Monday, April 11, 2011

Mob Wives: The Big Bang

Rock Mafia isn't a band I am familar with. However, kudos to them for scoring the theme song for Mob Wives. I personally dig some theme songs. The Soprano's theme song was definitely a good one. What was the name of that song? Yes, I remember now; 'Woke Up This Morning' (Chosen One mix) written and performed by Alabama 3. It makes perfect sense that I like the song a lot. I am a Brittish rock slut. I am still hoping for an Eurythmics' reunion.

Well back to the point of this post; theme songs. I don't miss the series 'The Sopranos'. However, every blue moon it's theme song plays in my head. Now, I have a new theme song to bop my head to Rock Mafia's 'The Big Bang'. For some reason I enjoy the song. It's not in my usual lane of musical tastes. However, it's a happy tune to me. And truth be told the guy in the video is a cutie pie. Miley Cyrus plays the lead female in the video and manages to wear some clothes. Miss Cyrus is even rocking some thigh high boots. You think Renee Graziano loaned her the boots? I am just wondering out loud over here. Spring and soon summer will be upon us. Which translates to moi scoring a pair of thigh high boots on a sale rack very soon. Patience is a shopping virtue.

Well enough about my boot dreams, I know you are dying to watch Rock Mafia's 'The Big Bang' to see the cutie pie I mentioned earlier. Oh and of course you want to hear the theme song to VH-1 new series  Mob Wives.                            VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip .

What's your take on the Mob Wives' theme song; one thump up or a middle finger up? Hey, I like it but I am only one person. Remember, we are six days away from the Mob Wives premiere episode on Sunday, April 17th. Usually snitching is uncool, however snitch that to your friends!

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Video: VH-1


K said...

I like the song. Very catchy.

Mob Mistress said...

I totally agree K.! Thanks for commenting.

Susan S said...

I have this song saved on my computer at work and usually listen to it first thing in the morning while making coffee to get me going and then again when I'm closing up the office to motivate me for the rest of the evening. Love it!