Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mob Wives: Season 5 Alicia DiMichele Returns?

Four years probation dried up those tears!

I speculated that Karen Gravano would return for season 5 months ago, and she did. Thank God too, because I don’t know if I could have watched or tolerated the SOUTH Philly duo for another season. But now I am questioning whether or not Alicia will return as well. I can’t wait for Jennifer Graziano to throw me a bone. All the mob wives are being very tight lipped about what is going on in filming. The 20 second teaser we were privileged to see gave us a glimpse of lots of drama, even Big Ang is throwing her fists into the ring. Hard as I tried to find Alicia in that teaser, I couldn’t. Does that mean she isn’t coming back, or did they make sure not to include her in that clip so VH1 could have another big, official reveal?

I am going way out on a limb here and say, in my opinion, Alicia will be back in season 5 of Mob Wives. Do I have any proof? No. Am I using logic and common sense? Yes. Could I be wrong? Of course. Do I care? No.

Last time we saw Alicia, she was crying over split milk. Her sentencing for embezzlement of pension funds was delayed over and over. The issue causing the delay was arriving at an agreement over her restitution of stolen pension funds. The defense wanted to pay $20,000, the truckers union wanted 3 million, and finally they agreed on $40,000. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t leave off any zeros. With that settled, the judge was free to sentence “poor, poor pitiful me” Alicia, for her crimes. But, Alicia was terrified of getting jail time. She had to present herself to be the dutiful, doting mother. That’s hard to do when you prance around half naked on a show called Mob Wives. So Alicia had to clean up her act fast. She resigned from Mob Wives to show the judge she was sincere about being a good mom. The judge seemed to buy it, because Alicia didn’t have to go to prison, just four years probation. Now what?

Alicia is free to do what she wants. Mob Wives had started filming. Karen Gravano was brought back. And I believe that someone approached Alicia and offered her a contract to return to Mob Wives too. I think Alicia was only too happy to sign on the dotted line. After all, nine thousand an episode is hard to turn down. Fifteen more minutes of fame is hard to say no to. But this time there is one little glitch. Returning to Mob Wives means facing Karen Gravano. Most of us remember how Alicia slammed Karen and her father in the first episode of season four. If we remember it, you can bet your boots that Karen remembers it. And I think Karen is going to have a few choice words to say to Alicia in season 5.

Here is a little tweet from Karen in mid October.
Who is "jumping back" on the coattails?

Alicia’s connection or tie or “history” to Mob Wives is slim at best. Her father in-law’s hit was tied to Sammy Gravano. She probably never met her father in-law, but this gave her an excuse to open a can of worms and ride in on Karen’s “coattails.” Karen used the word coattails a lot during season four. Of course, it was a piece of cake for Alicia to tell her family’s side of things when Karen wasn’t there to tell the whole story or defend herself. Now Karen is back. I think Alicia is back too. This storyline is too damn good to pass up. It’s a real beef and it needs to be settled. Do I think a genius like Jennifer Graziano is going to ignore this? I think not!  I'll let you on if I learn anything definitive. Meanwhile, what do you think?

And this most recent tweet!
Sounds like Alicia is back and forgot to bring her coat!

P.S. Karen responds to blog:

Picture Credit: VH1


maharet1965 said...

I wanna see that confrontation. Then Alicia can go and Karen can stay. I don't like Alicia at all she got off lucky. If I have to see her 1/2 naked in front of her young sons for long I will scream !!

Chiara Soprano said...

I have to agree with you 100%!