Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Drita's Getting Punchy

Trouble on the set???

Looks like something set Drita off today and she is on the war path! I wonder what exactly got her riled up?  It seems like she is calling the other cast members "punk ass gangsters" and "douchbags" and she is now turning from Mr. Nice Guy into a Monster. A veiled threat? I have yet to see Drita fight anyone, though she has always talked a good game. At any rate, one Mob Wife that doesn't seem intimidated by the monster is Karen Gravano, who jokingly retweeted the about tweet and added:

Karen has been tweeting little teasers the past couple of days and I have a feeling it's all been building up to today's hissy fit. Check this out!

Sounds like she's talking about Drita

Then she tweets to me . . . 

Thank God I have all my old blogs!

In one of the teasers running on VH1, Karen takes a shot at Drita!

Gotta love Karen's one liners!

And if that is not enough, Love Majewski adds her two cents to the mix too. Will Love be a guest in season 6?  What do you think? Here are her tweets!

Sounds like Drita is talking about Love and maybe she should be careful. Love isn't one to just talk about throwing punches, she actually delivers!

Meanwhile, when she isn't dealing with Drita's threats, Karen has been hanging out with Marissa Jade. 

And Karen confirms the premiere date of Season 6 will be December 3rd! That's just a month and a half away! In the mean time, if things get crazy on the show it's bound to spill over on to social media. Keep checking in for hints of things to come.  Stay tuned!

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donna said...

Season 3, Love was mad a Carla, now season 6, she mad at Drita. Congratulations Love, you've made it back on the show! YaY