Friday, August 7, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen Says "Bye Felicia"

Since the Season 5 Mob Wives Reunion show people have been asking who is going to be in the cast for Season 6. Who is coming back and who isn't? More specifically, the fans (and I) have been wanting confirmation of the three month old rumors about whether or not Natalie Guercio will be returning or not. Well today, if you can believe what's on Twitter and can read between the lines, it seems that Gnat is sitting this season out. The following tweets were on Gnat's timeline, along with about 50 fans lamenting over the news that she will not be back.

Her storyline? Calling Karen a "rat."

and her plan is?


None of the cast seems broken up by the news, most of them aren't saying anything yet. But Marissa Jade took a little vague shot about the rumors when she tweeted

And, as you might expect, Karen had a little something to say about this new development. As you recall, Gnat provoked Karen on Twitter many times even before meeting her during the filming of season 5. She called her a "dead beat mother" and "rat" more times than I could count. Then she made herself a storyline by calling Karen a "rat" the whole season. She continued to provoke Karen and then run away from almost every confrontation. Here are a few of Karen's tweets regarding Gnat:

"Rat" storyline

OGs real ties, real history!

Bye Felicia!


Margaret Winningham said...

OMG !! this makes me soooo happy !! I hope I never ever have to hear her annoying voice ever again !! Who exactly is jealous of her and WHY ??!! She is awfully full of herself . And what is up with that hair color ??!! Is she running away to join the circus ?? LOL !! We can only hope so . ;)

Melissa said...

I hope Gnat not coming back is true and I hope she is not just "sitting" out this season, I hope Gnat is gone for good. Hmmm, what type of huge storyline could she have, being related to a blurred out name, or her family owning a funeral home that allegedly buries wise guys? Season 4 she comes to the show to model for MobCandy then has major problems with Renee, after that she starts attacking Karen over twitter when she does not even know her. Her big story lines was with her problems with Renee, then with Karen a woman she does not even know. Gnat needs to thank Renee and Karen for giving her any relevance on the show. Gnat said such nasty things to both Karen and Rene, "the dead beat mother" comment was below the belt, everything she said was below the belt, but that comment really made me cringe, when she knew nothing about Karen and her relationship with her daughter. Gnat is as ridiculous as her new hair color. lol. "BYE FELICIA"

Nick said...

Does anyone have Confirmation that Big Ang was tired of Nat G and didnt want her back for Season 6.... I heard that but it not sure if its true.. I remember after the Reunion was over Ang was saying she supported and was gonna stand by Nat G.. So its weird that these Weird stories are saying Ang wanted her gone...

Chiara Soprano said...

Nick I did read that too about Big Ang and her loyalty to Gnat. It doesn't sound like Big Ang to want her off season 6. I think Gnat shot herself in the foot on Twitter and in the media and on top of that she has no storyline.

Anonymous said...

Gnat is so washed up. She makes up stuff to have something to post. It's so weird to discover her lies.. and that voice.. yuck!

xxxnaughtyxxx said...

I will be READING it!!! :) thanks 4 the follow on twitter!