Friday, April 29, 2011

Mob Wives: Jenn Graziano, JustJenn Productions

Jennifer Graziano, creator and executive producer of VH1’s new Mob Wives show, is no longer on speaking terms with her father Anthony Graziano, who is currently serving time in prison in North Carolina for racketeering crimes. The reason for the rift is her new business venture. Jennifer is also the sister of Renee, one of the four women featured on the show. Anthony Graziano is not happy with his daughters involvement in a show that talks about mob life.

Jenn Graziano is said to be a graduate of New York University with a Master’s degree in Business. It is nice to see that she is putting her education to good use these days. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case.

Prior to starting up her production company, Jenn has had her own brush with the law when she was 28. Documents, from the United State Court of Appeals indicate, her legal issues occurred around the year 2000, while Jenn was a graduate student. She was allegedly charged with being involved in a marijuana distribution ring, allegedly run by Renee’s husband and her brother in-law, Hector “Junior” Pagan. DEA Agent, Michael Cline, is reported to have documented various incriminating acts, in the arresting complaint, implicating Jenn. Some of these alleged criminal acts include details, gotten from overheard conversations, “discussing pickups, work schedules, and paydays of runners who delivered pot to customers around the city.” (

Jenn started her career at Sony Entertainment in 2001 and worked in their Artist & Repertoire department. She left Sony to manage an R&B/hiphop artist, Frankee. Jenn is said to have written her number one, hit single, F.U.R.B. (FU Right Back) for her (links below). Her last position was director in the consumer lifestyle marketing department of MWW Group while also heading up her own company, Bounce Marketing, which paired artists with brand names such as Sony and Dodge.

JustJenn Productions is a new company and Mob Wives is its first production. It appears that Jennifer pitched the idea to The Weinstein Co (TWC) and Ben Silverman’s Electus production companies, who are credited as producers of the show along with JustJenn. The producers may have then pitched the show to various cable stations and it was picked up by VH1 with a commitment for a 10 episode series. Taping began around Thanksgiving 2010. The first episode aired on April 17th, 2011 and was watched by over 2 million viewers. JustJenn is currently operating out of TWC offices in LA and New York.

F.U.R.B. Official Video:

F.U.R.B. Profanity version:


Mob Mistress said...

One word: Wow!

Chiara Soprano said...

I love the song Jenn wrote, don't you!

Mob Mistress said...

F.U.R.B.? I am going to keep this very simple: FUCKING HELL NO!

I did however enjoy reading about her various career moves. Jennifer Graziano seems like she's a smart and determined. I respect her grind, well minus that song.

jnettemarie said...

Good for her!

Chiara Soprano said...

Interesting! A fan from England just pointed out that in the Official video, Drita is one of the girls on the bed! Check it out!

laura said...

Rene needs to get over herself....the "mob life" was her fathers lifestyle NOT hers. Her son should be embarrased....matter of fact he probably is. Rene is a total drama queen.

Anonymous said...

I love watching this show, it sure gives a real view of the lifestyle and verbal expressions of what it's all about. I find it intriging....go fiqure....keep it coming

Anonymous said...

Love the show, love Renee and all the girls. Have the least love for Karen, but will buy her book! I hope the girls don't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

yes the F.U.R.B. vid has Drita on it. She looks really different on the video, so much younger (in approx. 3 yrs.)

gypsy said...

Whoa that is bad and embarassing.

TexMex said...

Didn't care for the song, but I thought Drita looked so pretty. Yet I still can't figure out, why the Hell did she got such a BIG boob job when she had a nice rack to begin with??
After having kids, I totally understand needing "repair" but I think it would have been better for her to stay close to her natural size because she's so small.

Hillary Cohan said...

Hey Jenn,

My name is Hillary Cohan and I am the author of "Growing Up Jewish In The Mob".

Idea, why not do a show based in Miami since they, our father's and men, were here every winter anyway. I know my Dad was for his meetings.

I would be glad to audition for the show. Or, send you a copy of my book.

Hillary Cohan
Daughter of Nathan "Reds" Cohan
from Washington, DC

Mob Mistress said...

Hello Hillary,

We are blogging housewives. We are not the Mob Wives or part of JustJenn Productions.

However, we are in contact with JustJenn Productions. If you like you can e-mail me your contact information at and I will forward it to Jennifer Graziano.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Love them. Just goes to show, bitches r the same no matter where u come from or where u go

Anonymous said...

Anything for a dollor....its in their blood!!! These women come from a lifestyle where living by the letter of the law is getting on Tv and acting like animals is no big deal. And they are being paid to glorify this lifestyle....TRAGIC!!!

Hillary Cohan said...

All I have to say about yesterday's comment is "WOW". I was born into the lifestyle and it wasn't my choice. It was my Dad's choice to do what he did for a living. Do I understand the women on Mob Wives? Yes, I do. My book is called "Growing Up Jewish In The Mob". I love the show. It rocks big time and relates to my life. Sorry you feel the way you do.
Hillary Cohan
Author and daughter
of Nathan "Reds" Cohan
of Washington, DC

cinderella1015 said...

Was anyone else disgusted after watching this past Sunday's episode 3/3/13 in which the cast were at a "Fur Party"? I can't believe they would be o.k. with the trapping, torture and killing of animals for style especially since they all seem to be dog lovers. They really need to educate themselves on this issue and promote NOT wearing Fur. Thank you

Halra said...

great works of the creator and executive producer of VH1’s new Mob Wives show.