Monday, October 3, 2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Punta Cana Fiasco Concludes

Bravo’s RHNJ returns us to the beach on Punta Cana where Teresa and Joe are walking away after Teresa’s confrontation with Kathy. As Teresa changes into her next gold/leopard ensemble Richie smooth things over with Joe who could really care less. Sitting back on the beach Kathy says to Jaqueline she didn't mean to say anything harmful, but she's going to leave it alone. After asking Jaq if she “OVERREACTED” Teresa returns to the group like nothing ever happened.
Nobody does “DENIAL” like Teresa!!!

The rest of the evening was surprisingly calm and even the Joes were getting along. Joe Giudice even announces to everyone that he's done being pissed off at Joe Gorga. "At the end of the day, we're family.

The next morning poor Melissa is again being molested by Joe "If you do it right, it takes three seconds!” he says in his relentless quest for more sex. "It's like always about Joe, like can I have my five minutes to wash my armpit?" a very annoyed Melissa asks the camera.

That afternoon the guys go golfing, if you can call it that. The Joes were acting like 2 juvenile delinquents with Joey Gorga pulling down his pants to moon the Manzo boys. But hey, at least they’re not killing each other right? Rich says Albert had another thing coming if he thought he could have a successful day on the course with "this bunch of clowns."

While the men golf, the women and Greg head out for an afternoon of “SHOPPING” but learn quickly it’s really so Teresa can do research for her new cookbook. Kathy still bitchy from the fight is quick to say "I personally would rather go golfing with Teresa so I could have a club" but insists, "I wouldn't hit her... I wouldn't.” But I’m not so sure about that…not after this trip! And off on their excursion they go…

***SIDEBAR: I have to interject here and no offense to the Dominicans but anyone whose ever been to Punta Cana knows why this this the most affordable island destination and it's not for quaint little shopping districts. You go for the warmth in the winter, the beaches, and great resorts. However, the Dominican is a very poor, 3rd world county and tourist are advised not to leave the resorts. If the ride from the airport doesn’t convince you than perhaps the warning from US State Department and WikiTravel will.

The Higuey Market is like some thing you would expect to see in Steven King masterpiece with cow heads, pig parts, and other various unrecognizable carcasses. There is blood dripping everywhere, and puddles running down the street. The ladies and my hero Greg are horrified, Melissa is screaming about her Gucci shoes that cost more than these people make in a month. This is not the Short Hills Mall it’s the Dominican Republic, WTF!

BUT THERE’S OUR TERESA … smiling for the camera proudly holding the dead, blood dripping offerings of the day heeding Melissa’s warnings until finally Caroline snaps "Stop making a spectacle of yourself. This isn't funny. Put it down." But when Teresa ventures into a store asking for spices from a man who clearing does not speak HER language, let alone the English language I’m convinced she is no long in touch with reality on ANY level as she asks him “Have you heard of my book Skinny Italian?” Not to mention her next remark about the day’s events "Maybe the market is not what the ladies really expected, but I think its great research, so get over it. That's why I'm a New York Times bestsellers author."

With exception to Albert, Caroline, Lauren, Jacqueline, and Christopher the rest of the cast was an embarrassment. It was insulting not only to the local people of the Dominican but as US citizens visiting their country. And, Bravo’s decision not to air footage or mention the fight that led to the arrest of Joe, Albie, Christopher, and Greg due to pending lawsuits doesn’t make this episode any more dignified. What do you think of the episode? Was I too judgmental of these crazy kids or could they behave a little better when out in public?

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