Friday, October 14, 2011

Mob Wives: We have a Real Chicago Winner

My stomach hurts from Boston Coffee Cake and laughter.  Click picture for a better view of an individual at their finest.

The title sums it up. End of story.

Click for a better view.

It seems what we believe to be Drita D'avanzo's public fan page account confirms Mob Wives Chicago is in production.  Allow us to clarify our take on the situation.  We are overjoyed that we will get to watch additional Mob Wives from a  different region of the states.  We just had a giggle at the 'I don't want to say too much' and then the sharing of the information.  We are sure if Jackie wanted to she could've been a nuclear physicist.  We poke fun around here.  It's never personal.  Jackie if you are reading, we hope you come back and read us from time to time.


Chiara Soprano said...

And the prize for the shortest and yet most revealing blog goes to Mob Mistress! LOL Enough said!

jackie said...

Well now that we got that cleared up want 2 thank nunya 4 them kind words & thank u Mob wives blog u got my name& face out there not me

Mob Mistress said...

Funny how it went from "if rumors are true..." to "its being filmed partly in my neighborhood & its on the net where it is being filmed..."

The funny bone tickler is first "Ok let me calmly say" to the comment immediately after "Ok all u fuckn dumb ass people" and "...if u r real fans"

I will go out on a limb and comment for all of us:

The bloggers @ The Mob Wives Blogspot do not need to prove we are real fans. When we die it is not our personal goals to have a tombstone which reads:

Mob Mistress
1955- 2045
REAL Mob Wives FAN

Oh and by the way you are the one who commented on Drita's public page. You got your own name out there.

jackie said...

all done not worth it all i was doing was writing 2 a fav of mine not trying 2 get my blood pressure raised by people i dont even know u guys took a sentence i wrote 2 her & did what u wanted made it what u did not me i put it on her page not 2 may people read other peoples post they r interested in what she has 2 say u gave it more coverage @ my expense thanks 4 ur giggle i go on 2 relax follow my fav actors not this shit

Mob Mistress said...

We did not turn your comment into something it was not.

No one is trying to raise your blood pressure. We're glad you're done.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha like the blood pressure shit :)