kind of convinced me otherwise. I am also going to apologize for not knowing the full effect of "you people". I understand what you mean, now, Other Renee. My gut reaction to that interview when I finally saw the whole thing was that, and let's be honest here, Carla isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and wondered if she knew that those kind of ramifications were coming down. I say when I am wrong and I apologize. I should know better to get fired up on some opinions. By the way, Drita said she found out "something" in ref to you blog, but never said what it was. MM, and Chiara, I hope you forgive me for anything I said and I can guarantee I won't say anything bad again. I stand by what I said about how none of us know everything and probably never will. I hope MM and Chiara can forgive me for anything I have said and getting all fired up and give me a fresh start. If I am not welcome anymore, I will not comment. :) Thank you for your response.

Mob Mistress said...

As I wrote previously; I am golden. I hold no ill will towards you or your words. I just like everything out on the table.

There is nothing for me to forgive you for. I was NEVER mad. I was just shocked that you were commenting again after reading your multiple tweets.

I'd like you to note Chiara, Underboss and I NEVER engaged in discrediting or bashing other blogs. There is room for everyone. And I am pleased that those who may not like our site have other sites to visit to discuss the show Mob Wives. Drita finding out 'something' about our blog is equal to her claims of not pulling hair & crying. She threw it out there and then *CRICKETS*

As always you are welcomed to comment and share your opinion. I appreciate you taking the time to read our site and commenting. Nothing has changed on my end. By the way, you apologizing demonstrates you have more character in your big toe than Drita will ever have.

Deana3452 said...

LOL!!!! I always apologize if I am wrong. It's the right thing to do. I would also like to throw my apology out there to Other Renee and Chiara, too. I am going to be like Big Ang from now on who said on twitter last night that she is Switzerland (lol) and just read and have an open mind and NOT let things I read on twitter and from others get me fired up. MM, thank you for telling us what you can when you can. I look forward to more news. What I am really interested in is that Ramona has used the term TICK TOCK like something will be revealed eventually.

Rosey said...

Hi everyone, great blog and great opinions on episode 2. We all knew the fight was coming but we did not know Junior was going to ask for a 2nd chance with Renee. It was the sweetest scene in a long time and my heart breaks for Renee as we now know Junior got close to Renee/her father to turn informant and avoid/or reduce his jail time. I always was rooting for Renee and Junior to get back together. I guess I am a sucker for love. Heartbreak.

Chiara Soprano said...

Deana, I'm fine. I was just taken by surprise because your comments elsewhere were so off putting. I'm sure you can understand. So let's just move on and forget about it. We are all fans of the show.

JW said...

Good day ladies. Long time viewer, first time commenter here. Although I like the drama as much as the next person, I find this Drita/Karen thing to be SO exhausting. At the end of the day, poor communication is to blame. I actually find it sad when I watch the start of season 1 and the warm embrace shared by Karen & Drita upon Karen's return. I think they could've gotten past this issue if they had done more listening, less speculating and being willing to agree to disagree on a few things. I also agree that Carla is an EPIC, habitual shit stirrer. The turning point for Karen & Drita really was the first chapter issue. We have Carla to thank for that. For the life of me I still don't understand the logic of not reading it but for whatever reason, Drita listened to Carla. I also think this situation was exacerbated because the second season filmed WAY too soon after the close of the first. The emotions were still too raw. I think we will also see this on the RHONJ, where they began filming immediately after the third season wrapped. From a production perspective it's genius but it also makes the possibility of reconciliation an impossibility.

It's unfortunate because had they been given more time between seasons, I don't think we would have had a second physical altercation. I think it's safe to say this is a situation beyond repair. I was also VERY bothered by Drita accusing Renee of setting her up. I'm guessing it was because Renee's sister produces the show. Renee & Drita still appear to be cool with each other but for me, that would've been a deal breaker. Renee is really nice because as soon as Drita made the accusation, I would've just said "bye bitch" and been done with her altogether - dotted eye and all.

