Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Sees Real Betrayal

". . . and Natalie, what can I say, she's f*cking trash."

Renee definitely looks a lot happier this season. Why? She has Karen, who she can trust with anything and knows she is 100% loyal. Last season Renee had no one to turn to. Renee says she sees betrayal in the other girls, and that includes Big Ang. I'm not surprised. I always saw it. "Switzerland" was never neutral. Drita was always a flip flopper. And I have to agree with Renee when she says Natalie is trash. No one mentions Alicia, but I'll bet she shows up at some point. Things are starting to heat up. Stay tuned for the real "Supertrailer" Monday, November 24th.

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