Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mob Wives: Unwelcome In Chicago Eateries!

It's hard for me to imagine that anyone would turn away a chance to be part of the Mob Wives show and phenomena, but VH1 found some such people in the windy city, Chicago!  As we know, the cast members need places to film their scenes, many of those places include restaurants, where the wives sit down and have friendly or unfriendly discussions about ongoing issues.  It turns out that Chicago is not a very welcoming city, at least not for Mob Wives.

It seems that Tony Durpetti, owner of Gene &Georgetti’s steakhouse, was approached by VH1.  They wanted to know if Tony was interested in having the Mob Wives series filmed at his establishment.  Tony flatly refused their offer to have them film there, and added the cast was not welcome there at all.  Several other restaurant owners have expressed similar sentiments towards the cast members due to the stereotypical image of Italians presented on the show.

While some seem to be taking a strong stand on this issue, I am more than sure there are many restaurants who will accept VH1's proposal and benefit from the publicity of being part of an extremely popular reality show.  So many have readers have asked us about the places where the mob wives of Staten Island eat and shop last season, so they could visit those places. I have no doubt the viewers in Chicago will want to do the same.

Picture Credit: Gene & Georgetti's website (It looks like a great place to eat IF you aren't a mob wife.)


lisaslying said...

This I find very odd! But what ever like you said there will be a restaurant and it will reap the benefits! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Its funny at first Tony was all for it heard there is even proof .... hes going to pick on four girls ?????