Completely random but I think Carla missed her true calling. She would be much better suited for a competition-based show like Survivor or Big Brother. Her boring, aloof demeanor along with her keen eye for shit to be stirred would allow her to fly under the radar while creating mayhem. The takeaway point is, I was so excited when I thought we were going to have a Carla-free episode and actually groaned out loud when she finally made an appearance.

Sorry for the long post! :-)


Deana3452 said...

On a lighter note, how funny was it when Big Ang said they didn't even get cake?

Mob Mistress said...

Do not apologize J.W. great observations!

I just think Drita's unwillingness to admit she was wrong in order to save face is the doom of their reconciliation.

Mob Mistress said...

"On a lighter note, how funny was it when Big Ang said they didn't even get cake?"

It was incredibly funny!

Deana3452 said...

I am blocked.... :(

TheOtherRenee said...

Deanna you are correct.. she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer that is painfully obvious. I would step in anyone's ass saying that insensitive comment.. Renee, Karen, Ramona.. doesn't matter. That's what I love about this blog as well.. I truly believe they WILL call anyone to the carpet on their behavior.

It seems like you're torn about this blog and being a fan of Carla/Drita? I could be wrong.. but to ask fans not to visit a site.. is kinda crazy to me & screams insecurity and control issues. A "celebrity" worried about a blog says something. But that's just my opinion :)

Deana3452 said...

Other Renee--I have always thought that Carla is a bit, how should I say this...well, again, not sharp. It's okay...I just got fired up--too fired up about other people's opinion and I thought how silly to get fired up over certain opinions and comments. I feel bad about it...and when I am wrong, I apologize. MM has been gracious to a fault. That in itself says a lot. Now if she would only unblock me. :(

TheOtherRenee said...

If anyone ever happens to be at a Mob wives birthday: Sing Happy Birthday and get a piece of cake FIRST lol

I tell you though.. this fight was BRU-TAL. I felt like my hair was coming out with Drita's! It was ugly ugly ugly.. It seemed to go on forever too.

JW: I too was surprised at the accusation that Renee set it up. I just couldn't figure out Drita's reasoning, but after your comment, maybe she thought Renee and Jen set it up. Good point! Renee was so passionate about not being involved.. it broke my heart.. Renee screamed that thought right out of Drita's head though lol

JW said...

MM - I completely agree about not taking ownership. They both spend too much time talking in circles about the same thing. I also agree with the previous comment about her wanting things on her own terms or not at all. Last night she tweeted that "big mouth" ruined the party and I had to reply and say NO, you ALL ruined it.

I also think that next time they just need to let them scrap and be done with. I would NEVER try to break up a fight between those hair pullers. No ma'am.

And Deana, I'm with you - the real tragedy was the cake and destroyed gifts. I LIVE for a nice, huge corner piece of cake. You know the piece - it has a 3 to 1 icing to cake ratio. Although I'm sure Renee had something swankier than a grocery store sheet cake, baked goods should never be collateral damage.

My heart also broke for AJ. Love her or hate her, Renee is an EXCELLENT mother. She's raised a really terrific young man and I hope that's something she reminds herself of when she's going through it.

TheOtherRenee said...

Deanna I can read your comments fine I don't think you're blocked :)

Chiara Soprano said...

JW welcome to the blog. We love reading all opinions here as long as they are expressed respectfully. I happen to agree with you on all counts. I really hope you will share your thoughts and opinions on future episodes and blogs!

Deana3452 said... you're right any loss of cake is a tragedy. If I would have been at that party, I might have cried at that alone. lol Other Renee--she fixed it--I meant on Twitter. I was just showing my husband the previews for next week and Renee G (not the other Renee-lol) just breaks my heart walking with Joonya (lol)...he's gonna hurt her and that's not right!

TheOtherRenee said...

