Friday, May 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Cast According To Wikipedia

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I don't know who Wikipedia talks to or if they just gather their information from Twitter and the rumor mill. I have not seen anything "official" from Jennifer Graziano, who I think would want to make an announcement and create a "buzz" for her show. So far I have heard nothing and I have reached out to Jenn a couple of times since season 5 ended. But let's have some fun and see what Wikipedia has to say.

"On April 15, 2015 it was announced that Season 6 of Mob Wives will begin filming in June and will be titled "Mob Wives: Bloodlines" airing in December. Graziano, Gravano, Raiola, D'Avanzo have all been confirmed to returned. Guercio has been let go from the series not being resigned, Facciolo, Rizzo have been signed to rejoin the main cast with the addition of DiDonato being upgraded to a main cast member."

That's a lot of information to put out there when the Executive Producer hasn't even acknowledged a season 6 let alone the season's cast. But, while we wait for something more, we have to fill in our hours with speculation and rumor. For the most part, I was already anticipating most of what they said in their article. The two surprises for me are that they are keeping Nat D, I can't imagine why. And, they have Ramona Rizzo returning, which I hope is true because I would be delighted!

Just a word of caution, Wikipedia can be rewritten and say something totally different tomorrow, but for now I am pretty happy with the season 6 forecast they have printed. I do believe there is going to be a season 6, or we would have heard the show was cancelled by now. Filming should be starting soon, so they wont be able to keep the cast a secret much longer.

Stay tuned for official news when it's released.


Nick said...

Ok its May 19th 2015 Tuesday... The Wiki still says the same thing... But I really want Love back on the show.. That would make it complete for me.. Then all my faves are on their.... Maybe she can return and Apologize to Carla... Who knows but I need Love Majewski back on their...

Chiara Soprano said...

Nick, anyone can write on Wikipedia and say whatever they want and it doesn't make it true. Jenn Graziano says it's wrong. I know not all of it is wrong, so I guess we have to wait for official word. I don't think Love will be back, but then again I never thought Victoria Gotti would be on either.

Nick said...

Ok Just looked at Wiki June 4th so far they have only the Originals appearing... I was hoping at least Ramona could return as well.. Love too cuz maybe she and Carla could have a real Sitdown..