Monday, October 31, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Thank God, I Di-ent!

Love Majeski for Mob Candy by Al Rodriguez
A popular I Married A Mobster episode around here was definitely Love Hurts featuring the former mob moll Love Majewski.  So viewers felt bad for Miss Majewski not getting the good square guy in the end.  You remember the fellow who dumped her faster than Carl Lewis once the feds came a knocking.

Well it seems he is no longer scared of law enforcement.  I know, I know innocent until proven guilty.  However, Mr. Squarepants seems to have recently had close contact with the feds.  Close enough to be arrested and taken away in handcuffs.  About two weeks ago, Ronald Piggot was arrested in connection with an alleged mob associated loan sharking ring.  And yes Ronald is the legit guy who once upon a time was going to marry Love.

Some have been asking the question: Does Love feel responsible for her ex-fiance's recent arrest and alleged mob association?  I think it's an absolutely dumb question.  Isn't he like a grown ass man?However, I aim to please the intelligent and dumb alike, so I asked her the dumb question.

Hey Love, I have a quick question for you.  I think it's dumb.  We all have dumb moments.

Mob Mistress, you are too much.  Shoot what's the question?

Your fiance was arrested recently.

You know too much.

I agree.  Moving along, do you feel any responsibility for his recent arrest?  Basically do you feel your previous romantic relationship with him introduced him to the lifestyle?

My heart goes out to his family especially his children.  I do not feel responsibility.  When we dated he didn't know about my past.  I had moved on.  I was no longer in the lifestyle.  I didn't introduce him to the lifestyle.  He did meet one of the individuals arrested at a get together.  I don't feel like going into farther detail.  However, it was strictly fun, friends and family.  It had nothing to do with any sort of business legal or illegal.  I know absolutely nothing about what the man does today.  He is a 42 year old man.  He alone is responsible for his choices.  I wish his kids the absolute very best.  I'll always love them.

Well that's all I wanted to know. Sorry, for bothering you and happy halloween.

You never bother me. Happy Halloween Mistress!

I didn't want to push Love too much.  However, one has to wonder if Love is overjoyed that wedding bells di-ent ever ring for her and Ronald.  Well I've done my good blog deed for the week.  It's slow around here.  I am tired of digging.  I am tired of pestering my sources.  The holidays are upon us.  So this blog will be slower than a turtle stuck in molasses.  I do have some great information.  However, it'll be better closer to the premiere of season 2 of Mob Wives. And Jenn Jenn won't get too mad at me, lol.

I hear the Mob Wives have been throwing some Trick or Treat festivities.  I heard one mob wife's party was as poppin as a morgue.  Basically it was low on live bodies in attendance, WOWZERS!  Well in December/January things will pick up, I am sure of it.  And a special halloween hi to Rosey, Kara, Stephen, Alyssa, Miss Janis and Tasha.

Happy Halloween to all The Mob Wives Blogspot readers!

Photo credit: Al Rodriguez for Mob Candy Magazine via Love Majewski


Harleys Angel said...

Hello My Lil Mobettes,

I'm just curious how anyone besides Love's immediate circle would even connect the two dots. No where was it written or stated that they were once engaged and his identity was protected in her episode on Discovery.

Besides, how can anyone in their right mind hold her accountable anyway? Seriously, it sounds like someone is trying to stir the pot and was trying to purposely get this info out. Now instead of a select few EVERYONE knows that this was the guy in Jersey she was engaged too. Not that it really matters anyway, why would any one care? But maybe for his kids sake, the info should’ve been kept private.

Mob Mistress said...

Maybe for his kid's sake Mr. Piggot wouldn't have allegedly gotten caught up with certain individuals or illegal activities.

What is common knowledge for some may not be common knowledge for others. I've known who he was for some time now. And if I can find out, I imagine a lot of others can find out also. I'm not a rocket scientist.

I share information that I think readers may be interested in knowing or reading. When one gets arrested it's public information.

The Underboss said...

I think you are missing the point. This is a great picture of Love. She is smoking.

Mob Mistress said...

LOL @ Underboss!

Lovey dovey said...

Thank you
underboss for the compliment & this pic isnt even edited yet its a sneakpeek of a magazine cover i have coming out,so if you like this just wait until you see the photos al finished!