Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mob Wives: Sammy "The Bull's" Artwork Exhibit

Last night the Conception Gallery held an exhibit of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's prison artwork. Sammy is currently in an Arizona prison. Sammy's very impressive sketches were offered for sale to the public. The show appears to have been a great success. We at the blog congratulate Sammy. Many turned out, including several Mob Wives, to support Karen Gravano. As you can see in the bottom left hand picture above, Love Majewski was decked out to be there for her long time friend.  I suspect that there were VH1 cameras there covering the event as did the New York Post. Here are a few more shots:

Actual Sketches

Karina and Storm

Love and Marissa

Okay so let's say VH1's cameras were rolling for this event. Does this confirm Love will indeed be in Season 6?  I'm going out on a limb and say yes.  I just can't believe that we can be this lucky to get all our favorites back on the show (minus Ramona Rizzo).  But what about Linda Scarpa? Drita all but said she would be filming for the show too. Linda, however, seems to be in denial mode. Who do we believe now?

At first glance this seems like a hint . . . BUT
Linda is in denial mode!

I'm sure producers want to keep certain aspects of season 6 under-wraps for the element of surprise. That's what they tried to do with Victoria Gotti's totally unexpected appearance.  If I recall correctly, Ms. Gotti also tried denying she would appear on the show and then there she was in two episodes. So, if I had to take a stand one way or the other, I would say the odds are Linda will make an appearance. Drita is known for having loose lips and trying to sink ships.  Stay tuned for more information as it develops.


Anonymous said...

Some things are just too obvious. Like Drita wishing out loud that she had some real back up, or Linda's fear of coming face to face with Love.

Love cracks me up. She isn't taking no smack, no how, no way. She would mess Drita up too. Blondie should be more careful who she rolls with..

Congrats to Mr. Gravano on his exhibit. Very impressive!! Nice to see the positives come out in this show.

We all know Drita can't really fight, so can we quit hearing how tough her "dick" is already. Unless she's a tranny, I'm not buying it!!

danielle shot said...

Guess u watch a different show than I do. I watched Drita fight two girls at once and her poked eye came from being held by a security guard while the fat pig got a cheap shot in. Watch the tape. Love is tough? She attacked the weakest person on the cast who admittedly doesn't like fighting. Big tough guy! Definitely big, but we have yet to see her as tough. Remember season one? Miss piggy says in season 1, episode 1, "I've seen Drita fight and Renee has a bit of a problem on her hands". The girls, on her side or not know Drita can fight. All we know from love is she's a nut job

Anonymous said...

I would like to be clear that Love and I although have had some serious issues have not been in contact. i wish everyone the best But I will say that certain people have shown me how real they can be and some how fske they can be. I am not in any way in fear of coming in contact with love.. All I am saying is that the two of us are a deadly combination .. My support goes to brittany fogarty and andrea giovino ..And Drita for being supportive of brittany ❤ There is no love lost with me or any of the other girls..chiara and mob mistress you ladies always seem to entertain me with this blogs.. linda scarpa xo

Chiara Soprano said...

Linda Scarpa, thanks for your comment. Glad I can entertain you with a blog or two. While you say you and Love have not been in contact, that doesn't mean that you will not be on season 6 as a guest doing a scene or two with Drita, Brittany and/or Andrea. Since you have a new book coming out, the exposure would be great for sales and promotion. You definitely have the "bloodline" as a mob daughter and I can't see Jennifer Graziano passing up on a chance to have you make an appearance. I could be dead wrong. Who cares? I wish you the best of luck with book sales! ~Chiara

Anonymous said...

Thank you. .I sincerely appreciate that . ��linda

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! Way to run a blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I totally agree with you.

Dante said...