Maybe a "Things I've Learned from Mob Wives" topic should be started lol

1. Gifts must be stored in another room away from guests.

2. Have backup cake

3. Bring flip flops incase you have to chase after your husband on bail

4. Always have a conversion bullet proof van handy

Deana3452 said...

ROFL @ Other Renee....too funny! I was totally floored at "Joonya's" (hope you don't mind me using your verbage) punching that car...I was like WTF is that gonna do?

TheOtherRenee said...

Damn I'm posting a lot sorry guys! I keep forgetting to say stuff.

JW: I completely agree about letting them hash it out without security nor anyone breaking it up! Let them go at it and stay far away! I wouldn't have gotten in that either.. it was too intense and too strong.. it would take a stun gun being used on both to break it up lol

TheOtherRenee said...

Deanna I don't mind at all lol I love the way she screams "Joonya" Can't wait for the episode where Renee has the 2 pigtails and she's screaming Joonya over and over.

Deana3452 said...

LOL! I forgot about that clip, Other Renee...I remember now when I saw it I was thinking, why is she just screaming that over and did feel bad for her last night when she kept saying I wanna go home, I wanna go home. But, I was like OMG when she was screaming WHAT HAPPENED!!!! WHAT HAPPENED!! LOL...Gotta love Renee. I tell ya, the more I watch, the more I think SHE is the most real one out of the lot.

JW said...

Thanks for the welcome Chiara and Mob Mistress. I stumbled upon you guys towards the end of season 1 and have been a regular reader ever since.

Other Renee, your list reminded me of another question that I had last night - why on Eartha Kitt does Derek T. have a bullet proof conversion van??? Not just any van but a CONVERSION van. I wouldn't have even thought about it had it not been mentioned that he wasn't the type of guy that would hit a man or woman.

And as the group of angry people barreled towards him yelling and screaming, why on earth did he not peel off much sooner?

I'm glad the van was bullet proof. Otherwise, Renee would have been back at the hospital with Junior. That may have been the one thing that could've actually made the night worse.

TheOtherRenee said...

JW I think aside from the fight.. the van was a highlight in that episode.. well that and Ramona's boob popping out lol She was so heated she didn't even realize she was exposed! I was wondering if they were just gonna leave her hanging out like that? Noticed none of the guys said anything lol

Back to the van. I'm surprised Joonya's hand wasn't broken! But you're right.. why in da hell does he own a conversion van?? Something in the milk ain't clean about DT.

Deana3452 said...

LOL!! You all are funny. I was wondering why he wasn't high tailing it out of there when Renee was telling him to go!!

TheOtherRenee said...

Deanna when renee was screaming at him to scram, she wouldn't have told me twice.. I would have been out of there like a vampire in the night! I guess he was clueless they they were coming after his ass.

D said...

Other are too darn funny. I am sitting here cracking up!! You're right, if I see a gang of guys storming over to my car and someone else screaming to go, I would be leaving my shadow behind, I would be moving so fast!

Deana3452 said...

Whoops hit send before I typed my whole name...that was me right above...

TheOtherRenee said...

Deanna yeah someone would have been eating windshield cuz I would have driven straight thru that mob lol I bet DT had to pay some sort of "dont kill me" fee with interest lol

Anonymous said...

well, I am not a fan of Drita always talking about how she beat up so many people, blah blah, she reminds me of a middle school bully. But, there were 2 girls on her and that's not really cool. Karen was definitely on the offensive (which is her right) but then Ramona started chiming in, something about Drita talking about her for the last 2 years, it did look like they were cornering her. I'm not surprised she started swinging.

Nisha Keys said...

If two angry women confronted me on a balcony and the only thing behind me was the railing, I would have started swinging too. Anyone who says otherwise is LYING regardless of which Team you're on. I have to say Twitter was particularly ugly today and majority of the Tweeters need to grow the hell up. We're adults not teenagers...time to act like it. Sheesh!

