Monday, June 9, 2014

Following Your Dreams: Olivia Henken, Country Singer

I first saw Olivia Henken on Season 5 of The Voice. There is always a lot of great talent on that show, but for me Olivia stood out from the crowd. She is beautiful, has an effervescent personality and her talent is off the charts. I was rooting for her to win so she could more easily pursue her dream of being a country singer with help from the show. Unfortunately, Olivia went home much too early, but not before making a fan out of me.

Olivia Henken was born and raised in Kentucky. She has been singing practically since she learned to talk. You can tell that singing comes very naturally to her and this is what she was born to do. After The Voice she went back home to work in her family’s tax preparation business. I would see her tweet about it and hoped this was just a temporary job until she figured out what she was going to go next in her career. Before appearing on The Voice, Olivia recorded a great country album titled “The Ride.” Recently, Olivia moved to Nashville to pursue her dream. 

While on The Voice, Olivia sang one of Carrie Underwood’s hits, “Two Black Cadillacs.” I have to tell you I have been a huge Carrie fan from the moment she auditioned on American Idol. I was a little nervous when I heard that Olivia was going to try and sing a song that was so popular and classically Carrie. I watched her performance with a very critical eye to see if Olivia would disappoint me. I even closed my eyes to listen to her rendition so I could focus just on her voice. I have to say, I was very happy with Olivia’s version of the song. She sang it flawlessly. I could easily see she was in Carrie league. I don’t say that lightly either. 

I think it’s fantastic that Olivia is going after her dream and I wish her the very best of luck. You can learn more about Olivia on her website and you can follow her on Twitter @oliviahenken. If you want to sample the songs on “The Ride” album you can preview and buy it on itunes

Meanwhile, here is Olivia’s cover of “Two Black Cadillacs.” What do you think of her audition?

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