Friday, December 23, 2011

Mob Wives: I Hateth B!tches

I am going to make this short and brief.  I do not care about your personal agendas.  We simply watch the show and blog about what we want to.  Do not come on our site trying to claim you are someone's husband or ex-husband when you write like a dumb b!tch.  A female whose too big of a coward to say & write the gossip you want the world to know.  A female who is most likely mad because you haven't been filmed for Mob Wives. Do not toss this and that name out and tell me I can contact the authorities to verify some dumb sh!t.  I know you are not who you say you are.  However, let's play.  I am aware of the name of the person you are claiming to be.  You want to sling mud, then you shall do what my other sources do  I need you to e-mail a scan of  legitimate forms of identification, a picture with your wife & kids and then I'll bite.  Until then.... MOSS ZOB!