Mob Mistress said...

Okay you would've swung. I wouldn't per what I saw on television. I don't have to react the same way as someone else. I haven't EVER swung on someone of over words whether one person, two or three people. I lived it I don't need to lie about it. Thanks for visiting our site & commenting.

Nisha Keys said...

Honestly... I think you are full of it. Your posts are so Team Karen that I doubt that you would ever point out any instance that she was wrong. All three ladies had a part to play in what happened at Renee's party. All were somewhat at fault. Drita should not have tried to speak to Karen. Karen should not have gone onto the balcony and Ramona should have stayed out of it. But all your blog says "it was all Drita's fault. I understand having your favorites because I have mine. However there is a big difference between being a fan and a groupie.

Mob Mistress said...

What you think of me and my opinions doesn't make or break my day. If we are to follow your logic Bigg Ang is at fault for wanting them to reconcile @ the party. Karen is wrong for agreeing to talk to Drita. Ramona is wrong for going out to the balcony and then standing to the side with Bigg Ang. Bigg Ang is wrong for going inside to party. Ramona is wrong for stepping in to diffuse the situation when it started getting heated. Drita is wrong for throwing fists.

Once again how you'd choose to conduct yourself is different than how I'd conduct myself. We have a difference of opinion.

I don't need to insult you by typing; you are full of it. I wouldn't know. All I know is we are two different people. Have a good night!

MissCrop609 said...

Holy Staten Island!! I read Chiara's great synposis of episode 2 early yesterday morning and there was only 4 comments. I come back early in the AM today and it looks like the Drita, Karen and Underboss Ramona fight broke out again. Glad everyone kissed and made up. This blog is a great resource to the MobWives show. Keep up the good work Chiara and MobMistress and anyone else who contributes to the blog!

As for my take on the episode 2 fight last night, my stock in Karen, Drita and Carla has gone down. What made Drita think that Karen would want to make up with her if they haven't seen or talk to each other since the last brawl? Not a bright move on Drita's part plus her violent tendencies always get the better of her. Karen on the other hand throughly enjoyed Drita's beat down and bragging about her lineage. So high school-ish. She needs to grow up and let go of this "you use to be my girl" gripe with Drita. It's getting old now.

Carla needs to compare stories for what? She sounds like she wanted compare receipes. I don't see her value on being on the show other than being Drita's boring side-kick.

Like everyone else, I love Renee. She is raw emotion. The walk in the park with Junior was such an adorable scene. It such a shame that Junior still continues to walk all over Renee. You can tell from the minute we have been introduced to Renee that Junior is the only man for her.

Anonymous said...

What I find so ironic is Karen and Drita always pull the "think of the children!" card but how is this setting a good example for them?? What are their kids going to think when they are a bit older and see all of this?? Their behavior was disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was hilarious when Renee was putting people in charge of karen, ramona, drita,etc.

Deana3452 said...

MM-you should get Other Renee to write for you--she's hilarious!

Deana3452 said...

What I think is that Other Renee needs a job blogging, too...she's hilarious!

MiamiGirl said...

Funlady28, you hit the nail on the head. They were all at fault- and I don't see Ramona as a diffuser - if you watch the episode close, Ramona is laying into her too, something about 'what you've been saying about me for two years" I couldn't even hear what Karen was saying at that point. Maybe Ramona's initial intention was to keep it calm, but she should not have started running her mouth at her because it looked like they were ganging up on Drita.

Oh and Drita's eye looks like a scratch on the actual eyeball - which could have been very serious. These women need to grow-up.

