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Real Housewives of New York: Finale's What The Hell Moments S6 E20

"I'll hit the ceiling or else I'll tear up this town!"

“The Last Leg” or the last straw? Aviva cannot stand being called “fake” any longer, so she throws her leg across the table to make her point. You want fake? This is the only thing fake about me she tells her insensitive co-stars. And with that dramatic toss Aviva shows she has a leg up on everyone else! Warning: I am going to get all my leg and foot jokes in this blog!

Sonja hurt her ankle after being ditched by Harry. Ramona and Kristen show up and ask what happened. Sonja tells them Harry and LuAnn left the party together and got into a cab. She heard that LuAnn told him she was single. Sonja says she fell on the street chasing a cab. Boo Hoo Sonja is crying her eyes out over Harry. If it was me I’d be celebrating, but these women never do what I would do. Sonja is confused and in pain. Kristen is confused (what else is new?). Ramona is ranting (what else is new?). Sonja says Harry blew it the first time around with her and he is blowing it the second time too. (I’m not touching this line.) Then Sonja goes down the stairs with boots that have heels at least four inches high . . . Do I believe she hurt her foot? Is anything real on this show? Carole tweeted that Sonja twisted her ankle because she was drunk not chasing a cab. Now that I can believe! But maybe Sonja’s leg just wants to give Aviva’s leg a run for her money? Some people are so competitive!

"I wouldn't touch Harry with a 10 foot pole!"

And now LuAnn drops by Sonja’s. Really?  LuAnn takes a seat at the table with Sonja. Sonja accuses LuAnn of leaving the party with Harry. LuAnn says Harry left the party and followed the others, not her. LuAnn is angry that Sonja would accuse her of having anything to do with Harry. Lu says she wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole, been there done that. Sonja can’t stay mad at her especially not over Harry. Sonja really doesn’t seem that angry at all for all the crying she did a few minutes ago, but she wants Harry to do some explaining. Harry has to step up to the plate and start talking! Maybe he will put his Foot in his mouth?

Carole and Heather are shopping for bags and find one they love that costs $9,000. I think we refer to that as costing an “arm and a leg.” Very nice. Heather brings up Jax and his hearing issues. They got a second opinion from a doctor who said they probably won’t be able to reverse the hearing loss. It’s confusing when doctors have different opinions. Carole relates because she went to different doctors for her husband and says you just have to pick one doctor that you trust and listen to him. Jax feels his hearing is fine, so no surgery.

By the way I am skipping over the scenes with Kristen because they are really boring so check another blog if you are a fan of hers.

Sonja meets Harry for lunch. He wants to talk about what happened and move on. Sonja says he left her at the club and got in a cab with LuAnn. And, what’s worse is that it happened the same night he says he wants to commit to her, just minutes after he gave her the ring. Someone told him LuAnn was drinking and he shouldn’t let her leave alone. He says nothing happened. Sonja asks him how can he leave her at the party. He says it was stupid and he is sorry. Sonja says she was ready for a commitment, but he isn’t. She returns his ring and says “let’s keep things the way they were.” I guess Sonja isn’t going “commando” for Harry any time soon.

Next up are Carole’s apartment renovations. Heather and Kristen drop by and love it what she has done to it. Kristen likes the fact that there is no kitchen. Heather pops the champagne and Carole says she loves her apartment. And seriously, the apartment is stunning! Carole gets a text that Aviva is joining them at the Team Sonja party. Kristen says Aviva is an outsider at this point for not going to Montana. Heather and Carole aren’t thrilled with Aviva and her phobias. Carole intends to be politely rude. She feels when Aviva is gone it feels like a vacation. They all toast to their common dislike of Aviva. But what if Aviva was really sick and they are all kicking her when she is down? Will Aviva be able to go toe-to-toe with them about this?

Ramona and Carole are having a chat and Ramona tells her she dated Fabio. Then she brags about how she and Mario had instant chemistry and are still together. I think Ramona dated Pinot before dating Fabio and Mario.

Aviva clearly doesn't like where
 this dinner conversation is headed!

Team Sonja Party! LuAnn, Heather, Ramona, Carole, Kristen are all there. Carole says she doesn’t think she is on Team Sonja, but nevertheless she was invited. Sonja wants to celebrate how well things are going for her. Sonja makes her grand entrance. And then here comes Aviva, putting her best foot forward, is all dressed in red like a movie star from the old MGM movies. She says she came to support Sonja. Sonja wants to give a speech celebrating all the people there who help her develop her brand. But before Sonja opens her mouth, an obnoxious Ramona berates her for not saying hello to her friends first, after all, they have been there an hour. LuAnn keeps calling Sonja’s Team bizarre and laughing. Ramona says Sonja’s speech was a book and it made no sense at all. Ramona and Heather are saying Aviva is fake for not going to Montana and making up the whole asthma excuse. Aviva is upset because they are all avoiding her none of them ever asked her how she is feeling. Sonja isn’t too thrilled with some of “her friends” for laughing at her speech. Every one of the housewives is against Aviva, and Heather decides to confront her at the table. Aviva doesn’t understand what is happening at first, like she has been blindsided. Carole says she has been the most horrible person to everyone here. They accuse her of lying! Aviva has had it! Aviva screams my doctor must have lied to me.

The proof is in the x-ray!

Then Aviva whips out her x-rays to show them that either her asthma is real or her doctor is creating an elaborate lie. Aviva doesn’t want be called a liar. I think we have found Aviva’s “Achilles Heel!” Then, Aviva takes a jab at Carole’s writing. She feels this attack goes back to what she said about Carole’s book. Ramona thinks Aviva didn’t want to go to Montana because she didn’t want leave her husband. Aviva says that missing the trip was purely due to illness. Aviva tries to explain that the cause of her asthma is reflux and she had to eat differently to get better and lost ten pounds because of it. Aviva finds it very hurtful that no one believes her. Then Heather announces she wants to go home, this is all a waste of her time.

First it's on the table . . .

. . . then flung to the floor
The last time I saw it, it walked out the door.

Out with the leg! Somebody cue the DJ to play “Footloose!” Aviva takes off her leg and waves it yelling, “This is the only thing fake about me! Everything else is real, everything else! I am sick of it.” Aviva puts her foot down for the last time. She flings it on the table. And then, from the table, she flings it out to the floor. Everyone looks horrified. Aviva says Heather is very mean. Carole picks up the leg, returns it to Aviva and tells her she needs help. Then Carole quips you know what they say “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings or the skinny lady throws her leg.” You have to love Carole’s wit.

Carole retrieves the leg, 
while LuAnn is still in a tizzy.

That’s it for season 6 with a two part reunion show waiting in the wings. Will there be a season 7 for New York? I think Andy is working on it, but I did hear everyone was fired except Ramona, who will be full-time and Aviva, who will be part-time (which she pretty much was this season). I am not happy with this development. If I were Andy I would keep Heather, Carole, Aviva and LuAnn and add a couple of NEW drama divas. If you think you can do without Aviva, think again. She caused drama in every episode she was in, and all they did was talk about her in every episode that she went missing.

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