Friday, May 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo Back in Season 6?

Recent activity on Twitter and Instagram

This morning I posted that Wikipedia has announced the cast for season 6 Mob Wives (although no Official word has come from Jennifer Graziano or VH1). Wiki included Ramona Rizzo, but I was cautious about getting my hopes up. One of my readers directed me to Ramona's Twitter and Instagram which recently have posts regarding Mob Wives. I found that interesting. For example, the post above seems to suggest that Ramona is sending a message to her "haters," like "I'll be back." Then there is this . . .

The one liners we all love!

One of my favorite lines of Ramona's was when she called Drita a "flip floppin' floozie."  In the above post Ramona references her own line out of the blue. We have seen Drita flip flop in previous seasons, but never so much as she did in Season 5 where she went back and forth between the two Natalies. Drita also flipped on her friendship with Carla. And then there is that matter of the pact between Drita, Carla, Karen and Ramona at the end of season 3. No one was supposed to return unless they all got raises, and Drita sold them all out by flipping on their deal and signing on for season 4. 

Ramona's comment, "Korny" also out of the blue and shows
how her feelings towards Drita.

Karen posts this picture of the "dynamic duo"

Karen's picture doesn't really prove anything about Ramona being in season 6 because they have always been as close as family. However, I would keep a close eye on both of their social media pages for any hints or confirmation regarding the cast of season 6. Karen has confirmed a couple of times that there will be a season six. She indicates filming will start in June and the show will premiere in December, as of now. One thing I saw on Ramona's Instagram was "Blood of the Mob," which may be the title of Season 6 or not.

We'll have to keep a close eye on things and look for leaks until we get official confirmation. 


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I would LOVE to see Lucifer go at Drita!!
I fricken LOVE Ramona!

Now, that's mobbing 4 reals!!

maharet1965 said...

I keep hearing GNat will be back too. Say it isn't so pls !!

Chiara Soprano said...

It's hard to verify anything when Jenn hasn't made any official announcement except to say Wikipedia is wrong.