TheOtherRenee said...

sneaking in a comment lol If I'm not mistaken, Ramona said "this is renee's birthday we're leaving we're leaving, I will give you carte blanche to say whatever you want to the microphone" as a means to end the argument. She gave Drita a green light to talk as much smack as she wanted on camera about her... pulling on Karen to leave. As many seem to want to lay the blame at Ramona's feet, sorry, but the blame still lies with Drita's inability to think rationally (twice attacking Karen, blaming Renee for setting her up for example) Drita was barely paying attention to Ramona.. she is laser beam precision GLARING straight at Karen, Drita SWINGS AT KAREN. Ramona isn't even a thought at the point of punch. Perhaps Ramona shouldn't have gotten involved, but I think a few of us would try to diffuse our childhood friend possibly being attacked, given that Drita has a history of attacking. Wouldn't *yooz people* aka Carla have stepped in if the situation was reversed?

That fight would have happened even if Jesus christ himself was standing there!

Hi Deanna! *waving* thank you for thinking I should blog lol I have never done it.. I don't think I would even be nearly as good as our gracious bloggers @ Mobwives blogspot :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Karen said to Drita right before she started swingin? I couldn't hear cause Ramona was talking.

TheOtherRenee said...

Anonymous, I've had captions on, tried to lip read with my magnifying glasses from CVS.. used my headphones, and I STILL can't make out what Karen said! Drita's face turned all Medusa like when Karen said "everyday I think about coming to your house" or something to that effect. I think that comment started she-hulk into the meltdown.. but I can't for the life of me figure out what was said to cause the punch.

I know SOMEONE has the scoop! Spill the tea lol

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, What I heard, after rewinding the clip twice, was Karen saying, "I got something to say, I say it to you. I say it to you."

JW said...

I'm with Eva on the "think of the children" sentiment. What troubles me way more than the show is what happens on Twitter. Renee is pretty savvy at using twitter properly but I would love to hold an intervention with Karen and Drita.

I'd like to ask Karen to stop engaging people. It crushes me she retweets something horrible someone's said to her and then gets into a back and forth. If you go back and look at some of the main offenders, these people literally jump around from show to show and talk crap to people, trying to have someone respond and engage. I enjoy following Karen so it bums me out when she appears in my timeline retweeting something someone of zero significance has said to her out of some crazed allegiance to Drita. Karen could actually take a cue from Drita because she does a really good job at polluting my timeline with hearts and xoxos and retweets of people worshiping the ground she walks on. You would think that her page is full of hugs and kisses but she has her fair share of detractors - you'd hardly know b/c she rarely engages with her naysayers.

On the other hand, it TRULY grinds my gears when Drita gives an xoxo or lovey-dovey reply to someone that is saying something hateful and nasty about Karen. If she only did it occasionally, it might not bother me so much but if you are truly trying to be a good role model maybe you shouldn't show love to someone that is encouraging you to go harm another person. I'm also not amused when she shows such pleasure with statements about beating someone on GP or taking a wrench to someone's neck. You really shouldn't be so tickled with yourself if you truly want to set a good example. At the end of the day, it is not so much that she does it - it's that the behavior is so hypocritical. You want to beat bitches down, fine - own it and be consistent with it. And don't come talking to me about you wanting people to look up to you, etc., etc. because it just simply doesn't ring true.

misty boston said...

I'm STILL waiting for this episode to be posted on vh1!

Anonymous said...

This blog seems one sided I guess you're team Karen. If I was from that neighborhood where women do get jumped I'd throw the first punch too. She had To protect herself and there's no way she could do that with two women trying to get at her. Karen and Ramona were not trying to settle it they were telling her about wanting to get even.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, it's my opinion on how I see it and from what I have seen since season one. Drita might have felt threatened, but Ramona said several times she didn't want to have the conversation out of respect for Renee. I think Drita had a knee-jerk reaction and swung her fist. That's the same thing she did on the rooftop when Karen got up from her chair. It wasn't "two against one" then, she just saw red and went off. She needs anger management, period.

Mob Mistress said...


Obviously you haven't read all of our 400+ blogs.

We share our opinions. If you want objective, I suggest you check out Tom Brokaw on youTube, have a wonderful weekend.