Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mob Wives: Anthony Graziano, Hector Junior Pagan Arrested

Both Anthony Graziano and Hector Pagan, father and ex-husband of Renee Graziano, were arrested last week on separate charges.  We felt it was insensitive to blog about the stories at the time, out of respect for the families and the Thanksgiving holiday.  However several blogs and newspapers have been writing about the details of both stories and we want our readers to also have the facts, as they have been reported.

Anthony Graziano had been released from prison to a halfway house in the summer, and then to home confinement weeks ago.  While out of prison, he allegedly tried to collect on an old loansharking debt.  Federal prosecutors obtained evidence about the alleged extortion crime through wiretapping and a government informant.  The taped transcript of the conversations were in the arrest warrant.  The debt itself reportedly goes back to 2005.  According to tape conversations, Mr. Graziano allegedly said he was willing to settle for $25,000 of the $150,000 owed to him.  Mr. Graziano’s attorney is prepared to fight the new alleged charges in 2012, after his client has finished serving out the rest of his sentence.

The allegations against Hector Pagan are based on information received from two members of a five man crew who have since become co-operating witnesses.  Hector Pagan was allegedly part of a five man crew that reportedly robbed a weekly card game which was allegedly sponsored by the Bonnano crime family, in the summer of 2009.  The card game was allegedly held at an illegal gambling club. The crew reportedly walked away with a disappointingly small amount of money, five thousand dollars.

Whether the Mob Wives will deal with either of these arrests on the show remains to be seen.  I’m sure this has been a disappointing turn of events for the Graziano family.  It only reinforces what they have always said on the show about the lifestyle, that it isn’t easy being a mob wife or mob daughter.


Harleys Angel said...

I know how hard it is when our love ones are released only to go back to prison or get in trouble again. When they’re locked up we support them financially, forgive them unconditionally, and hope when they come home it will be different. And maybe for a while things are good, but eventually they go back to what they know.

Sometimes I think they go back because prison is home for them, and although I can’t begin to understand what that world is like, it’s THEIR world. They come home, they can’t get jobs, they don’t understand the technology, and they can’t get a head.

I also know how hard parole can be for some. I know men who would rather max out then be released on parole because they know they’ll be violated and wind up getting more time.

Renee, I understand and hugs. I’m sorry because I know what it’s like.

Anonymous said...

Hector Pagan RATTED TG OUT. Check the NY POST . Hey Renee your fucking husband is a RAT

Anonymous said...

Grazianos'there isnt much i can say to you how it feels...Sorry for your loss and sadness.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flying f*** about these criminals. The show n their lifestyle is based on d blood sweat n tears of innocent people. The govt should strip all these trash of their belonging n throw them all in trailer parks b/c they r all classless trash. Anyone feeling sorry for them shouod hang themselves. Ask urself a question, if they were not WHITE would u still feel d same about them and their situation?! Im sure u wouldnt...disgusting that this is d world we live in

Mob Mistress said...

Their being white doesn't have any bearing on my opinion positive or negative.

Your trailer park comment is derogatory and discrimatory in nature. A lot of hardworking & good people live in trailer parks. There are also plenty of wealthy individuals who live in trailer parks.

BTW, Hector Pagan isn't white. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

Anonymous said...

Them being white has nothing to do with anything you ignorant asshole. Btw- Jr pagan is Hispanic. Its hilarious how black people say every thing is racist yet they are the ones making color an issue.. get a life

Mob Mistress said...

"Them being white has nothing to do with anything you ignorant asshole. Btw- Jr pagan is Hispanic. Its hilarious how black people say every thing is racist yet they are the ones making color an issue.. get a life"

The commenter never shared their ethnicity or race. You're assuming they are black is a sign of your own prejudice. All sorts of individuals make an issue about race. As you just ironically did when adding your two cents & making an assumption. I don't know your ethnicity or race. Yet, I've witnessed a lot of prejudice & discriminatory actions in my lifetime. Those who have experienced prejudice or witnessed it have a life and have seen ignorant individuals in action. Thanks for taking the time to comment and sharing your opinion, have a great day!

Anonymous said...

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Mob Mistress said...

To the anonymous directly above this comment,

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I don't know what school you've finished. If you graduated you may want to sue the school because your spelling and grammar is atrocious. You are definitely a racist.

Michelle Obama is highly educated & reached her goals.

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Your logic is extremely flawed. Please don't waste your time commenting on my site again. You are the dumbest individual who has ever commented on this site. Your time would be better spent picking up a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Mob Mistress- :) Thanks! From someone who is tired of hearing BS like he (Anonymous) was saying. I'm not Black but WOW is it getting old to hear comments like that all the time! You set him straight! lol

Anonymous said...

Hispanic is NOT a race ...there are Hispanics that are black ....white and everything in between someone's race really that important? There are bad whites...blacks ...Asians and vice versa ....really not a big deal...