Friday, May 29, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang, Couples Therapy, Wife Swap!

Big Ang and husband, Neil Murphy

As if being on Mob Wives isn't enough of a work schedule, Big Ang is going to be on the new seasons of Wife Swap and Couples Therapy, along with her husband, Neil.  

Wife Swap has paired the couple of with George Hamilton and his ex-wife. It seems like an odd situation since George isn't no longer married to his ex-wife and I doubt they are living together. But, the episode is bound to get some high ratings because who doesn't want to see Big Ang and George Hamilton interact? You can see a picture of Ang and George at TMZ and I have to say they look good together.

As for Couples Therapy, they have signed up Ang and Neil for season six's marriage counseling by Dr. Jenn. Who knew they needed that? They will be one of five couples and the only couple I would be interested in watching. If you want to read about the other couples scheduled for the new season check it out at VH1 Couples Therapy

Good Luck to Ang and Neil on both of these adventures!

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