Sunday, April 10, 2011


We are folks who are highly interested in VH-1 upcoming new series Mob Wives. Our goal is to write recaps and other tidbits about the four main women starring in the show. We do not pretend to know any of the women personally or their families. Therefore this is so not personal for us. We are simply future viewers of the show as hopefully all those who visit this page. Our opinions and points of view will be based off of what we see each week, nothing more or less. Of course the exception will be if the actual Mob Wives' cast stop by to share information that was left on the production team's editing floor. We can hope. However, the reality is it won't likely happen. So we won't hold our breath. Chiara and I are looking for one more blogger to add to our team. Hopefully someone with that Staten Island edge. However, if you are from Bum F*ck, Egypt submit a Mob Wives related piece. We'll see if you're what we're looking for.

We have no problem with anyone stopping by disagreeing with our opinion. However, personal attacks are flat out lame. If the show is half as good & entertaining as we think it will be, we will be fans of the Mob Wives' series. It does not mean we will be cheerleading wannabee goonettes glorifying every move Renee Graziano, Drita D'avanzo, Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo make. We won't be salivating at every word that comes from their lips. It's not that type of party or site over here ladies, gents and morons. We are going to watch the show every week if we pay our cable bills. We are going to share our opinions on the show and individuals as it pertains to the show or relevant news. We have not walked a mile in any of the women's shoes let alone a block. So neither one of us comes from a place of been there, done that. I can't speak for Chiara. However, I for one would like the thigh high boots Renee Graziano is rocking in the VH-1 Mob Wives' promo video. I don't plan on walking in them either.
Make sure if your time permits to tune into VH-1 premiere episode of Mob Wives Sunday, April 17th @ 8 PM Pacific/Eastern & 7 PM Central. We think it's going to be bangin'.

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