Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mob Wives: Who Is Carla's Daddy?

Carla is a mob princess, not exactly a mob wife, or so they say over at VH1. I am a good researcher and was all prepared to learn about Carla’s father today and report back. All I could find out, after two hours of searching, is that is he an “unidentified” member of the mob. I found some mobsters with the same last name, but I could not find any connection to Carla. This is the best kept secret of the Mob and the internet. You would think that the name of her father would have shown up in one of the many searches I conducted, but no. I didn’t know that the internet had a criminal protection program.

I started to get skeptical that Carla actually had any real mob ties. The only “proof” we have is her word for it. She grew up in Canarsie, Brooklyn and her father went to prison when she was very young. That’s all that is in her biography. I am disappointed to say the least. You would think that a show that is promoting the “Mob” and mob ties would give you a direct link to Carla and her notorious father. Even if they choose not to reveal his identity, I would have expected the internet to have some mention of it.

Who is Carla’s father? We just can’t be sure unless we round up all the mob “Facciolos” and let Maury Pauvich do a paternity test. No one is talking otherwise. This is typical of the Mafia, the “Omerta” vow of silence.

What do we know about Carla? She married a man named Joey Ferragamo, thinking she was going to be able to disassociate herself from the mob. Joey was a stock broker until he was convicted of committing stock fraud by Federal prosecutor Chris Christie, who is the current governor of New Jersey. Her soon to be ex-husband is serving an 88 month sentence for his crimes. But, to hear Carla tell it in her VH1 clip, “Stock fraud to me isn’t bad, so I don’t think of it like, wow, that’s a bad crime.” I guess compared to murder, stock fraud is a pretty benign crime, but not so benign that he didn’t get some stiff jail time.

By the way, our dear Carla has a set of twins that are nine years old. She feels they are too young to know daddy is in prison so she is telling him he is away on business. I can understand her mother’s instinct to protect her children. But, I hardly think that is wise if the show is as popular as they expect it to be. The truth always comes out, and if I were her, I would tell them before it has a chance to air on April 17th. And, unlike the name of her father, whose identity is no where to be found, their father and his crimes are all over the internet.  

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Anonymous said...

Carla's father is Louie Facciolo of the Luccaese (sp) mob. His brother, Bruno was killed and I think her dad is incarcerated if he is still living. This info wasn't hard to find by the way.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it was pretty easy. Theres a wikipedia page!

Mob Mistress said...


There wasn't months ago, thank you.

Chiara Soprano said...

They may have even gotten it from our blog, it wouldn't be the first time something has been taken from here.

Mob Mistress said...

I wouldn't be surprised.