Monday, October 19, 2015

Mob Wives: The Lines Are Drawn!

Ang is in black cover up right?

If that's having someone's back, no thanks.

Note: For the sake of truth and accuracy, I have just learned that Drita did NOT post the above picture with her tweet, someone else did and deleted it.  But she did call her cast members muppets.

If we've seen it once, we've seen it a thousand times. Some wives are loyal and some flip flop. Here we have a photoshopped picture illustrating Drita's tweet about muppets. And we have a tweet from Drita declaring her undying loyalty to Ang. Yet Ang seems to be one of the muppets. Go figure.

Things must be heating up on the set as they get closer to the end of filming. And, every time that happens it spills out on to social media. They can't help themselves. While one team is enjoying the sunshine and nightlife of Miami, the other team, "Team Drita," is tweeting away snarky remarks.

Pots calling the kettles black?
Whose twitter fingers are these?

I think these ladies are just getting warmed up. I may have to hire my own team to help me type the recaps and cover the the social media wars. Stay tuned because things are definitely going to heat up! If you haven't noticed, the premiere date has been changed to January 13th, 2016. Maybe they need to film extra shows to cover all the drama?


elhp45 said...

I saw drita's original tweet and there was no picture on it and plus drita tweeted that before they left to Miami I think who ever gave you that picture probably photoshopped it.

Melissa said...

It sounds like Drita has been pushed into a corner, all her own doing! Drita is going to do what she does best is put on her tough act on and start hitting. I think having Lee by her side gives her more of a confidence to take on all those woman. Carla tweeted recently that Drita is a Storyteller and a Phony and I don't understand with all lies and inconsistencies through out the seasons people can't see that. I really have to think that people that are on her side have not been watching from day one. Drita called Karen Miss. Piggy, what a petty and immature thing to say to make fun of Karen's weight. I can't believe she is calling Jen out, the woman that made it possible for her to build a successful business, where is Drita's gratitude!? I was going to say Loyalty, but you know Drita and Loyalty don't make sense in the same sentence. LOL!. As you said, we going have to watch how this is going play out, I for one can't wait. I am looking forward to your blogs!!! :)

lesliebra said...

You mob wives rock. Love your style

Anonymous said...

haha.. Drita is going to claim somebody hacked her acct and put that pic up. I believe she didn't photoshop it herself, but that's on her acct.

Ugh.. just when I was looking for a reason to try and like the flopper.

Anonymous said...

Of course Drita didn't do this. It was probably the same idiotic Karen fan who created that fake racist video of Natalie.