Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Who Gets Along?

Karen and Brittany have hit it off . . . 

Mob Wives Season 6 will not premiere until December 2015, but we are already getting the "picture" of who is getting along and all smiles. Here are a few pictures from the cast's Twitter accounts that show a mix of Original Girls (old blood) and the New Additions (newer blood). What the hell can these storylines be?

Maybe because they are both Mob Daughters?

Brittany's mother, Andrea Giovino, seems totally supportive of her daughter's new role on Mob Wives. You may recall part of Andrea's story from "I Married A Mobster."  Andrea has quite a long history with the mob herself, as does Brittany's father, John Fogarty. 

Once again, Renee, Karen and Marissa are hitting it off!

If Karen says we will be happy with the new girls I trust her!

Looks like Marissa and Carla are tight too!

I wonder if Marissa and Carla got together outside of filming to give their pups a play date? Looks like everyone is getting along . . . well, at least 5 of the Mob Wives are.

But is Karen hinting about some drama that Marissa isn't aware of yet?

Why wouldn't Marissa be happy? Something must be going down for Karen to say that, and Karen also posted a picture of herself with this tweet . . . I wonder what it means?

Karen looks pretty serious

Meanwhile, Renee hasn't been posting much about Season 6 and yet she managed to sum it all up in a nutshell. Last night she tweeted this before going to bed and telling us she had a day of filming today.

I wonder who "they" are???

And last but not least, both Brittany and Marissa post pictures of themselves with their boyfriends on their birthdays. I wonder if the guys will make an appearance on the show?

Two lucky guys!

P.S. I hope Drita has been continuing her boxing lessons because at least one person in this alliance appears to have a great left hook and she doesn't look like she is going to be afraid to use it!

Picture credit: Cast Twitter Accounts


Bonniewill said...

So no Natalie?

Chiara Soprano said...

I haven't seen any sign of either Natalie coming back, just Drita and Big Ang in addition to the 5 mentioned above.

Nichole said...

From what I gathered by the looks of things, it seems like Marissa is bringing the drama this season. She's beefing with both Drita and Brittany. And of course we have Drita vs Karen, Renee and Carla. Can't wait to watch the drama unfold come December!

Chiara Soprano said...

Nichole that is very interesting. I didn't see anything at all about Marissa beefing with Brittany. I did see some indication that she has an issue with Drita, but I chalked that up to her being friendly with Renee, Karen and Carla. This is going to be a hell of a season and according to Karen it may be the best one yet!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Marissa bringing the drama with Brittany but as far as Drita goes I see that not being true at all , Dritas husband and Marissas man have been close there whole entire life and Drita herself is extremely close with Marissas boyfriends family , sure the may have a disagreement here or there but I think they both respect each other's family ties along with respect for one another then go at each other , this isn't reality tv bullshit but more like 2 families with 25 to 30 years of history behind them that doesn't just go away .

Nichole said...

As far as Marissa and Brittany are concerned, they don't follow each other on Twitter. That should service a clue since Brittany follows everybody else. Marissa and Drita aren't following each other either, which seems weird if they have "history" like the comment above suggests.

In addition, Marissa went OFF on somebody on Instagram last week for saying Drita and Big Ang are better than her. If Marissa and Drita don't have beef, why would she even reply to a comment like that at all? It clearly triggered some kind of emotion within her.

Marissa also wrote on Twitter something about paying attention to people whose words don't match their actions -- mind you, this is the same quote Karen posted on her Instagram.

Love this blog by the way!

Nichole said...

To add to my comment, who else could Brittany have a problem with if she hashtag's "tryme" and "iwishyouwould" when she follows everybody but Marissa?

And reality TV is known for destroying relationships, even if those relationships have lasted decades. Take Renee and Carla for example. Even though they're cool now, I remember Renee saying it was the show that fucked up their friendship in the first place. Same with Drita and Jenn. They have history as well and now they aren't cool with each other. So that begs me to question if Jenn is going to be producing Drita's supposed spin-off or not.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Nichole! You've noticed a couple of things that I didn't and it's very interesting who is following who!

xxxnaughtyxxx said...

I hope big ang is OK! & in great health! Very concerned with that! Xoxox