Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Making of the Mob: New York


A NEW Docu-Drama

'Making Of The Mob: New York'
Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky,Vito Genovese, Bugsy Siegel, Frank Costello

Don't count the Mob out for summer! AMC has announced it will be airing a new docu-drama starting June 15th, 2015 at 10/9C. It's an eight part mini-series on five notorious mobsters who rose to power in the Mafia, in New York. It covers over 50 years of history beginning in 1905 and follows the five families that started the American Mafia. The show will be narrated by actor Ray Liotta, from Goodfellas.

It'll be good to see, or at least hear, Ray.

In addition to old footage of the mob, and special effects, the series will feature interviews with individuals who were part of the mob history and have first hand information, including historians, authors, actors, law enforcement personnel, and family members.

AMC is advertising this series as part of "Mob Mondays" as each episode will be aired after a well known iconic mob movie: The GodfatherThe Godfather Part IIGoodfellasAmerican GangsterDonnie BrascoScarface, Casino and Carlito’s Way.

If you are interested in mob history and the true stories of the men who made the New York mob so powerful, you will want to tune in to AMC Monday nights! I know I will.

Here is a little "first look!"


Anonymous said...

You ladies are killing it!!

What a great series this is going to be. I like Ray Liotta, he is a great actor.

Can't wait to see this.

Thanks again for blogging with big balls!! LOL.. I've seen where people get mad at you ladies and you stand your ground!!

BLOG ON.. lovin' it!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for the comment and the support. I am also excited about this show and Mob Mondays! See you there.

Melissa said...

Sorry Chiara, I just said I would be setting my tivo to record Monday, but I mean all day June 15th.

Thank you for keeping me up to date on all the great shows coming up, first Wife Swap w/Big Ang and now this great Docu Drama. What did I do before I knew about your blog?!

Keep up the great work!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Melissa! Hope you enjoy it.