Friday, May 1, 2015

Mob Wives: Renee "Announces" Season 6?

AJ just celebrated his 21st Birthday with
his very proud mom, Renee Graziano
Happy Birthday AJ!

And what else is Renee celebrating these days? Hmmmm. I have been trying to get "official" word about Mob Wives Season 6 since season 5 ended. It's over a month and frankly my patience is wearing thin. I have to be a private detective searching the internet and all the mob wives twitter timelines just to get a "crumb" of information. Fans want to know! Hell bloggers need to know! Is there going to be a season six and if so who is going to be in the cast???  Is that such a hard question to answer? Plenty of rumors have been circulating and we could have jumped on them, but we didn't. Well now I am jumping on this tweet:

Renee seems to be making an "announcement"!

That's right! Renee says she is taking a month's break, presumably the month of May, before Season 6 of Mob wives starts filming. The timing for filming would be just right. Last year I believe filming started in June for an early December season premiere. And, Renee throws in another tidbit "Loyalty versus Evil." Will that be the new season title or just Renee's description of what we can expect? And who is Renee referring to in the loyal and evil camps? 

UPDATE: Karen was asked about season 6 and she seems to have confirmed it also with her reply.

Let's see what else Renee has been posting and celebrating?

Renee celebrated her induction into Penthouse Magazine with a bottle of Carla Facciolo's Prosecco wine!
First of all we want to congratulate Renee on her write up in such a classy publication. Second, we are curious and happy to see that she is promoting her good friend Carla's wine. Renee and Carla have really patched things up and I for one am happy to hear it.

So . . . there must be a season six, right? And who can we expect to see? Renee, Karen and Carla seem to be obvious choices. There is your "loyal" camp. Big Ang has to put her health first, so her appearances may depend on her doctor's orders. Drita, if she returns, will have to be part of the "evil" alliance . . . but who is going to have her back? I really think the Philly chicks all wore out their welcome. I am starting to believe they are going to try and reel in Alicia and maybe that's what is taking so long to make things "official." Alicia can easily side with Drita, and she has her own big issue with Karen that has been hanging out there unaddressed. That's the only reason I can see Alicia coming back. 

Meanwhile, I wish I didn't have to play guessing games and we would be informed about what is going on. Fans are invested int he show and the cast and we need to know! Are you reading Jenn Graziano?

UPDATE: Drita seems to have confirmed that she will be on Season 6 of Mob Wives. When asked on Twitter about the new show she was going to do, Drita replied, "No worries, we got a double whammy." So with Drita's return, all the original girls should be back. This should be interesting because Drita sold out Karen and Carla back in season three. They all had a pack not to do the show unless they all got more money. Drita backed out of their agreement and signed back on. Plus, let's not forget how Drita snubbed Carla, or rather dumped Carla: "We're not friends "like that" any more." I think that's enough to cause some drama for season 6, don't you?


maharet1965 said...

Has it only been a month ??!! I hope it is true. I am hoping that Drita is not coming back. She tweeted after the season that she would not be back but she would still be on t.v. well I have heard nothing about her show but I would not watch it anyway. As for GNat if she comes back I am done seriously done! So I am crossing my fingers, that it's the OG's minus Drita. :)

Melissa said...

I was 99% sure there was going to be a season 6, but I am curious on who the cast will be? Karen, Rene and I pretty sure Carla. I saw a tweet that someone was wishing NatD good luck with season 6, I don't know if that was wishful thinking, or she might be coming back? I know she has been doing appearances as currently as this weekend representing her self as VH1 Mobwife Natalie D., so that makes me believe she may be coming back? As far as Drita, she did say she was not coming back to MV's, but who knows, she may flip flop her way back, love her or hate her, she adds her own drama to the show and has many fans. Renee did tweet something about, "Please bring Alica back, so she can speak for her self" after the reunion, so that makes me believe Alicia may be coming back. I am very interested on who may be coming back, or if there will be any new faces? Of course, if Ang's health is better, she will definitely be back. I am positive Nat G will not be coming back and good riddens to that flake. I am so happy my favorite show is coming back for sure and I can't wait to find out who is the cast will be. Yeah!!!

donna said...

As for Drita & NATG, I hope neither one comes because they don't need the grief! I hope NatD comes back so she'll know how it feels to
be targeted. So yeah, let her come back!

Melissa said...

Ha Ha, I love it...Drita flip flopped her way back onto Mobwives, I knew it, that casting choice it self will bring so much drama to the show. Drita always seems to make up with everyone, whether it be genuine or not, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. The feud between Carla and Drita can only go so far because Carla is not a fighter and will not take it to far with Drita and Drita knows that, so that may fizzle out as soon as it begins. If Nat D. does come back, those two will not back down from each other, that could be interesting. I think Drita coming back is an indicator that what the fans have been asking for is going to happen, all the originals back, so that might just knock Nat D. out of the picture, but who knows? I am glad all the originals will be back, they are what made that show, so no matter what everyone may personally think about each of them, they all bring their own flavor to the show.

Chiara Soprano said...

I agree with you Melissa, it's time to get back to the women who made the show what it is, not Rumors, Lies and Videotape.

ChrisGonzWA said...

I like that Renee is still going strong with her products.

Nice that Ang is doing well, many blessings.

Drita, I don't care for her bc she doesn't stick with the OG ways... then again, she's not from that life style, so anyway.. she's lame and really, has no clue what loyalty in real life friendships is @ mobster level.

Karen, I want to see Karen really get going on a line of something; a club, marketing agency.. anything but a pot shop bc the feds can still touch that. I think Karen could produce a show.

I'd like to see NatD take on Drita in the ring. I'd like to see her as a guest spot though bc her voice is too much for my poor ears.

Alicia, I don't like her at all. I do not like someone that won't own up to the shisnit and acts dumb or like the victim. She and NatG want to think they are above Mob lives. Drita's gone there too.
I'm not saying mob lives are to be looked up on but they are not lives to look down on either.

I commend all the women for making successes of their ventures.

Already knew there would be another season.

Nick said...

So Am I hearing this Right
Season 6

Renee and Karen and Carla and Drita and Ang...

Then Love and Ramona... If the other Nats return... Great showdown with Love and Ramona

Chiara Soprano said...

Hey Nick, I do think all the original girls will be back, but really not sure about Love or Ramona at this point. Anything is possible. I really can't see either Nat returning, their drama took over the whole show.

Anonymous said...

I've been hoping Toni Marie Ricci would join the cast.. Maybe this is the season?! No? Okay.. :'( :'( :'(

Amberly said...

I would love to know how all the seasons have gone with ratings in comparison to each other?
My understanding was that the lowest ratings was when Karen was not on?
If season 6 does go back to authentic bloodlines and the originals then that's a smart direction I think I speak for everyone when I say the 2 Natalie's drama was getting drawn out and silly and Nat g had to go.....

I am surprised I thought drifa had her own show coming out but I guess not.....guess ifs hard to do when ur husband won't show face.....

Thanks for the updates

Nathan Lombardi said...

I know that this may sound odd. Reality TV is not exactly ALL reality, some of it has to be fabricated - set up at least! Anyway, this tweet suggests there are going to be new wives not just possible old ones. Think about it - Jennifer said once, Mob Wives: Philly and Mob Wives: Miami was cast but never green lit. Season 4 introduced 2 new wives from Philly and now Renee goes to Florida... Just an Idea...

Chiara Soprano said...

That is very interesting Nathan. What you suggest never occurred to me but it is entirely plausible. I was so focused on the original girls coming back I never considered Miami as a possibility.