Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mob Wives: Wendy Williams Meets Mob Wives

Today Wendy Williams had VH1’s Mob Wives pay her a visit. Rumor has it that Mob Wives is her new favorite reality show. It’s my first time watching Wendy and, of course, they saved the best for last. At 9:45 they bring out the four wives and after intros, there is a rapid fire interview.

Wendy announces that she is “obsessed” with VH1’s new show. She says she loves it, as all the women exchange hugs and kisses for the first minute of their segment. All four women are introduced and Wendy says Carla looks like Stacy London…“she gets that a lot.”

The questions start with “what surprised you most about your new found celebrity?” The answers varied from how quickly the show took off to lots of positive responses, but not all positive. Renee chimes in that she is hearing things like she is an inspiration as a strong, single mom. My first reaction to that was saying outloud, “Seriously, an inspiration?”

Then Wendy goes over their alleged ties to the mob. Wendy doesn’t know if she needs to use the word “allegedly” all the time and I have that problem too. All four women answer in unison, “yes!” So I guess Wendy and I will have to keep sprinkling it in. Anyway, we run down the list of alleged mob connections. Karen says Sammy Gravano (we don’t need to use alleged for her because he wrote a tell all book. Renee says her father, Anthony Graziano, who the Feds claim is a “high ranking member” of a crime family. Carla says her husband Joe, who recently got out of jail for stock fraud, but her real connection is her “uncle,” without elaborating further. Drita answers that it’s her husband Lee, who works for the mob and is a bank “burglar.” Some discussion occurs as to the difference between bank “robber” and bank “burglar.” I learned that a burglar never uses weapons, a robber does. Once again my skepticism rears it’s ugly head.

Interestingly enough, Karen discusses how her father cooperated with authorities and left the witness protection program to live in Arizona, where she and other family members joined him eleven years ago. She admits that her father was running a drug ring back in 2000 in which she and her brother participated, but that her father took the fall for her and her brother. She is back in New York, not just for the show, but for her new book.

Wendy immediately goes to Renee and asks if she has issues with Sammy for snitching. Renee, unlike her passionate response on the show, kind of downplays her answer, saying she has issues not just with Sammy, but with all snitches.

Finally, Wendy asks about their kids. Renee says AJ is good, he takes it like a man. Carla says her husband came home recently and will appear on the show. The separation is going well and they are parenting the twins together. And Drita relates a story about how her being on the show has actually helped her daughter make new friends. Drita reveals, “Aleeya went to school — this little girl went up to her and said, ‘I can’t believe your mom is on that show. My dad’s in jail [too],’ Aleeya goes, ‘You’re dad’s in jail too?’ And the little girl goes, ‘Yeah.’ The other little girl goes, ‘My dad’s not around. Now I feel comfortable.’ And they became friends.”

What a touching note to end on, the children of convicts bonding!

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Mob Mistress said...

Children of convicts needs friends too. However, if I were a mother and new of Daddy's hobbies, not with my kids you don't.

I am not surprised Wendy Williams is a huge fan. I am still shocked about Joy Behar though.