Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mob Wives: Alicia DiMichele Returns To Season 5

Pension Money? or
Salary per episode?

You heard it here first! I have been speculating for weeks now that Alicia would be back in Season 5. I have been waiting for official confirmation from anyone that this is true. VH1 isn't leaking any information. Jennifer Graziano isn't talking. And even though we know everyone and their grandmother wants to see Karen Gravano confront Alicia, no one is giving us any satisfaction that it is going to happen in season 5. 

Well, your favorite Mob Wives blog is on the case. Thanks goes to one of my followers, AngelaMaria, who tipped me off by telling me Alicia has a facebook page and is promoting Mob Wives. So what is a blogger to do? I had to go take a look and see if she was trying to help her "friend," Princess Funeral Home, or herself. I scroll down her page and sure enough there are plenty of posts on Mob Wives. I hit the drop arrow for comments to see what all the fuss is about. And voila! The answer is right there on her page. Right from the horse's mouth!

Here it is! But wait, I'll blow it up for you.

Not in the Main Cast? So she will be a guest?

You know what? I don't care what they call it. Main Cast. Guest. Bit Player. Whatever. Se is going to be in Season 5 and there is only one reason we need her there, to have a sit down with Karen! Karen's return plus that little sit down with Alicia, is going to guarantee us a Season 6. I'm telling you right now that that little confrontation will send ratings through the roof. So you better stay tuned and don't forget to check back here for updates and more "speculation" that ends up being true!

SHOUTOUT to @Angelfab68 for the tip!

Picture Credit: VH1 and Alicia's Facebook Page

UPDATE: A fan of Alicia's has alerted me that Alicia says the above account is a fake and she will NOT be on the show. In all fairness I will post the tweet.

So Alicia denies she will be appearing in Season 5. In any case I will continue to believe she will be on until the last episode of Season 5. I can't see VH1 or Jennifer Graziano passing up an opportunity to have a showdown between Alicia and Karen. I guess we'll see. As for Peter-James, keep on hoping, you never know!

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