Friday, October 28, 2011

Mob Wives: Celebrating Halloween!

Karen Gravano, Nurse

It looks like the Mob Wives got an early start on Halloween celebrations.  While many people may be dressing up like the Mob Wives this Halloween, the Mob Wives all came up with some creative ideas of their own.  Somewhere there was a party going on last night and lots of pictures got tweeted. Karen Gravano went as a nurse, but she was hanging out with the devil and looks like she was about to get into trouble. Renee and Junior look like two happy prisoners rockin' their orange jumpsuits.  Drita went as a flight attendant and Carla, I'm not sure, but she looks a lot like Cher in the picture.


Rosey said...

Chiara, thanks for the pics. They all look like they were having a good time! Karen looked hot (I'm not gay)in her nurses uniform! Renee and Junior look happy. Sometimes you don't have too be married to still be friends and be happy!

Mob Mistress said...

Sometimes in order to stay friends, individuals need to keep marriage out of the equation.

LOL! The devil and the nurse looked like they were up to no good. Renee as a convict is funny.

Carla as Cher is appropriate they both have great figures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chiara! They ALL look great and like they are enjoying themselves. Good to see them just being happy!

Harleys Angel said...

Great Pictures, Looks like fun was had by all.