Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Let The Games Begin

Brandi Glanville at Dana's Party "Let The Games Begin"

Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville are the newest wives to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They created quite the stir among the housewives at Adrienne Maloof's back yard barbecue last week. From the eye rolls, snobbish snickering, and shameful sneers by Kyle, Taylor, Camille and Adrienne.

Tonight Dana Wilkey hosts game night with the wives.  Things get out of control.  The drama erupts over Kim’s excessive trips to the bathroom.   It’s Brandi’s remarks about Kim being wasted and her fair share of experience with people who are on drugs which pushes Kyle over the edge.


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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of kyle chosing who the odd man out is all the time! she constantly pickson someone fir entertainment! firsty she was lisa's best friend && hatted camille & kim oh & taylor too, now she's talor;s bff & she doesnt like lisa&ken I think Brandi is refreshing & real! Kyle is a foney bitch! And everyone does tip toe around kim's dependecy! Hello did anyone hear Kim say I haven't slept in7 days! hello mcfly! thats not herbal tea keepin her up. Kyle Richards is a foney & a bully while her sister is a drunken druggie.Dana is a chubby little a$$kisser& if she tells the price on one more item I'm gonna stop watching.Dana nevermind 25,000. on sunglasses try getting furniture in ur house! What a poser! I also love the way that kyle&her sister gonzo carried on about brandy'shorts but they nevermentioned Dana's short shorts that we could see thru& her chunky lil butt was hanging out of. I think camille,lisa & Adrean should be the only ones allowed to thriw dinner parties.wtf was with the bead sticks?

Mob Mistress said...

I liked Kyle season 1 for the most part. I do agree that she seems to bully Kim. However Kim has issues.

I really liked Adrienne and Lisa. However, I am not watching this season. The pettiness on these shows seem contrived. I never get women downplaying other women just for sport.