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"The Walking Dead: Four Walls And A Roof" Recap

Forgive me for being absent for last week's barbeque episode. I had a buuuuusy week ahead of me and needed my beauty sleep. So let's kick off this episode recap!

The episode kicks off with Garreth and the Cannibal Crew deliciousl gnawing on Bob’s leg, savoring every bite, thinking they are driving Bob literally insane between being tied up, his leg being eaten by fellow humans and the threat of hungry walkers breaking the windows in a shed they are locked up in. However, Bob has the last laugh (literally and figuratively) when he shows Garreth that he’s been bitten and is, therefore, eating TAINTED MEAT!! Garreth and the crew spit out their meat, horrified while Bob maniacally laughs. Garreth finally kicks him in the head, knocking him out cold.

Back at the church, with Carol, Daryl, and Bob missing, Sasha bursts out of the church in the middle of the night to look for Bob but is approached by two walkers. Rick and Tyrese chase after her and pull her back in. Infuriated, Sasha barges back in the church and demands Father Gabriel tell them what is going on because they are being “watched” and there is a “connection”. After Rick steps in and calmly asks Father Gabriel what he is hiding, Fr. Gabriel breaks down and confesses; at the beginning of the apocalypse, Fr. Gabriel locked the church and refused to open it for anyone. Families with children begged for his mercy and damned him to hell while they were being torn apart by walkers. The incident left Fr. Gabriel haunted and feels that Rick and the group are his “punishment” for his sins. Before Fr. Gabriel can speak more, noises are heard outside. Rick and the gang go outside to find Bob lying in front of the church unconcious. As they scramble to pick up Bob, shots are fired from Garrett and his men. Rick fires back but they take off. Rick turns around to find the letter “A” has been written in blood on the church wall.

As they flee back inside the church and Bob regains conciousness, he tells Sasha and the rest that Garreth and his gang severed his leg and ate it. He tries to explain the area he was help captive at and tells the group he had been bitten. As Sasha tries to take in the tragic news, Fr. Gabriel tells the group it sounds like Bob was descibring a school  not too far. Fr. Gabriel than offers Bob a couch in a spare room to lie down. While Sasha comforts Bob, Rick and the gang prepare to hunt down Gareth. However, Abraham insists that they leave immediately for D.C. Rick boldly demands at Abraham that they are not going anywhere and it was stupid to go out in the middle of the night. Abraham and Rick began yelling at each other, nearly coming to blows when Glenn gets in the middle. He demands Abraham and his gang stay for another day and after that, he and Maggie will join him on his journey to D.C. Abraham will only stay half a day and insists on taking the bus as well. Rick reluctantly agrees.

Figuring out Plan B

Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Tara, Glenn and Maggie are ready to take off but Sasha stays behind for a moment with a resting Bob, coming to terms with his fate. Tyrese comes in and tells Sasha she empathizes with him because “I felt the same way (with Karen)”. “All you can do is forgive,” he advises. “Forgive them?” Sasha retorts angrily. “Forgive them for killing him and everyone else?” Tyrese insisted that she still had a choice. Sasha then gives Tyrese the dagger and tells him to kill him before he wakes up into a walker. Sasha joins the group in the night while the rest hide in the room.

Bob and Sasha during happier times...

Garreth and his men barge into the church, armed and ready to kill. “We know you’re here...this place isn’t very big,” Gareth taunts. “Father, if you come out, you can take the baby with you and you can leave....” Fr. Gabriel sits near Judith, praying his rosary as the rest are armed and ready. But baby Judith begins crying, giving away the location. But before Garreth and his men can barge in, two of the men are shot in the head from behind. Rick emerges from the dark shadows, telling Garreth to drop his weapon. Rick shoots Garreth’s fingers as a warning. The group lays down their weapons, all except Martin, whose convinced that they can’t lose. Abraham sneaks up on him, rifle pointing at his head, when Martin finally surrenders. Garreth pleads for mercy, telling Rick they really were good people that accepted newcomers but that when “they” showed up, everything changed. Garreth pleaded with Rick to let them go and they would never cross paths ever again. But Rick tells him that he had a promise to fulfill in the form of a red-handled machete and brutally slashes Garreth with it, with Michonne and Abraham massacaring the others as Glenn and Maggie watch on. After the slaughter, Michonne reunites with her katana that she found in Martin’s bag. Fr. Gabriel comes out, horrified at what has happened. “This is the Lord’s house!” he exclaims. “No,” Maggie said; “Not anymore. Just four walls and a roof.”

Early the next morning, the group gather around Bob to say good-bye as he weakens. He asks to then speak to Rick holding Judith alone. Bob thanks Rick for giving him hope that there are good people in the world; “You took me in and accepted me,” he recalls fondly; “Look at her...and tell me that the world won’t change...” The two say good-bye and Sasha returns to the room, holds Bob’s hand and says one final goodbye before his heart stops and she breaks down in tears. She leaves the room, knowing he will turn soon and Tyrese stabs him in the head. Meanwhile, Abraham and his group, along with Maggie and Glenn, leave for D.C. Abraham hands Rick a map and tells him once Daryl and Carol are found, to find them in D.C. The group solemly leaves and Abraham drives the bus off into the distance. Rick opens up the map to find Abraham’s route marked to D.C. with a note:

“I’m sorry for being an asshole earlier. Come to Washington. The new world needs Rick Grimes!”

Later on in the day, Rick finds Tyrese burying Garreth and his men. The two talk about Terminus: “It nearly killed me,” Tyrese said, “No it didn’t,” Rick replied.

Later on that evening, Michonne and Fr. Gabriel sit outside on the steps. Fr. Gabriel cannot sleep because of what has happened. Michone convinces him that over time, he will get used to it. Before they can talk more, they hear rustling in the woods. Fr. Gabriel goes back in the church and Michonne goes to the source of the sound. Michonne beams as she sees Daryl peek out through the woods but then realizes Carol isn’t there.

“Where is Carol?” she asks concernly.

“Come on out,” Daryl says to someone....

* * * *

So what happened to Carol? IS she still alive or did Daryl bring someone familiar....maybe Beth?? That's what my bet is on...

Will Rick and the gang eventually reunite with Abraham and his crew?

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