Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mob Wives: Drita Does A Rabid Rabbit

Drita D'avanzo as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.  I give her an A-.
Alright so around here I am known as a Drita hater.  *rolling eyes*  On the record, I don't hate Drita.  I don't believe or buy into her woof woof ticket.  Not every Mob Wives' viewer is going to like or love every mob wife.  I wish Mrs. D'avanzo the very best in life.  However, I just find her fake & inauthentic as Kim Kardashian's eyelashes.  I can see her bumping her gums to the wrong individual and getting her narrow @ss whooped.  That's my official opinion and I am sticking to it.

Moving along, Drita is a beautiful woman.  She also has personality for days.  The mother of two is perfect for reality television.  And even I have to admit Drita D'avanzo is one of the reasons Mob Wives is a success.  Though I am hoping for season 3, she gets the Jill Zarin treatment.  Yeah, I wrote it and I mean it.  I don't see things the same way this feisty mob wife does.  However, a small miracle happened today.  The clouds parted and I heard angels singing; I agreed with Lee D'avanzo's love muffin.  Drita wrote on her Facebook fan page 10:49 AM on November 1, 2011 the following:

"So last night I was walking through the club like Jessica Rabbit...and I see this kid putting his hands on his girl...I told my security to kick his ass out...and he was gone. But for that little punk...if you are on my fanpage get the F^%k OFF... and just know if I was not dressed like a lady n that dress was dif..I would personally have loved to beat you bad. Just saying. People like you make people like me not able to change. Violence does not solve everything but would like for you to feel what she did. (Shoes Off )"

Drita stands up against physical abuse! Click picture for larger view.
I don't like abusive people either.  I would like to beat O.J. Simpson's @ss.  However, I am a realist.  I think he'd win easily.  Well in closing she made a really gorgeous Jessica Rabbit.  She has the face.  She has the boobs.  All she was missing was the @ss!  We all know Miss Rabbit has back, even Sir Mix-A-Lot knows this.  I have to give Drita an A- as Jessica Rabbit for lack of butt.  She gets an A+ for making sure security handled an unfortunate situation.

Picture Credit: Drita D'avanzo's Fan Page


Rosey said...

Hi Mob Mistress, loved your article. I am a Drita hater as I don't believe that she didn't know her husband was gangster. Lies. But I do think she is a pretty girl who gets by on her looks just like Carla. You are pretty hip Mob Mistress with the "baby got back" reference of Sir Mix A Lot. Drita don't got back so she get's the minus. Great laugh!

The Underboss said...

I will have to say that I am old enough to remember when Jessica rabbit came out in theaters. She was a bad cartoon. Her line was I am not bad I'm just drawn that way. It is classic. Now I think Drita looks nice but her breasts are all that she has towards Ms Rabbit. Her voice also grates on my nerves so it just does not work for me. However I commend hthat she kicked the guy out of the party. Do I think Drita could have handled it. Probably not because I just think she is full of hot air.

Harleys Angel said...

I know a few guys at SCI Fayette that think Drita is the end all, be all of VH1. Seriously!!! These guys get cable and flat screens in their cells. Not for free they have to pay for the cable and buy the TV but still, Not bad for doin time...just sayin

Drita is gorgeous, all the Ladies are very pretty and take care of themselves to look good.

So I've decided to wipe the slate clean for all the ladies in season 2. They all are now seasoned TV personalities, and maybe will be a little more refined and ladylike. And how Drita handled this is PERFECT. Let security handle the scum-waffles and the Mob Wives handle the rest. And by that I mean, Looking Fabulous, Going to Fabulous Places, and Being with Fabulous People. HUGS TO ALL!!!