Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Marissa Jade & Brittany Fogarty Fight?

Karen tweets about the filming at yesterday

I have been watching Twitter very carefully for any clues and hints about what season 6 is going to bring. Karen shared a little tweet or two which indicates things were not peaceful during yesterday's filming. Now we have pictures of some of the filming that allegedly took place at Latitudes on Forked River. And even more than that, a person claiming to be at the restaurant when the altercation took place, tweets that the fight was between the two new mob wives, Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty. Once again @MobWivesVH1News has located the tweet and posted it for fans.

"a huge fist fight?"

I guess things are getting wild during season 6 already and we still have to wait until December for it to premiere. There were no hints as to what provoked the fight, but we have seen it all before. Here are a couple of pictures taken during the filming yesterday. It's hard to see what is actually happening, but you can make out some of the girls.

Regarding the fight:

What did Marissa answer when a fan said her money was on Marissa?

"Money well spent $ $ $"  

 and what did Brittany have to say?

Something tells me this "fight" is not over!

P.S. High praise from Karen for Marissa and Brittany!

It looks like we are in for a very exciting season 6! Stay tuned for more news as it develops! Thanks to @MobWivesVH1News for staying on top of the action.


Nichole said...

Somebody needs to get the tea from that girl who was there! Did she hear what was being said? Lol. I just hope the fights this season aren't over petty bullshit like the last two seasons.

Melissa said...

I think season is going to be very fun to watch, I am loving Marisa already, I know she is going to be my girl. I wanted the OG's to get back to the basics. I hope Drita finally faces some truths and my hope is that Carla and Karen get her to get real and quit making excuses. Time will tell if that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Dang, the new girl cracked me up telling blondie to show off her knot. LMAO!!

Drita, to me, is a sell out. She blocked me when the Gnat hit the fan. Now, I'm unblocked.. would never follow her now. Interesting to see if the "one eye" crew will be behind her and who it is. Can't help but think about Dre, Eazy and Cube in their contracts and cleansing dayz.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me theres alot of jealousy going on with the beautiful Brittany Fogarty. And of course there would be when you are young beautiful and have class behind you the trash gets upset .. Thru social media ive heard there was a fight. My guess is body guards stopped it before someone got to hit back.. By the look of the IG posts seems Marrissa took a cheap shot. Not surprising from a girl like her.. Looks to me marrisajade is so desperate for attention she will do anything and anyone to get it. unlike Brittany whos already established as a Class Act. If Marissa jade is smart (LoL) she should hide for the rest of the filming. Fact is Brittany will not back down and if a cheap shot was thrown All i can say is Run marrissa. .. run .. Brittany is a force not to be reckoned with.. you rock girl. .Keep being you.. and remember garbage goes out with the trash.. My moneys on you Britt.. your friend Linda Scarpa ..

Anonymous said...

Looks like Brittany Fogarty is the center of attraction! and its obvious why. The beautiful blonde bombshell is making the other girls jealous. Brittany is Not one to back down everrrrr. Marissa jade made a huge mistake getting on Brits bad side. Unfortunately when you shine like her the shady bishhhes get upset . Keep doing you Britt ! Beautiful and tough.. Real talk!

Anonymous said...

my question is who is Marissa Jade and how is she afiliated with mob. Something not right with that the girl has no mob ties ! smh! Hope Brittany Fogarty whacks her. lol

Anonymous said...

hahaha... looks like Blondie has a fan base like Gnat's.

Here we go again.. "she's not even affiliated", "my girl is a class act, yours is a bum"... blah, blah, blah!!!

Guess we'll have to stay Twitter savvy this time b4 commenting how redundant Blondie's backup is already sounding.

So not down with that sort of fan based BS!!
BUT will be ready for the BS comments, hacks, lies, blocks, and blaming innocent fans of hacking sites and fake accts run by the same person... oh rah!

Anonymous said...

How yall gone form opinions already? The season aint even start and yall taking sides lmao

Amberley said...

This has nothing to do with the posts above but just wanted to mention the recent court case with sammy the bull.......
So he appealed to get 3 years off his 20 year sentence which would have seen him being released next year or 2017 very latest pending how long the case went for.......but the judge basically said no he is still a threat to,the public and he has to complete his term which means he won't be out till earliest 2017 but most likely 2020.......
He is 70 now and isn't traveling so well so I was bummed I have been following this overturn case quite closely.
Hopefully we will see some details with the new mobwives.

I was a drita fan until her true colours came out last season now it's made me re watch the entire series as a Karen fan....... Karen is so on point she is a very smart woman.