Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mob Wives' Super Teaser

I have to give it to VH-1. They definitely know how to get us excited about a new series. They've definitely succeeded with Mob Wives' Super Teaser. I'll let you see for yourself if you already haven't below.

Now was that a d@mn Drita moment or what? She straight put her hand around Renee's neck. Drita is so not playing just a pretty face on the show. I know know it's just a teaser but I likey like her already.

Yes, I know I am a blogging commercial. But you have to admit, you know you can't wait until the premiere episode of VH-1's Mob Wives on Sunday, April 17th @ 8 PM Pacific/Eastern & 7 PM Central. Who needs Robert DeNiro when these wives are so not playing?

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Video: VH-1

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