Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 First Look at Drita

. . . and there it is, your first look at Drita

In the Mob Wive First Look video Drita is on the phone tell Lee about her book and you can hear him telling her she isn't writing any book. Drita thinks Lee should be more supportive. Maybe it's a little karma time for Drita who hasn't been very supportive of others in the past, like Karen when she was writing her book or Carla when she left the show (with Karen and Ramona) after being sold out? You can catch the rest of the "First Look" video below.

What I thought was funny was an article that came out recently by the Daily News Confidential.  The article claims the information comes from an "insider" who is watching the filming of season 6. It basically implies that body guards were hired this season because there is some kind of conspiracy between the other mob wives to get rid of Drita, who is only friendly with new comer, Brittany Fogarty. As far as I know, the show has always had security present when filming, particularly during scenes that have the potential to turn violent.  In fact it's laughable to insinuate that this is something new.  The insider says security "has had to hold Drita back several times." It has peaked my interest, however I am still very much stuck on the fact that Drita never ran after her "stalker" when he showed up at her store, even as he waddled away down the street and could easily be caught by the wrench wielding, face eating, mob wife. 

We will see what Drita brings to the table this season. Her true colors are shining through like a (karma, karma, karma, karma, karma) chameleon.


elhp45 said...

I still don't get why you dislike Drita so much she just took the offer she was offered. Kevin Undergaro from after buzz tv said that vh1 executives told him drita was the most popular therefore she was offered more money. After season 3 Carla was extremely unpopular with fans and Ramona did not have much going on so they were fired Karen on the other hand was ready to sign up again for season 4 but ended up not because of Alicia and all the issues there was between there families yet nobody is saying she sold out Carla and Ramona.

Chiara Soprano said...

Actually, Carla, Ramona and Karen have all said that Drita sold them out. I didn't make that up. Drita doesn't know the meaning of friendship. Even if we overlook the fact that she dropped Karen because she moved to Arizona, there is no excuse for her attitude towards Carla, who stood by her and was loyal friend on and off the show. She also flip flopped on so many issues and proved she can't be trusted. That is why I'm not a Drita fan.

elhp45 said...

I understand what your saying but like I said Karen was ready to sign up for season 4 look up the hour long interview she did on afterbuzz tv she said she was gonna sign up but there was a lot of issues with Alicia. I'm not hating on Karen I like her a lot but if you're gonna say drita sold them out you should say the same thing about Karen and when it comes to Carla look up an interview drita did with OK magazine early last year and the interviewer told drita Carla was talking bad about her so why would she approach her or be nice to anybody that talks bad about her your only seeing Carla's side of things and not drita's

ChrisGonzWA said...

HA! Drita has the fan base of wanna bees and frauds. What would be great is if Drita got her real dish of street justice. She can talk all the smack and flip flop like a fish outta the water BUT when it comes to REAL talent, ties, mob mentality.. Drita flops big time!!

I would LOVE to see the girls get rid of Drita mob style and legally.. if possible bc that would be the show of all shows.

Drita would write a book and it's gonna be all drama like that one that got past Oprah about the addict. Some truths but mostly made up sh*t. Thought she was going to be the thug boss rapper.. oh, that flopped too.

hahahaha... someone has to do a video on how she flips and flops while talking a grip of shisnit! I bet there are hired body guards.. and no big surprise Lee is still treating her like his whore.. oops, that slipped.

#TeamMafiosas ;)

Anonymous said...

Prayers that Ang beats cancer and she continues with the show.

I'd like to see some real modeling go on with Reene's line of clothes. Maybe the new gal (not blondie) will show us the line of clothes in real mob fashion!!

Can't wait to see what's NEW and FRESH as far as lines of products and ideas go!!

Everything I've read about Linda and Drita isn't good, so... that's another fake bff for our flopper... nothing new there.

The best to you all!!

Thanks for the awesome blog!!

Anonymous said...

What in the hell gives Drita the idea that she has anything in her life, past or present that interesting enough that it warrants a book?
I see why Karen Gravano, and Linda Scarpa wrote books. Their fathers were in the mob, they were hitmen. Karen's father even worked under John Gotti, as underboss of the Gambino family Linda's father was the Grim Reaper, a very feared hitman. Their stories are something that people want to know about, their stories are legend.
But Drita? ...LOL... give me a break. First of all she has NO mob ties, and secondly, she has nothing of interest in her life, past or present, that anyone wants to read about.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to read about women that keep it real. Linda's claim that she was married to her daughter's father is bogus. That right there lost my interest in reading about her.

Drita? Yawn, yawn and more yawn!!!
Lee? Might be worth reading... might. You know, it's trippy how Lee treats Drita and she still hangs in there with him.. weak.

Anonymous said...

Drita is a clown. All she does is talk about who she's gonna beat up and do this or that to and whatever. But at the end, it's just her running her mouth.

Have a seat.

Diana Sailor said...

Hahaha wow drita people are hateing on you so bad lol.girl I can't wait to read your book and I am so proud of you from one woman to another that fought from the bottom to the top..yes the top that's why you have all the Hater's now lmao drita girl do what you do and tell these chirps to take several seats....,muazz baby