Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mob Wives: Natalie's Talking, Who's Listening?

Karen is not impressed with Natalie . . .

and neither am I. I tried listening to Natalie's video twice so I could write a little blog on what she had to say. Sorry, I couldn't pick up on anything relevant. You'll have to listen for yourself, if you care. Natalie is not a Mob Wife. Natalie is a cosmetician for a funeral home. We don't even know if she does a good job at it. Her clients are dead, so they cant complain. Natalie's brother is a cop. How does a cop's sister belong on Mob Wives? She doesn't.

I am more interested in what Renee and Karen think about Natalie. Renee says she is "trash." Karen says she is a Fake Wife, a cheap imitation. She says, Natalie isn't a gangster, she's a f*cking fraud. But I don't think Natalie is Karen's target. Maybe Karen will teach her a little lesson about respect and not running her mouth. Maybe she'll help her pack her bags and ship her back to Philly?  Here is Natalie's video.


Veal said...

Team Natalie!
So many things wrong with this post. You people will always be brown nosers who will never admit when these people are wrong. How exactly is Karen a Mob WIFE? Never been married....Hmmm

Chiara Soprano said...

Fans of the show know that Mob Wives refers to women "in the lifestyle" not necessarily married to a mobster. Jennifer Graziano has said so many times over. Karen's father is the most notorious, high ranking, well known living mobster. Karen grew up in the lifestyle. Natalie's grandfather buries ganagsters after the fact. Now, I hope you have been enlightened. Thanks for reading.

Mob Mistress said...

I surely don’t give a f*ck that you’re Team Natalie. Hell by all means go out and spend your paycheck (if you have a job) on adding to her classy wardrobe.

The girl was entertaining and definitely beautiful. I got a kick out of her a couple of episodes. After that she was nothing more than a drugged up window dressing and Alicia DiMichelle’s side kick.

We have written plenty about the actions we haven’t agreed with that has included ALL OF THE MOB WIVES. No one is safe. With that typed I like who I like. You can like who you like. The world still turns.