Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mob Wives: More Season 6 Filming!

Brittany, Drita, and Brittany's Mom, Andrea
working out! (Thanks @MobWivesVH1News)

Mob Wives seem to all be busy filming season 6 and I am watching their timelines on Twitter to see what develops or leaks out. What I find interesting is which mob wives are seen together and which ones are missing. For example, in the picture above, Brittany and her mom are working out with Drita.  That makes me wonder if they knew each other before or just met on the show. If they just met, how did they get so friendly? Common enemy? Who knows? A few interesting pictures have been dropped this week, see what you make of them.

Here Karen is knocking on Renee's door.

It's more than obvious that Karen and Renee have each others back and are the best of friends. I just wonder exactly what does Karen have to tell Renee that can't wait! And who is involved?

Here the two ladies appear to be hanging out together
and looking fantastic!

Karen and Carla enjoying some of Carla's wine.

Now some of you may be wondering what brought Karen and Carla closer together? If you haven't kept up with the blogs between seasons or forgot, let me refresh your memory. At the end of season three, Karen, Carla, Ramona and Drita all had a pack not to do the show unless they all got a raise. Drita sold them out and left the other three hanging. That's what changed the nature of the friendship between Carla and Karen. Maybe they are toasting to Carla's return?  I'm going to have to get a bottle of that wine for the premiere!

Renee and Carla, all is forgiven!

Renee and Carla had more than a few ugly battles during the first three seasons of Mob Wives. Plenty of things were said that might have ruined their friendship for good. But that's all water under the bridge now as the two ladies have rekindled their long time friendship and are looking better than ever!

What could be happening here?

I have no idea what Karen is referring to in this picture she posted. From the sound of it it looks like more drama for season 6 and Karen knows we love drama. Is that guy a camera man?  I'd ask Karen, but her lips are usually sealed.

Most interesting picture of all, again thanks to

The above picture was posted on Twitter not too long ago and was probably taken yesterday during the filming of some event. I am going to take a guess and say it was for something to do with Big Ang. That's the only reason I can think of that Drita would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Karen. And if Brittany is "Team Drita," I don't see her being aligned with Renee. Seems like the girls can put their differences aside for a photo opp. In any case, as @MobWivesVH1News points out, where is Marissa Jade? Was she busy with another project or just decided to pass up on this little gathering? We will find out the answers in Season 6 of Mob Wives which is said to premiere December, 2015. Stay Tuned.

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