The ladies look and are very different from season one. Until now........ I was team drita for the first few seasons and then season 5 she really lost me as a fan.....I re watched all the seasons again but as #teamkaren and once u see it you see how much drita lies and has so many in consistencies in her stories etc...... Nat g ruined mobwives for me and I can't believe she is back on this season.
So season 1 Karen and renee vs drita and Carla
Season 2 Karen and ramona renee vs drita Carla
Season 3 love vs Carla
Season 4 renee vs everyone
Season 5 Karen and renee vs nat g
Season 6 drita vs "......................
What do you ladies think?? I think this season will be good and I'm happy they have shifted away from the Philly girls.
The exhibition looks great Sammy is very talented at drawing and I read his release is 2017?

Chiara Soprano said...

Dante, thanks for your comments. I am very excited about this season the the return of the original girls. I was not happy with the Philly twist and I haven't heard Nat G is coming back. If so I would hope it's a simple guest appearance so Drita has someone to complain to.

James Cooke said...

I always said why isn't Linda Scarpa on Mob Wives, glad that might change soon!!

Anonymous said...

@ danielle, I watched the show this blog is blogging about.
Drita's first fight with Karen was where Renee held on to Karen and Drita threw something at Karen and then pounced on her while she (Karen) was held back. Nothing to brag on Drita there.
Drita's second fight with Karen and Ramona had body guards all over the place HIDING her face after the sucker punch she threw and the hair grabbing she did. Yea, Drita walked away with a black eye and hella make-up after that. Nothing to brag on Drita there either except how well she hid from the cameras.

Nah, I think Love can hold her own. She's a nut job bc she doesn't gaf and those are the fighters you really have to watch out for. Drita does gaf and will do what ever it takes to keep her spot except really fight for it... under handed yes, but not physically. She's all about the image the show gives her bc she's got none of her own. Truth hurts, wipe your tears.

As far as Karen telling the audience that Renee is going to have a problem with Drita bc she's seen her fight... well, Renee (like Carla) admits that she is NOT a fighter either. The fighters (besides Karen) have not been allowed back bc they really do want to beat Drita up and Drita can't have that bc she'll get more than an unexpected black eye.

Drita has been full of herself since Season 1 starting with Karen's book. It was also Drita and Carla that invited Karen to the party to piss off Renee. Drita is ALWAYS on the shit stirring side of things. She don't know how to chill bc she's really not about it.

Come to think of it.. had she left Lee when he got caught being a pig, she wouldn't have NO ties to Mob life. Her rap career took off like Gnats purse line did and for me, that explains why she stayed.. love ain't got nothing to do with it!! It's all about the benjamins BABEE!!

Anonymous said...

haha.. went back and checked out that fight with Drita and Karen n Ramona. Drita swung wildly first. She didn't even connect, then she went for hair and the guards jumped in.

Not sure who gave Ramona the bloody lip but I don't see where Drita did that. I saw Drita swing once and the second was a grab for Karen's hair.

Drita got beat up. She hid behind the guards so nobody could see what she got for her lousy efforts.

What I don't like about Drita is that she doesn't stand by what she says. She switches up quick, real quick and that's not solid or loyal behavior. Drita don't get the loyalty thing bc she's not and won't admit it. Drita is a "just me" sort of person but will jump on the tailcoats of the more talented believing she really is a "lady boss" by their mere suggestions.

Now, she's talking out her ass about Miss Piggy and lying like Gnat did about twitter posts. Next thing she'll have her IT friends/fans doing hack jobs for her and blaming Karen's fans. Damn, she can't even be original when putting people down.

I happen to think Miss Piggy is adorable. I don't think Drita is worthy of using a great and talented person to TRY and make her point. She's only showing everyone how lame and low she really is.. NC.. No Class!!

Anonymous said...

I want to say that I feel sorry for Drita like I felt sorry for Gnat when I knew her movie gig was BS. Like Gnat, Drita really is going to bring a lot of hate her way. Like Gnat, she'll blame others for her scandalous moves. Like Gnat, people are going to call her on it.

What Drita nor Gnat can understand is... a way of life. Both are wanna bees buzzing around lifers knowing they can walk away from that life any time they want. Neither of their roots aren't with mob ties. Drita is a sell out and she'll need more than that eye tat to save her.

