Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mob Wives: Whose “Team” Are You On?

Team Karen!

I’ve been doing some reading and watching a few videos and the lines seems to be clearly drawn for season two.  It looks to me like the war between Karen and Drita heats up again. Their issues were never resolved. As you remember, season one ended with the rooftop rumble and, when the women were at the reunion, neither one was too happy with the other.  

Now we are adding two new mob wives, Ramona and Big Ang.  The lines will have to be drawn and sides must be taken.  We have Team Drita, with Carla and Big Ang in one corner and Team Karen, with Ramona and Renee in the other corner.  They even took “team” pictures the night of VH1’s Diva show.  

Team Drita!

Renee and Ramona grew up with Karen. They were always close and consider themselves “family” in more ways than one. Ramona recently made a few remarks saying she didn’t like Drita and called her “fake.” Renee may try to be the voice of reason in this war, but if push comes to shove, she is siding with Karen.  Drita and Carla have already sided with each other last season, so that’s a given.  I haven’t seen enough of Big Ang yet to say for sure she is Team Drita, but Carla tweets that she loves Big Ang.  Big Ang was the one who went to comfort Drita out on the balcony in the VH1 supertrailer. It just seems to me, that if sides have to be taken, she is going to come down on Drita’s side so we have evenly matched teams.

Now I am thinking, if I was added to the cast, which team would I want to be on?  Hmm, I’d like to be on the winning team and, the way I see it, if there is a mafia war, Team Karen has the best odds.  Whose team would you be on?


lisaslying said...

Team Karen team Renee and team Tizzies all day every day the are the true Mafia princesses period! End of discussion you can't argue with that! Its a wrap! Xoxo

Harleys Angel said...

Team Sheam!!! There are 2 sides to every story and then there's the truth!

Unless you were there to bare witness then it's anyone's call.

However, if I had to pick the one with the most dignity, character, and ability to overcome life's little obstacles...THEN I AM TEAM KAREN!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

It's just the way things seem to be lining up for the new season or the impression I get. We will have to stay tuned and see what develops.

Mob Mistress said...

Overall I am Team Mob Wives, I wish all the woman health & happiness.

Now as far as who I love, love, love I am Team Karen & Team Renee.

Missy said...

Team Big Ang! is that an option? Love her!

Chiara Soprano said...

Well we have to see which team lines are drawn, but you can be on any team you want. In the end we all all Team Mob Wives~

cantwait_jan1st said...

Team Karen/Renee/Ramona!
BUT, I hope Karen and Drita become friends again and put everything out on the table...while the cameras are rolling, lol
Btw, have you read the first chapter of Karen's book? It's reeeally good. Intense.

Ana said...

Team Drita 100%!!!