Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mob Wives: Season 5 Where's The Beef?

Mob Wives Season 5 is almost around the corner and suddenly you can hear a pin drop. No one is talking. But, last night Karen tweeted the above picture with two words: "the process." She was obviously getting ready for "something." Hair, make-up, nails. But, I don't know any salon that looks like that, do you? Nope. I am convinced she was on the set of Mob Wives, maybe getting ready for a little sit down? I can speculate all day about it, but maybe I got my answer in this morning's little tweet? Karen tweets this picture with the caption below (thank God for TBT's):

Can we figure out what her little cryptic message means? We could take it at face value that she is just reminiscing about the good old days, OR we can read into it. I'll do the latter. Karen, on the set of Mob Wives, has a beef with "poor, poor pitiful me" Alicia, aka "people" in her quote. Alicia is the one who talked "sh*t" about her last season when Karen wasn't there to defend herself. And, to take it a step further, I believe Alicia has a "no hit clause" in her contract because she has seen Karen in action and doesn't want to get hurt. Karen's name and the Original Girls blood, sweat and tears went into putting Mob Wives on the map. How did Alicia even get on the show? She rode in on Karen's "coattails," talking about how Sammy Gravano killed the poor sweet father in law she never met and how Karen "bragged" about it. That's her claim to Mob Wives fame. That's her connection and history. Only there is a lot more to the story than we heard in season four. Alicia isn't happy and maybe she bit off more than she can chew? Mob Wives makes you work for that paycheck, Alicia. No free rides. And in Season 5, it's Karen's turn for some real talk. Karen is going to fill in the blanks and deliver the "punchline."

Here is some of what Karen had to say when Alicia flapped her gums last season: Karen Speaks Out

Picture Credit: Karen's Twitter Account

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Angela said...

I guess Jenn listened to her public and let the story line ride between Alicia and Karen. That is where the story is anyway. You want a good non scripted story line then go with Karen and Alicia. Renee is a bystander at this point, but we can use her story line with jr. and his conviction to play on, but I would like to see Renee and her success story. I want to see Angie and her being a grandmother because the story about her wanting a baby was SILLY. The other south Philly chick will try to get involved with Alicia's crap and get beat down because Renee is still Karen's friend. Plus it will be nice to see Ramona and Love make Cameos. Let's see how this season play out.
BTW that no hit clause is for punks FYI don't talk crap if you can't handle it