Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano On FOX 10

Karen Gravano was recently interviewed by FOX 10 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her life is very full right now with the filming of season two of Mob Wives and her new book, Mob Daughter, coming out in February. She has a book tour lined up where she will be meeting fans and signing their copies. And while filming for the show started in August, there are still more episodes that need to be completed.

Karen says that growing up as Sammy the Bull’s daughter felt normal to her, maybe because her friends’ fathers were gangsters too. She says her father didn’t bring his business home with him, when he was home he was a father. Karen says that from a young age she knew her father was different, that he was a gangster, but she isn’t sure if she really understood what a gangster was.  The mob community was tight knit and she says everyone looked up to these men and to her father so she wasn’t aware of the dark side of the lifestyle. Dating has always been difficult for Karen because of the stigma of who her father is.

Sammy Gravano is in a Federal prison and Karen talks to him regularly. He watches Mob Wives on Sunday and calls her on Monday.  Sammy doesn’t like the cursing and the fist fighting, but he understands why Karen is doing it and he supports her decision. But, he also feels the lifestyle is his not hers. In the beginning he was concerned about what might come out on the show regarding the mob, but now that he can see none of that is discussed he is not as opposed to it.

Karen lives in Arizona part-time.  She had planned on filming and returning home to live, but it didn’t work out that way. She has a lot more opportunity here in New York and is planning to open up a spa with her skin care line of products.  Until things settle down, Karen plans to keep Karina in Arizona so she can stay grounded.

Renee is one of her childhood friends and Jennifer Graziano is her best friend. Drita is an old “friend” and one of the new mob wives, Ramona, is so close to her she refers to her as her cousin.

Her book, Mob Daughter, is her story not her father’s. It comes out February 14th!

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TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

The more iWatch Karen, the more iLuv her! I talk to her via Twitter DM all the time and she's really just a laid back person who can kick some ass! My type of woman :) Maybe thats why she's MobMistress girl? LoL. I cant wait to read the book & now is even more exicited to find out shes havimg a book signing! iSure hope she hits Detroit! Cause u know im there & getting pictures! well u know iLuv my Queen Renee Graziano, but i';; admit, im TeamKaren too!