Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mob Wives: A Tang Gate Update

As our five readers know, I abhor the Tang look. The Tang look is when a spray tan goes wrong. Wrong in my opinion is orange. My enjoyment of the premiere episode of Mob Wives hit a major bump in the road. To my horror I witnessed the beautiful Drita getting all oranged up for Carla Facciolo's 35th (coughs 44th) birthday celebration. Though I've been a professional in the beauty industry. Spray tanning is not my lane of expertise. I decided the fair thing to do was to reach out to a successful spray tan expert for a mini interview. The owner of Smart Xposure located in Los Angeles, California was gracious enough to give me a bit of her time and answer a few questions for the Mob Wives Blogspot.

I've seen your work. Your clients seem beautifully sunkissed. Can you explain without giving away any of your expert secrets how to create a beautiful spray tan?

The key to a great spray tan is in the solution. I use all organic products that use less alcohol and more aloe base, along with different dha color tones to match the skin. Most salons would use one color for everyone. I chose to match the skin and mix several tones. The second part is the technician who sprays the actual tan. It is all in technique. I do a shimmer and shading technique that does not just spray on a tan. I highlight the customer according to their shape.

What is up with the Oompa Lumpa orange spray tan phenomenon? How does one achieve the Tang look?

The alcohol in the solution and product quality. Some solutions are made in China and they are not quality solutions.

First Orange Chicken, now I need to also thank China for orange spray tans. Thanks China! One last question, you can see one of my pet peeves is orange spray tans. Are they in or am I onto something that folks just don't look right orange?

Orange spray tans are out!!! It's all about looking natural and soft natural pigment.
If you notice many celebrities now are choosing a more natural even toned look rather than overly tanned look.

I did notice but I taught is was the Hollywood, Southern California basking in wealth and sun look. So basically they've visited a professional of your caliber. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my burning orange questions. Thank you!

For those of you in Southern California or planning to visit check Smart Xposure's website (click the name). The staff @ Smart Xposure really know their spray tans. If you are auditioning for the remake of Willa Wonka and The Chocolate Factory a visit to Staten Island may be in your near future. I am stamping case closed on The Tang Gate Files for now.


Chiara Soprano said...

Great interview, short and sweet but I learned a lot. You might want to send it to the Mob Wives? If not, I have a feeling you are going to see more "orange" tans in the near future.

Mob Mistress said...

I will scream, "Hi-C!" if I see one more orangerific spray tan.

jnettemarie said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! I'm a jersey shore girl, and love to tan (IN THE SUN). And, YES, I fake and bake in the winter if going somewhere. Great Interview, and makes a lot of sense. Cheap spray tans are like cheap Canal St knock offs...Fake!

jnettemarie said...

Hey Ladies, Just read this and thought I'd share....

Mob Mistress said...

Thanks for the link Jeanette! I giggle @ both of their perspectives. I've seen some really nice 'fake bakes'. HAHAHAHA! However, I do lean toward the anti-spray tan perspective.

I have to ask what are Canal St. knockoffs?

jnettemarie said...

You're welcome Princess. Canal St is in china town in NYC. Its the craziest thing. Its blocks and blocks of little junky stores BUT is just a "Front". Once they size you up and see you're not immigration or the Po Po, they lead you back to secret hidden rooms full of fake designer goods. Chanal Louie Dolce Prada. Its fun and honestly you can get some nice stuff. I'm looking forward to watching the girls, but have to wait til 10.

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