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Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E19

Carole's stunning entrance to her 50th Party

“There’s Something About Harry” is tonight’s episode, but frankly I have nothing nice to say about Harry. Nothing at all. I would have called this episode "There's Something About Carole's Party" because wait until you see all her "suggestions."

Heather is going to help Carole plan her 50th Birthday. She is working with Carole’s assistants. They need live butterflies for the center pieces. And, Carole also wants one of the old chandeliers, from her apartment, moved to the venue of the party. She also wants a man walking an invisible dog, a harvest moon in the trees, pistols, 5,000 white rose flower petals, polished apples, headless mannequins, 1,000 white lights in the trees . . . and who the hell knows what else! However, she makes it clear she doesn’t want Aviva.

Sonia and Harry discuss their relationship and where it’s going . . . probably to hell in a picnic basket.

Kristin is ready with the tissues!

Kristen and Josh are seeing someone about their issues with tissues. Dr. Ryan (will have his hands) Fuller with these two. He looks too young to solve their problems. Geez if  Commando Sonja was there she would be making the moves on the young doctor and say adios to Harry. Josh says Kristen picks arguments on small things, minute details that don’t matter. Kristen always feels she is on the back burner in Josh’s life and that work always comes first. Kristen feels she supports Josh with his work. Kristen thinks they made progress and that Josh is going to change . .  excuse me while I die laughing.

I refuse to comment about Ramona and Avery packing 20 pairs of shoes for college. Naturally Avery is a mini-me diva of her mother and that is too much for me to take.

Another positive scene cut short for fabricated drama

Aviva is in the designer fake leg store. Aviva is helping a lady who needs a leg. Why can’t we see more scenes like this? Something positive that could actually help and encourage others with similar disabilities? God forbid we spend a little time on these shows to help make the world a better place.

Sonja needs some guidance concerning her relationship with Harry and she gets a tarot card reader, Thomas John, to tell her what she needs to know. He tells her there is a devil in her inner circle, a woman who is very deceptive. It’s a brunette, but her name is not Carole. Hmmm. Could it be LuAnn? LuAnn seems to think that is where this is going from her tweets.

Oh my God! I can't have a snake handler? Carole will kill me!

Back to Heather and her planning. It got too be too much for even her to carry out, so she hired a party planner. Carole knows she can trust Heather to do a great job and if she can‘t, she will get someone who can. Carole pops in to see the progress and help out. But Carole finds lots of fault with things, the details aren’t quite right. Heather tells her there will be no snake handler because Dept of Health won’t allow it in a place where food is being served. Carole is disappointed to say the least. What is a party without a snake handler? Meanwhile Carole decides things are going so smoothly she is going for a manicure. The theme of this party? Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It’s interesting.

The party is beautiful. Most of the people are dressed as evil (black) with a few decked out in white (good). There are dead butterflies floating in the centerpiece bowls, how chic. LuAnn says she and Jacques broke up and she is pretty sad and cries. Ramona, upon hearing the news, is crass and obnoxious as usual. This woman doesn’t have a caring bone in her body. Finally Carole arrives. She feels sexy and empowered and strong. She is dressed all in red! Carole and Kristen are supportive of Lu.

Heather joins the pity party for LuAnn. Lu feels a huge void in her life right now. She cries. Carole says it’s her party and she can cry if she wants to (how clever). Heather says she has a very good little toast prepared. Harry is making moves on Sonja. He wants to take their relationship to another level, he is serious about her, and he gives her a ring to show how much he cares for her. Sonja falls for it. Here comes the toast! It’s an email Carole sent Heather about what she doesn’t want to have included the toast. So bff Heather reads the entire email as her toast with everything that Carole didn’t want said. Sonja has a fit when she finds out Lu broke up with Jacques. She is the last to know. Sonja finds a way to make Lu’s breakup all about her. What can I say?

Lu Ann and Heather seem to be the entertainment and Ramona does nothing but complain again. I think they were drunk. By the way, it’s too bad Aviva wasn’t invited to this party because it was boring.

A cozy Lu and Harry disappear from the party!

Out comes the cake. Carole thought the party turned out perfectly. Sonja tells Ramona that Harry just gave her a ring. Ramona wants the details. Ramona wants to know if she is happy. Sonja tells her she put the ring in her purse. Ramona says that’s not a good sign. Sonja wants to leave and she is looking for Harry. Uh oh. It seems that Harry left with LuAnn without saying a word. To be continued . . . In next week’s finale, Thank God!

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