This is something I had to teach my kids. They had friends that could "hang" but also had the option of opting out anytime. IF those other kids messed up, they had a life to go back to that didn't involve prisons and such... and they always did go back while keeping my kid on their own side. When Drita was talking smack about Al Capone and Renee, that showed me that she isn't down with that life style, she's just using it for her own advantages.

Drita can throw out all the Miss Piggy lines she wants to, fact is she's NOT Italian and she's NOT a real mobster. Her man treats her like a side dish instead of a woman he's proud to show off. The names he's called her and even taken their kid to meet another woman... nope, a man that really respects his woman would not do that; a man who doesn't will and did.

I feel sorry for Drita bc she's going down the same Twitter suicide route Gnat did and using the same tactics. Nobody hacked her site yet her team will find someone to blame!! AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Linda...
I didn't know you and Love had serious issues. No disrespect intended towards you btw.. just a fan blogging and following the show since day 1.

Interesting though that ala google, you've already had a past with the ladies you stand behind via a movie or book. I Married a Mobster.. I'll have to check it out b4 commenting.

Thanks for joining in. You seem nice and decent. Look forward to learning more about your story.

Dante said...

I read thT Nat g is pregnant with London.......apparently London but who knows. So I really hope she doesn't come back because Karen can't fuck a pregnant woman up!!!
I was disgusted how badly drita spoke of Carla when Carla was the ONLY one to have her back for 2 seasons she even threw Carla under the bus that time at big ang with Ramona and Karen talking about the knife incident......I saw drita tweeted a pic of her and lee at a ball game last week but still can't see his face......
I think drita can make some good points however whenever she is called out I noticed she gets aggressive which is sure sign of guilt.
So Brittany Fogarty is in it? And her and Marissa have a fight? And drita backs Brittany and Karen Marissa? Is that this seasons story.ine.....?
Thank god Nat g is not around to call Karen a rat she was so sad and pathetic she couldn't even get her insults right.....Karen never ratted anyone.
That's real bad drita wS hanging with Carla's ex and his new wife.....

Thanks for your reply xx

Tedesca said...

I am a little bored with the Mob Wives.
I´ll never understand why those grown up women can´t just talk tachles to each other and instead do always, always, always the same childish things: Talk bullshit about each other, blow it then out of proportion and then have a sit down.
Why is talking like intelligent people about misunderstandings and lies called sit down, I will never understand. And I will never understand, too, what all this big fuzz about nothing has to do with the mafia, since there are so many american reality soaps done in exactly the same way: A group of women, which are ore aren´t friends, do things and then suddenly there are big fights and big anger cause one of them did tell another one notnice things about a third one. Then they all talk and sometimes get aggressive and afterwards tell each other how much they love each other and a few weeks later it starts again.
This is not very entertaining.
Additionally I do not like that the fact that all of them make a pretty good living out of the crimes their partners, daddies, uncles did never is talked about. All of them were nowhere, at least not in a tv-show, if there had not been murders, thefts, beatings, robberies, blackmails, in short: many, many people who suffered. THIS I would love to see, the Mob Wives talking about how they feel about this. Some of them will for example deep down know that their wonderful childhood wouldn´t have been so wonderful if innocent people were not robbed, betrayed, hurt.

Patricia Cubas-Perry said...

I wonder who will be fighting with each other and why? It was entertaining the first & second season but then it got old.

Patricia Cubas-Perry said...

Why keep fighting?? Why not talk about the genuine hardships that this life has to offer? That would be a much better storyline. The fighting is old.

Anonymous said...

Actually good looking sketches gravanno did

Dante said...

Yay a tiny peek at the new season of mobwives on vh1... Website....
Reading these comments it's true they need to focus more on the hardships and less on the, just fighting each other....
Big ang really pissed me off last season backing Nat g all,the made no sense.

She knew sammy and still hung out and defended Nat g even after she spoke so bad of Karen and her father

Val Villanueva said...

I'd beat the Shit out of Fritsch half man looking ass. Let her come to my hood & see how she does. Drita fight weak bitches! women who can't scrap.